Winter Lantern

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 1700
Drops Cursed Damp Blood Droplets (5) [33%], Pebble x10 [5%], Quicksilver Bullets x3 [62%]
Weak Poison
Strong Above average magical defenses
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of Mensis, Fishing Hamlet

Winter Lanterns (also known in the community as Brain Trusts) are an enemy in Bloodborne. Grotesque creatures with a lethal gimmick, Winter Lanterns will constantly damage you and build up your frenzy meter with their gaze.

These vaguely humanoid, eldritch abominations roam the Nightmare Frontier and the Nightmare of Mensis. Winter Lanterns require line of sight to cast their deadly spell and despite their appearance they cannot see anything behind them. Be forewarned, frenzy will continue to build for a few seconds after line of sight is broken.


  • Have Sedatives ready.
  • Avoid fighting them up close, they cause Frenzy to build up while you are in their line of sight. In most cases, they are set up in a way that allows you to sneak past more or less undetected.
  • Apart from their Frenzy AoE they only have one attack, a lunging grab attack that deals minor damage, but frenzy continues to build during the grab.
  • Circle around them up close, and their grab should miss, which will leave their backs exposed for a long enough time to do a charge attack.
  • Alternatively roll or dodge through their grab, but beware that the grab attack has good tracking and will catch you if you act too early.
  • Wait halfway through the grab animation,
  • Frenzy will not cause damage if it triggers in the middle of a visceral attack. Use this to your advantage, if you are farming them, by stacking an appropriate amount of frenzy resistance.
  • Use the transformed Hunter Axe's heavy attack (Hold R2) to keep them on the ground.
  • For those having trouble with this enemy, 3 sets of 2 poison throwing knifes are enough to kill one (except in Nightmare Frontier, those are immune to slow poison).
  • Can be knocked down with Burial Blade charge attack,
  • Heavy weapons can stagger and cancel their grab, you can charge one, smash it a few times, then quickly roll away and use the sedative before you get frenzied.
  • Simon's Bowblade in its bow form is a reliable weapon against this enemy for builds with high Bloodtinge. Being able to one-shot them or tear apart huge chunks of their hp with a charge attack.


Winter Lantern Information

  • Similar to the Brain of Mensis, they cause frenzy by looking at you.
  • If they do not notice you, a hunter will remain unaffected by frenzy. Blue Elixir's are very useful for this.



Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem.png
Nightmare Frontier 1700 2759 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% (2) 33% (2) 33%
Nightmare of Mensis 1700 10177 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% -- --


Notes & Trivia

  • Their brain seems to be entwined with several messengers.
  • Winter can be related to Death or Slumber, and, considering the high threat that these enemies pose, could imply that their name refers to them as a "death beacon" of sorts.
  • At a certain level of Insight, they will begin singing in an off-key tone.
  • They wear what appears to be a blood-stained version of the Doll set. minus the shawl
  • Close examination of their hands reveal that they have the same hands as The Doll, albeit slimy and covered in tentacles.
  • Their bodies are a great deal taller than The Doll and there is no doll head underneath the brain.
  • Their mouths look just like venus traps.
  • It has a large gash along the spine for which there is yet no explanation.




Winter Lantern Attacks


Winter Lantern Hands & Details


    • 24 Apr 2017 08:53  

      With the 40+ insight, the "singing" may be some sort of siren song, seeing how many people find the sounds so nice and haunting, almost pulling them in.

      • 20 Dec 2016 07:36  


        I just realized something.

        These things are a miniature version of the Brain of Menzis.
        Unlike big jello with its arms in the open, these *****ers keep theirs hidden.

        Could it mean their "tail" is inside the puppets, controlling the body?

        I mean, Menzis does a Frenzy when "look" at the tower.
        These Frenzy when you "look" at them.


        • Stagger timing10 Oct 2016 13:06  

          If you go for the stagger-by-gun-followed-by-visceral strategy, a good way to ensure you get the difficult timing right is to hit L2 at the very apex of their arm extension before the arms enclose to grab you. Assuming you're of decent leveling, the stagger and visceral should kill them immediately.

