Hunter's Mark is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.

hunters_mark.jpg "Dangling, upside-down rune etched in one's mind.

Symbol of a hunter.

By focusing one's thoughts on this rune, a hunter loses all Blood Echoes, but awakens afresh, as if it were all just a bad dream."

Hunter's Mark Usage

  • Used to reawaken, at the expense of your held Blood Echoes. This does not leave a bloodstain to pick up

Hunter's Mark Location

  • Available from game start.


  • You only lose the blood echoes currently held by the character. An unretreived bloodstain from the last death is not affected.
  • Same effect as the Bold Hunter's Mark, apart from the blood echoes lost.
  • Bloodborne's version of Nexial Binding / Darksign.


  • Resembles the Brand of Sacrifice from the Berserk manga series.

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