Bold Hunter's Mark

Dangling, upside-down rune etched in the mind of a hunter.
This reminder allows one to envision the rune with clarity.

Allows a hunter to awaken again without losing Blood Echoes, a trick that seems nearly too good to be true.

Bold Hunter's Mark is a consumable gameplay Item in Bloodborne.


Bold Hunter's Mark Usage

  • The Bold Hunter's Mark allows you to warp back to the last Lamp you used, while keeping your Blood Echoes.







  • If you are at a spawn point without a Lamp, as will happen after some area transitions within the game progress mechanics, the Bold Hunter's Mark will only warp you back to that spawn point instead of to the last lamp you activated. In such a situation you need to find a new Lamp before you can get back to the Hunter's Dream, unless you are willing to sacrifice all your held Blood Echoes by using the Hunter's Mark.
  • Bloodborne's version of Shard of Archstone / Homeward Bone.
  • Using this item will not replenish the player's ready supply of Blood Vials.



The rune portrayed on the item image might be a reference to the Sacrificial Brand in the manga Berserk, which is branded on all those to be sacrificed in one's ascension to the omniscient God Hand, a group of demonic beings that visit the earth during the Eclipse.
The hunter's stance in using the rune looks similar to the "Look Skyward" gesture from Dark Souls

    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2017 13:53  

      "Might be a reference to berserk"
      Is that a joke? Are the editors like, blind? Of course it's a reference to berserk, haven't you played these *****ing games? Half of the***** in them is just straight stolen from it.

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