Queenly Flesh

What remains of Annalise, blood queen of Cainhurst.

This pinkish lump of flesh remains warm, as if cursed.
All hail the undying queen of blood!

Queenly Flesh is an Key Item in Bloodborne.


Queenly Flesh Usage





  • Killing Annalise on your own doesn't drop Queenly Flesh immediately, you have to leave with lamp and return to the chamber, which Annalise turns into a pile of mincemeat on her own.



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    • Anonymous

      What good's your immortality now! Try stirring up trouble in this sorry state! All mangled and twisted, with every inside on the outside, for all the world to see!

      • Anonymous

        "There, you filthy monstrosity! What good's your immortality now!" I just realized how messed up it is when Alfred smashes her. She's still alive but completely disfigured with no way to do anything. It's like a I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream situation

        • Anonymous

          I'm guessing you can respawn her to continue on your pvp covenant thing and still get all the runes and weapons and gear in the game :P

          • Anonymous

            Could it be more of a perpetual nature? The Queen births herself through this flesh and the blessing of the Old Ones?

            • Anonymous

              ...that the whole thing is a set up. Its obvious the intended "full" follow through for the vileblood/executioner story arc is to give the conveniently located unopened summons there to Alfred, bring him over to kill her....just so he can "martyr" himself later....then revive Annalise via the Altar of Despair anyways so in the end, the only thing left is Annalise...who essentially has "won" the war now. That's the only way to get BOTH executioner and vileblood covenant runes, all the gear, and just the natural progression of the entire thing so it almost temps to me think it was all one big gambit by Annalise to finally rid herself of the Executioners once and for all.

              • Anonymous

                After you beat ebrietas you can walk up to the spider thing and give it the flesh. It'll revive her like nothing happend if your were an idiot like me and basically helped Alfred kill what seems like the only covenant in the game xD

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