          • Best and most accessible strategy (Please add to wiki)29 Sep 2016 23:55  

            Hitting them with the saw cleaver's short-to-long transformation attack interrupts their grab animation and causes them to stagger. So attacking with only the transformational attacks can kill them safely and quickly as long as you have the stamina and damage for it.

            • F***ING op as hell05 Jul 2016 08:48  

              I absolutely hate this frenzy *****! I have tried every tactic to kill those a**holes before ether A I'm grabbed and insta death. And B I frenzy and insta death.

              • how to deal with them05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                1. run past them and keep your hp at full. if you have enough hp, frenzy wont one shot you and by the time the meter is full you are well away from it. <br/>2. keep you hp at full and kill it as quickly as possible. kill it before the meter is full and you will be fine. <br/>3. sneak attack

                • The cheapest enemy FROM Soft has ever made (yet)05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                  This enemey wins this award with honors, I can say this confidently now. More than the week 1 homing laser women in Shrine of Amana, more than the Wheelskelletons, more than the skeleton warriors in Shrine of Storms in Demon's Souls or anything else I can think of from their previous games of this sort. If FROM wanted to make a monster so cheap that even being overleveled isn't a defense against it, then they succeeded. <br/> <br/>NOT saying they're impossible to kill, or they're hard to kill, because like said below there are precautions you can take to make them much easier; but from the perspective of a new player these things are just absolutely dastardly. With skill, you could even conceivably deal with any of the aforementioned cheap enemies first time but these things are like walking beginners traps, and no matter how high you level you can get you still can NEVER let down your guard, that's how cheap they are. The fact you have to actually take special precautions, or best off just not fighting them at all, in order to have the best chance says everything. <br/> <br/>Their placement too is absolutely perfect. Rigid, narrow areas with environmental hazards like pitfalls or poison swamp all around them to maximize how cheap they are, they really thought these enemies out to make them as horrendous as possible. <br/> <br/>I'm both venting and congratulating FROM for making this monstrosity. What a gloriously cheap scumbag enemy.

                  • Dolls05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                    Does anyone else noticed that this things are actually dolls? Their body is doll like, just try to look at the hands; you will see joints.. but what could this mean lore wise ?!

                    • Closing the distance on Brain *****es05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                      Use Blue Elixirs to negate their invisible spear attack they launch when they see you; it also cuts the distance they can start causing frenzy by quite a bit. Though be warned this doesn't work once you get too up close. It does however tend to let you get close enough to land a better hit with your weapon. <br/> <br/>And as many others have said: ***** this *****ing frenzy inducing *****.

                      • Singing05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                        I put their singing to the test in an MC Hammer U Cant Touch This vid. If they didnt pause between, it would actually be a perfect match. <br/>

                        • Countermeasures05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                          Before entering the Nightmare of Mensis, be sure to equip the Ashen Hunter Set, as it gives you almost twice the Frenzy resist any other set could. Also, RES +100 or Frenzy RES +200 Runes also recommended. With this build, the use of sedatives also becomes viable, since you'll have enough time to the brain and use the medicine. Additionally, Ludwig's Blade's charged thrust attack , and other long range, powerful attacks do well against them. Alternatively, use gunshots to counter their grab.

                          • resist05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                            Stack frenzy resist and charge at them with R2 2hand attack asap works well for me, the frenzy won't build up high enough to trigger if you make the encounter short.

                            • Easy05 Jul 2016 08:48  

                              This mobs are pretty easy to handle. Wear your Madness-Resist gear (ashen hunter set for example), equip your sedatives on quickbar, run to them, kill them (easy to stagger/stunlock), use your sedative.

                              • Dolls Set??05 Jul 2016 08:47  

                                it looks nothing like the dolls set. looks like a dress.. the 3 distinctive features of the dolls set are not present in the dress these things are wearing.

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