Giant Lost Child

Enemy Type Not Beast, Nor Kin
Health 639~1922

Nightmare Frontier
Bloodstone Shard
Lead Elixir 

Nightmare of Mensis

Twin Bloodstone Shards
Lead Elixir

Weak Arcane, Fire, Bolt
Strong Physical, Blunt, Thrust
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis

Giant Lost Children are enemies in Bloodborne.

The Giant Lost Child or Yeti is a Nightmare enemy which has powerful melee attacks and can throw rocks over great distances. These rocks are boulders and they are very, very painful.


  • Giant Lost Children are most dangerous at a distance. Their primary attack is to throw enormous boulders at the Hunter at a very long range. These boulders are simple to dodge if the Hunter keeps moving, but they hit extraordinarily hard if they connect, likely scoring a one-hit kill on a player of a reasonable level.
  • The boulders not only do increased (multiple hits) damage on direct impact, they can also harm the Hunter as they break apart on impact. Indirect blows( break apart rocks) do high damage, but is very survivable.
  • Giant Lost Children are usually found overseeing treacherous terrain, ready to pelt any unsuspecting travelers with their boulder tosses. They almost always have the capacity to cover one another, making the task of eliminating them very dangerous.
  • If caught at close range, the Giant Lost Children are much less fearsome. They attack with slow arm slams that can be easily sidestepped. They are extremely vulnerable to charged back attacks while performing this move.
  • Bear in mind that the safest place when fighting a Giant Lost Child is right next to them. At mid-range, they have access to a deceptively quick and extremely painful leap attack. It leaves them open to retaliation, but it will do huge damage and knock you down if it connects. Close the distance quickly.
  • Giant Lost Children favor high perches overlooking dangerous areas like poison swamps and deep chasms. Simply knocking one off into the hazard below can be an effective way to deal with the threat, as they are not immune to slow poison.



Nightmare Frontier 639 1458 (1x) < 1%

(1x) ~ 5 %

(3x) ~ 7 %

Nightmare of Mensis 1922 Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%


Notes & Trivia

  • Giant Lost Children have whip-marks on their backs. Perhaps they were once enslaved, forced to build the massive Mergo's Loft.
  • Despite their large size, Giant Lost Children have low poise and are easy to stagger. However, many of their attacks grant ultra poise during the animation, making them nearly impossible to stagger until they finish.
  • The smaller toes on the Yeti's foot seem in remission and the Yeti may be evolving to 3 or 4 toes.






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    • Anonymous

      You know what would be fun? Boulders getting thrown at you off screen that oneshot you. In a poison swamp. Yeah sounds great!!!!’

      • Anonymous

        I would add that they are weak to Blood. Chickage seems to wipe floor with them better than any weapon I tried on them.

        • Anonymous

          Random thought: in Lovecraft's book "The case of Charles Dexter Ward" there's mentions of large, pale, malformed humanoids. After reading it I can't stop making the mental connection and wonder if there's a deeper link, since the creatures in the book (guardians, I'm assuming) were specifically created as servants/slaves, just like the giant lost children seem to be too.

          • Anonymous

            just thinking out loud here really, but considering the heavy lovecraftian inspiration this game thrives off, these guys may possibly be based off the white ape-like monsters which the martense family devolved into in the h.p lovecraft story 'the lurking fear'!!

            • Anonymous

              When you farming them for twin bloodstone in Mensis (Mergo Loft Base),sometimes their corpse will fall through the floor.
              I recommend you to immediately collect the loot once you killed one

              • Anonymous

                Interesting note: they seem to be highly vulnerable to frenzy. In the Nightmare of Mensis, on the loft approach, if you can lure or push them into the open, the Brain might kill them for you.

                • Anonymous

                  The "fur" on their body kind of looks like mycorrhiza (the "roots" of fungus), and it looks like they have bark growing on their skin.

                  • Anonymous

                    Has anyone else noticed the similarities in the skin of the Giants and the Messengers? Perhaps they are related, as both of the creatures inhabit Nightmares.

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