Blooming Coldblood Flower

Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual.

Pale vegetation that commonly grows on coldblood in a place long abandoned, that has bloomed into a bright red stygian flower.

Blooming Coldblood Flower is a consumable material Item in Bloodborne.


Blooming Coldblood Flower Usage



  • Drops from Loran Cleric (robed flame staff wielders) in Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon
  • 6 (3 each) in 2 chests in Layer 3 of Ailing Loran Chalice Dungeon: After the gate is opened, head into the hallway and enter the door on the left, from there climb the ladder and keep straight. There will be a hole in the floor of the hallway, avoid this and cross the bridge, head down the stairs and continue over the next bridge. Upon entering the next room, there will be a silverbeast and 3 chests 2 of them containing 3 blooming coldblood flowers.
  • Can be bought in NG+ for 8 Insight at the Insight Messenger Shop in the Hunter's Dream.



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    • Anonymous

      Quer dizer que para entrar no cálice de loran você precisa desta flor que só pode ser encontrado no cálice de loran? Chocante

      • Anonymous

        I have created a dungeon that is a paradise for those wanting to farm this item. There's AT LEAST 8 found in chests throughout the 3 layers and lots of shamans that drop them for farming. You'll find also sage's hair in chests and great places to farm it, for example, there's a spot with two madmans guarding a treasure chest. Be warned though, this dungeon is TOUGH, but an awesome challenge. There's also an uncanny tonitrus and lost axe. The glyph is: axppf7i2 If you guys like it, i'll keep it up. PSN - Assemblent

        • Anonymous

          to find blooming coldblood flower as well as locations of all other materails check out my youtube playlist at If you find it helpful any likes, shares, subs are much appreciated. Had alot of positive feedback so far, happy to help out with any questions too! :)

          • Anonymous

   this link shows you where to find blooming coldblood flowers, there is 6 obtainable via two chests and it can also be farmed from the staff weidling enemies in ailing loran

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