Small Hair Ornament

A small, very ordinary hair ornament.

Although it has been lost for quite some time, one can still see signs of the care with which this tasteful ornament was once kept.

Its colour would stand most brilliantly against a head of greyish hair.

Small hair ornament is a Key Item in Bloodborne.


Small Hair Ornament Bone Usage


Small hair ornament Location





  • This suggested Gehrman actually treated the doll with care before being wrenched into the dream.
  • Alternatively, it is speculated that the Hair Ornament was a gift from him to Maria. A gift she surely appreciated since the Doll feels 'joy' upon receiving it from the Player Character.



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    • Anonymous

      It made me Happy to see her feel joy upon receiving the gift. She is one of the few people who are always there for our good hunter after all. But it's a little sad we cant bring a gift to good old Gerhman.

      • Anonymous

        Just curious, but has anyone held onto the ornament until they ran into the Astral Clocktower and confronted Maria? I'm wondering if there is any different dialogue.

        • Anonymous

          wtf when I try giving her the ornament she just says "oh, thank you dear hunter..but..i have a boyfriend." :(

          • Anonymous

            I’ve had this comb in my inventory for forever and never got a dialogue option to give it to the doll. I was looking up various items and discovered what it’s used for, went to give it to the doll and it’s no longer in my inventory. I just went back to the abandoned old workshop and inspected the doll, maybe it bugged and removed the ornament?

            • Anonymous

              Maybe this could be a gift from Gehrman to Maria. It seems he had some kind of obsession for her, so a little present wouldn't be a surprise. Also, Maria held great admitration for Gehrman, and was "unaware of his mania", so receiving a gift from her teacher, even if it was an ordinary hair ornament, would probably be a honor for her. This could explain why the Doll feels "joy" when we give it to her.

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