Madman's Knowledge

Skull of a madman touched by the wisdom of the Great Ones.
Use to gain Insight.

Making contact with eldritch wisdom is a blessing, for even if it drives one mad, it allows one to serve a grander purpose, for posterity.

Madman's Knowledge is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Madman's Knowledge Usage

  • Consume the skull to gain 1 Insight





  • The Spider Adds of Rom, the Spider, may drop them (Very Rarely.).
  • These Spiders also may drop them in Chalice Dungeons
  • Rare drop from the Celestial Larvae in the Upper Cathedral Ward



  • Player note 1



  • The logo of this item depicts a human skull splitting open, and sprouting out of the skull is what appears to be a blue slug; the symbol of the celestial beings known as the Kin. This is likely an indication of the madness-inducing effects of acquiring knowledge pertaining to the Kin; the more soft Insight you accumulate, the deeper your knowledge of the Great Ones grows, driven further away from sanity. Once insightful enough, one becomes aware of powerful Kin-type creatures (such as these), who are invisible to those oblivious of their existence.


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    • Anonymous

      13 Jul 2019 02:45  

      After opening and looting the coffins at the chalice dungeons, Its possible to get these if you revisit them.

      • Anonymous

        MIND BLOWING DISCOVERY (Spoiler)05 Jul 2016 14:57  

        Idk if anyone else noticed this, but the white smoke above the skull in the Madman's Knowledge picture looks just like the slug you turn into in the true ending of the game! the same thing goes for Great One Wisdom. Proving even further that the player slowly goes more insane the more "Insight" he has. has anyone else seen this?

        • Anonymous

          Consuming any after you have 99 insight will waste it05 Jul 2016 14:57  

          Just used 99 without paying attention even though I had 9 insight and ended up losing 9 of em

          • Anonymous

            Voices05 Jul 2016 14:57  

            Dies anyone know what it says when you use it cause I something something hunter but the fx is always to loud for me to decent

            • Anonymous

              Put up here which enemies you have had it drop from, we might find a few patterns05 Jul 2016 14:57  

              I have barely paid attention, myself, just had one drop from a rat in the Central Yahrnam Sewers

              • Anonymous

                Warning!05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                A warning to all: Apparently you can only hold 99 insight, so don't select "use multiple" on this item if doing so would get you past 99 insight. I did this and lost about 30 Madman's Knowledge.

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