Mergo's Attendant

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health ??
Drops Murky Damp Blood Gem
Weak Bolt, Thrust
Strong Physical, Blunt & Arcane
Locations Mergo's Loft

The Mergo's Attendant is an enemy in Bloodborne.

They reside in Mergo's Loft and are not particularly aggressive. They will defend themselves if attacked or alerted by torches, but can otherwise be completely ignored by the player. When aggressive, these enemies will be a threat due to attacking in numbers, and will also act as support to a Mergo's Chief Attendant.

Their damage output is not high, and they aren't a real threat even to mid-level players. They can be easily killed with repeated R1 attacks, with a fast weapon.

Beware the Jester variant which is always hostile and can be very deadly with a crossbow or a whip.



  • The bare-handed type are mostly harmless and will not engage the player unless provoked first. Some of them will aggro if you turn your back to them, but they'll quickly lose their aggro again when you turn to face them. They only have one attack, a shove which will stun-lock the player, but this can be easily read and dodged. When you engage the larger Chief Attendant, several of the nearby attendants will also aggro and chase you. There's also one hiding behind a pillar on the bottom floor who will attack you no matter what.
  • The crossbow type shoots bolts that do quite a bit of damage and also inflicts rapid poison. They will run away to shoot at you from a distance when attacked. Also uses the shove move at melee range.
  • The scourge whip type is very aggressive, and will pursue you on sight, but is not very dangerous when dealt with one at a time.


Mergo's Attendant Information

These enemies have a few variations, being:

  • Unarmed: Usually not hostile unless provoked, attacking Mergo's Chief Attendant can draw their aggro.
  • Jester with crossbow: The shots are quite damaging and inflict Rapid Poison
  • Jester with a whip: They are only found on the staircase in the middle of the Micolash boss battle, and after should you revisit the library. They have quite a bit of stunlock potential and damage to match, be careful.




Insert Location HP Echoes (Quantity/Rating) Drop% (Quantity/Rating) Drop%
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Notes & Trivia

  • One of the bare-handed type near the second staircase is special, and drops various items at set intervals. (bug or feature?)
    • The items are: Antidote, Beast Blood Pellet, Coldblood Dew (1/2/3) and Blood Dreg.
    • One item is dropped every 60 seconds, and after the item drops you have 15 seconds to pick it up before it disappears. After picking it up a new item will drop after another 60 seconds, or if you don't pick it up a new item will drop 60 seconds after the previous item disappeared.
    • The items will even continue to drop from the corpse after you kill Mergo's attendant.
    • If you walk too far away from the area and come back, the items dropped might become invisible.
    • Close-up of a Jester Crossbow here.
    • Normal attendants do not have horns but the lines on their helmets mark the horns' positions anyway.





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