Lost Children of Antiquity

Enemy Type Not beast nor kin
Health 908 ~ 922
Drops Twin Blood Stone Shard, Blood Stone Chunk, Gem Stones, Cursed Nourishing Damp Blood Gems
832 ~ 910 Blood Echoes
Weak Bolt & Righteous
Strong Minor resistance to Arcane
Locations Cainhurst Castle, Isz Gravestone

Lost Children of Antiquity are enemies that guard the walls of Cainhurst Castle in Bloodborne. Their ashen skin and perfect stillness recall a stone gargoyle. Sometimes they will swoop down from a tower, but most often they will be crouching on the walls, motionless, seeking to blend in with the snowy stonework of the castle. They have slashing and screeching attacks, but are also quite prone to collapsing if interrupted.


  • Their defenses are lower when they are static
  • Approaching them without sound and surprising them with attacks is effective
  • If you distance yourself, they will perform a slashing scream attack with significant and deceptive range.
  • Screech attacks deal physical damage.



blood echoes
Twin Blood Stone Shards
Blood Stone Chunk
Cainhurst Castle 908 832 ~ 910 (x2) Drop% (x1) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
Isz Gravestone Chalice Dungeons HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%


Notes & Trivia

  • These enemies make Cainhurst the second-best place to farm Blood Stone Chunks.
  • Gargoyles have 3 toes on each foot and 5 fingers on each wing.







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    • Anonymous

      The English name - very somber and flowery, thematically fitting for the setting

      The Japanese name - O L D B A S T A R D

      • Anonymous

        Good for farming chunks, and the best source for radial cursed nourishing gems. Gotta thank these guys for existing

        • Anonymous

          Excellent for farming Blood Stone Chunks early on. With 362 Discovery, I tend to get about one chunk almost every run of the Cainhurst Castle area. Keep bold hunters marks ready to respawn back at the lamp. Shouldn't take too long, after maybe 30-40 minutes, I've gotten about 8-9 chunks this way, and the Gargoyles are easy af to beat. If you need eye runes to increase Discovery, you can get a +70 Eye Rune by killing Master Willem in Byrgenwerth before Rom. You can also get a +100 Eye Rune from a Chalice Glyph that someone created. As of today it still works, and a youtube video is available to show how to get the eye rune. Glyph code is p2tbyrh2, and the youtube video is called "Early Tier 3 Eye Rune" by Shinku no Yami. If you really need to boost item discovery, getting these two runes is a must, and you can equip them both simultaneously! I equipped these, raised my arcane to about 32 I think, and I'm getting chunks 8/10 runs in Cainhurst Castle. You can farm them in other areas but this is definitely the easiest method if you are patient. Good luck!

          • Anonymous

            holy hell, that face. i never noticed that much detail when playing. they always seemed nosferatu-style bald guys to me. they actually have beards!

            • Anonymous

              Somehow on my first run through Ihyll to Yharnam I never noticed the Gargoyles on the ceiling... creeped me out when I noticed them on a recent run

              • Anonymous

                They more closely resemble strigoi than gargoyles.
                Anyway what everyone neglects to mention with farming Blood Stone Chunks at Cainhurst is that you need a high Discovery stat for them to drop. High arcane build and Willem's Eye rune does the trick.
                Tying drop rates to a stat that's pretty useless in battle was a bad design choice. Oh, well. Just farm the lecture theater for a while.

                • Anonymous

                  this is probably just a glitch with my game, but I killed two gargoyles and they still appear to be breathing, along with gnashing their teeth and blinking. anyone else see this?

                  • They also drop nourishing gems in chalice dungeons. I've found some radials in pthumerian dungeons, but haven't found any in other dungeons yet, so I don't know if they also drop triangular/waning.

                    • Anonymous

                      The article says these enemies are not beast nor kin, but they have the same weaknesses the Kin do. They are weak to bolt, Thrust. The LHB in normal mode wrecks these baldy chunk dropping old buggers.

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