Vermin Host

Enemy Type
Neither Kin Nor Beast
Tempering Blood Gemstone, Fool's Blood Gemstone
Minor weakness to bolt
Poison, minor resistance to arcane.

Vermin Host is an enemy in Bloodborne. It sometimes begins as an ordinary huntsman, then undergoes a horrid transformation. The snakes which emerge from its head will lunge at the Hunter while the former huntsman's body swings its weapon in blind arcs.

Vermin Hosts have a ton of health and can can counter with bites as you hit them.


  • The most efficient way to kill Vermin Host is to bait an attack at the very edge of its hit box, and then move in for an attack. Beware its grab attack.
  • To riposte, bait the attack where its right hand lunges forward, and fire during the animation; then quickstep in to avoid the snakes for a visceral attack.


This enemy has 2 variations. Transformed and untransformed.


blood gem.png
blood gem.png
Forbidden Woods
(Quantity) Drop%
(8) Drop%
(8) Drop%

Notes & Trivia

  • Vermin Host is a tribute to the Las Plagas Ganado from Resident Evil 4.
  • The snakes coming out of his head leave no markings on the sack he's wearing. They're probably otherworldly beings.

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    • Anonymous

      Against the tough one in the windmill, a drop attack works nicely to take off half their health or more. Against the ones wandering the bridge and woods, you can use the leaping slash to jump toward them, hit, and get back before the snakes can strike. Two to three of those will finish them off easily without you getting struck.

      • Anonymous

        A new boss has been found in the Bloodborne files, and it's a gigantic ball of snakes, kind of like the heads on these guys. I'm sure these guys and the giant snake boss were going to be in the same area, probably still the Forbidden Woods.

        • Anonymous

          Aren't there a few different versions of these guys? I'm pretty sure some of them have way higher health than others, specifically the one in the windmill, the one near the Shadows of Yharnam, and the three surrounding a blood stone chunk. They have the same movesets, but I think they might also have higher damage output.

          • Anonymous

            I've found if you can stun-lock it before it's transformation, it will just keep trying to transform, so dispatching it before it can transform is the best method. But you'll get some that are already in Viper Pit form, two to three hits before back-stepping away usually helps with a flawless take-down.

            • Anonymous

              If you are playing coop and a summoned Hunter is killed (grabbed) by one of those, they will become another Viper Pit Mob.

              • Anonymous

                Some of these guys can emit a high pitch sound, like a mix between a hiss and a whistle, and summon Viper Pit Hatchlings. Best option then is to separate the mob from the hatchlings, and concentrate on taking him out. Since the Hatchlings move so slowly, it shouldn't be too difficult to deal with, but it is a bit annoying.

                • Anonymous

                  I first saw one on the bridge from the watchtower,I saw it,thought Jesus christ what did I just get into,then started attacking it but nearly got poisoned and ran away

                  • Anonymous

                    You can definitely counter shot them, but it's possible that it may only apply to attacks done by the body portion. I'm not the greatest at that timing, but it seems that attacks done by the snakes do not apply, so be careful.

                    • Anonymous

                      The first time I saw a Viper Pit Mob's head explode into that mess of snakes, I couldn't help but to think of the Las Plagas villagers from Resident Evil 4 when it happened. But then again, plenty of players have said that the Forbidden Forest is very similar to the village part of RE4 and they're not wrong, it maybe is even a bit of a tribute to it as well. Rather disturbing to say the least, this plague is certainly a horrid one.

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