Goliath Pig

Enemy Type Beast
Health ??
Drops Blood Vials
Weak Backstabs
Strong ??

Maneater Boars are an enemy in Bloodborne. They can be found all over Yharnam, and their gluttony is reflected in the volume of Blood Echoes they drop. As the night progresses, Maneater Boars become more and more mutated until they become Goliath Pigs. They are powerful, but often leave themselves their rear exposed to visceral attacks. 



  • ??



Central Yharnam HP Echoes (x1-3) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Forbidden Woods HP Echoes (x1-3) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Hypogean Gaol HP Echoes (x1-3) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Nightmare of Mensis 2250 HP Echoes (x1-3) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Chalice Dungeons HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%



Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Charge Charges at the player if he's far away.
Headswipe Swipes his head from to one side, then the other.
Belly Flop Stands on two legs and drops down onto the player.
Breath Breaths onto the player, inducing poison/frenzy.
Butt Smash Smashes with its butt onto the player, used when standing behind.


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    • Anonymous

      Drops something in a chalice dungeon I can't pick up. Floor two of cum dungeon I think. Discarded one of every consumable I could and mat still nothing.

      • Anonymous

        These guys aren't too tough but be warned; the charge is a LOT more flexible than you think.

        Including squeezing between tight spaces that you can barely fit through.
        Stick behind them to make short work of them.

        • Anonymous

          I find the lore of these guys to be interesting because it opens up many possibilities. Did the people of Yharnam use the old blood on their sick livestock as well? Dogs also?

          • Anonymous

            Ludwig's Holy Blade makes these soon to be bacon jackasses so easy. Although, we all know that, it's insanely hard to beat the ones at Mergo's Loft: Middle.

            • Anonymous

              Their most dangerous attack by far is the charge. It can easily 1hit kill since it usually hits twice or so for massive damage. It also has a somewhat buggy relationship with the environment, a large hitbox and it tracks your rolls very effectively. If you can't backstab them, at least try to get close enough to them before aggroing that they won't charge at you. They become a whole lot easier.

              • Anonymous

                Really, no strategy? Simply roll behind them when an attack and hit them in the rear with a charged attack. They will topple to the floor leaving you free to explore the insides of their ******* with your fist.

                • Anonymous

                  How do you think Micolash felt going through all that work so that Kos (or some say Kosm) would grant him eyes and there are literal pigs walking around the nightmare just covered in the dang things.

                  • Anonymous

                    Even though the pigs can be backstabbed and given the exam they need. You can simply cheese their belly flops by shooting them right before they flop and viceral attack them from the front so you’re not struggling to attack from behind

                    • Anonymous

                      Performing a visceral on this thing from the rear involves giving the pig a "prostate exam", where you shove your whole arm into the pig's anus. Don't do it if you want your player character to have a clean conscience.

                      • So I was just now messing around in Hypogean Gaol and accidentally discovered that if one of these guys charges into another one it will hurt the one that was in the line of fire. In my case it instantly killed one of the pigs making the area far easier to clear. I don't have video proof but you're welcome to try it out yourself if you don't believe me.

                        • What drives me completely nuts about these mother*****ing oversized hams is the INSANE tracking of their charge....good Lord, I tried in every *****ing possible way to dodge it, but it's almost impossible to dodge...no matter how hard I try, every *****ing time I try to dodge their charge it looks like I have a mother*****ing magnet on my *****ing head...they ALWAYS get me...oneshotting me, most of the times..... =____=

                          • Anonymous

                            How to kill these things in a straight fight:
                            All you have to do is get close, disable target lock, and keep rolling parallel to the pig, towards its rear. Hack away at its ass. It has no way of damaging you if you are standing by its rear legs; it has to turn to face you (if it does manage to face you, just roll down to its backside again). If you are standing too near the front legs, though, it can hit you when it violently swings its head from side to side. What you need to watch out for is when there is some distance between you and the pig - then it becomes much more dangerous. If it charges at you, run away as it can only charge a certain maximum distance, and if the charge connects you will almost always die. If the pig notices you and you are medium distance away, sprint towards it while it is still angrily stamping the ground at noticing you. By the time you get close, it will no longer be in charging range, and you can just do the thing where you roll towards its ass.
                            Never fight two of these things at the same time.

                            • Anonymous

                              Despite what you may think, they can be Staggered with a gun and VAed from the front just like most other enemies.

                              • Anonymous

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