Winter Lantern

Enemy Type Not Beast Nor Kin
Health 1700
Drops Cursed Damp Blood Droplets (5) [33%], Pebble x10 [5%], Quicksilver Bullets x3 [62%]
Weak Poison
Strong Above average magical defenses
Locations Nightmare Frontier, Nightmare of MensisFishing Hamlet

Winter Lanterns (also known in the community as Brain Trusts) are an enemy in Bloodborne. Grotesque creatures with a lethal gimmick, Winter Lanterns will constantly damage you and build up your frenzy meter with their gaze.

These vaguely humanoid, eldritch abominations roam the Nightmare Frontier and the Nightmare of Mensis. Winter Lanterns require line of sight to cast their deadly spell and despite their appearance they cannot see anything behind them. Be forewarned, frenzy will continue to build for a few seconds after line of sight is broken.


  • Have Sedatives ready.
  • Avoid fighting them up close, they cause Frenzy to build up while you are in their line of sight. In most cases, they are set up in a way that allows you to sneak past more or less undetected.
  • Apart from their Frenzy AoE they only have one attack, a lunging grab attack that deals minor damage, but frenzy continues to build during the grab.
  • Circle around them up close, and their grab should miss, which will leave their backs exposed for a long enough time to do a charge attack.
  • Alternatively roll or dodge through their grab, but beware that the grab attack has good tracking and will catch you if you act too early.
  • Wait halfway through the grab animation,
  • Frenzy will not cause damage if it triggers in the middle of a visceral attack. Use this to your advantage, if you are farming them, by stacking an appropriate amount of frenzy resistance.
  • Use the transformed Hunter Axe's heavy attack (Hold R2) to keep them on the ground.
  • For those having trouble with this enemy, 3 sets of 2 poison throwing knifes are enough to kill one (except in The Nightmare Frontier, those are immune to Slow Poisoning).
  • Can be knocked down with Burial Blade charge attack,
  • Heavy weapons can stagger and cancel their grab, you can charge one, smash it a few times, then quickly roll away and use the sedative before you get frenzied.
  • Simon's Bowblade in its bow form is a reliable weapon against this enemy for builds with high Bloodtinge. Being able to one-shot them or tear apart huge chunks of their hp with a charge attack.


Winter Lantern Information

  • Similar to the Brain of Mensis, they cause frenzy by looking at you.
  • If they do not notice you, a hunter will remain unaffected by frenzy. Blue Elixir's are very useful for this.
  • Winter Lanterns after the Lighthouse lamp can drop up to 27.7% phy.attk. up gems( Old Hunter's DLC).



Cursed Tempering Damp Blood Gem.png
Nightmare Frontier 1700 2759 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% (2) 33% (2) 33%
Nightmare of Mensis 1700 10177 (x3) 62% (x10) 5% (5) 33% -- --


Notes & Trivia

  • Their brain seems to be entwined with several messengers.
  • Winter can be related to Death or Slumber, and, considering the high threat that these enemies pose, could imply that their name refers to them as a "death beacon" of sorts.
  • At a certain level of Insight, they will begin singing in an off-key tone.
  • They wear what appears to be a blood-stained version of the Doll set. minus the shawl
  • Close examination of their hands reveal that they have the same hands as The Doll, albeit slimy and covered in tentacles.
  • Their bodies are a great deal taller than The Doll and there is no doll head underneath the brain.
  • Their mouths look just like venus fly traps.
  • It has a large gash along the spine for which there is yet no explanation.





    • 04 Jan 2018 12:52  

      I was farming the winter lanterns in metro middle made a million echoes and then failed the elevator parlour after during to one of them by accident and all the echoes were lost

      • Anonymous

        04 Jan 2018 12:36  

        The max cursed blood droplet or cursed tampering blood gem is 21% but you can get better one in cursed dungeons up to 27% increase in attack

        • Anonymous

          14 Nov 2017 20:22  

          A great place to farm this for blood gems is the lantern just before the orphan fight.
          To the right of the boss entrance lantern is a tunnel. You will see a strange torso enemy scamper to the right as you enter.
          Take the left path and you will emediatly find a winter lantern. He is close enough to the lantern that it is simple to farm cursed droplets.
          Best of luck.

