The Old Hunters Bosses are Bosses added to Bloodborne with The Old Hunters Expansion/DLC.



The Old Hunters DLC Bosses



Ludwig, the Holy Blade

Location Hunter's Nightmare - Second Lamp: Nightmare Church
Drops Guidance
Weaknesses None


Orphan of Kos

Location Fishing Hamlet - Second Lamp: Lighthouse Hut
Drops Kos Parasite
Weaknesses None


Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower

Location Research Hall - Second Lamp: Astral Clocktower
Drops Celestial Dial
Weaknesses Parry


Living Failures

Location Research Hall - First Lamp
Drops Astral Clocktower Key
Weaknesses Parry, Backstab, Thrust, Fire, Bolt, Slow Poisoning, Rapid Poisoning


Laurence, the First Vicar

Location Hunter's Nightmare - First Lamp
Drops Beast's Embrace
Weaknesses Serrated

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