This is one of the Old Hunters DLC summons. He is available for the fight with Rom the Vacuous Spider and Ebrietas daughter of the cosmos.
Wielding the Threaded Cane and Loch Shield, and wearing the Student Attire and Mensis Cage. Can use A Call Beyond, Choir Bell, Blacksky Eye and Augur of Ebrietas' Hunter Tools.
He is essentially useless in NG, but he may prove more useful in a first playthrough.

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    • Anonymous

      16 Mar 2018 14:18  

      by far the best old hunter in my experience. does he ever run out of bullets or make blood bullets? the thing is you can only summon him for boss fights where i really don't have time to watch him as i need to focus on the boss. because he basically only uses ranged attacks he actually survives all of the fights, which is why i think he's the best, and, in some cases, more useful than a real player.

      • Will not join the boss fight05 Jul 2016 14:45  

        When I summon Damian right before the Rom fight, he won't follow me through the doorway out on the balcony, let alone down to the boss room. Complete waste of insight... This happen for anyone else?

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