          • Anonymous

            16 Sep 2017 02:30  

            Heaven forbid should this monster ever become a boss fight! It would make the orphan of kos look like a cleric beast fight!

            • Anonymous

              11 Sep 2017 04:39  

              Theories about the Winter Lanterns being predecessors of the Plain Doll aren't really true. Corpses with Frenzy spears in Nightmare of Mensis wear the same attire so this kinda proves it false.

              • Anonymous

                22 Aug 2017 15:22  

                They kind of remind me of the Flatwoods Monster. Tall, humanoid form, oversized and misshapen head, an incredibly fashion-forward dress, some arms for holding, a piercing gaze, and capable of inducing severe illness. 10/10

                • Anonymous

                  22 Aug 2017 02:28  

                  The page says "despite their appearance they cannot see anything behind them", but that's not true in Nightmare of Mensis. They could see me from any angle and at the full distance of their forward vision. They do have to turn towards you to cast the Frenzy spell, but they definitely can see you. I was surprised at this since I was able to sneak up on the couple that were in Nightmare Frontier and easily backstab and eviscerate them. Why the difference? I assume it's the level, but it could be that I had higher insight or some other hidden mechanic.

                  • Anonymous

                    14 Aug 2017 18:20  

                    so you're telling me that these FROM software *****ers put a*****ty weapon at the end of a tunnel guarded by 2 cheap enemies, just to get raped by a second pair of cheap enemies, three times your size with hair trigger reflexes and broken hitboxes? sooo not worth the reward... pfff

                    • Anonymous

                      15 Jul 2017 07:37  

                      Anyone else notice that their gown looks more like a combination of the doll's set and the noble dress? These enemies are probably the most confusing in terms of lore, since they appear in so many important places, but seemingly for no reason--guarding the brain of mensis, in the caves of the nightmare frontier, and for some reason in the fishing hamlet, which REALLY throws me off.

                      • Anonymous

                        28 Jun 2017 16:44  

                        The best method I've found so far for dealing with these bastards is (1) make sure you're fighting them in the right place so that any other Winter Lanterns in the area won't notice you because obviously then you're screwed, and (2) use the non-transformed Holy Moonlight Sword's R2 attack--not a full charge attack, though. This hitlocks them easily, and can be used in quick repetition unlike with other strength weapons. (In fact, I'm pretty sure HMS's strong attacks move faster than its standard R1 attacks.) They should go down in roughly 3-5 hits, after which of course you'll want to chug your sedatives.

                        Side note: this page fails to mention that their gaze causes damage even prior to the frenzy buildup. If you stand in their sight long enough, sedatives will eventually become useless as your HP will begin to corrode RIDICULOUSLY fast--I'm talking a steady decrease in 1000 HP per second that only accelerates the longer those spears of blood continue to erupt from your body. I'm not sure if this happens with all of the Lanterns or just a select few, but it basically necessitates that you kill them within 20 seconds of them spotting you.

                        AND I'M PRETTY CONVINCED THEY CAN PARTIALLY SEE THROUGH WALLS. No matter where I hide on the bridge of Mensis, they always seem to stop and stare through the wall for long periods of time, until they suddenly just break out in a mad dash to circumvent the barrier. I don't have to move a muscle and this will still trigger this behavior. SO BASICALLY ***** THEM

                        • Anonymous

                          20 May 2017 01:58  

                          wish i knew who programmed this***** garbage so i could fly to their *****in house and kill them in their living room with my*****in their face. ***** you

                          • Anonymous

                            24 Apr 2017 14:53  

                            With the 40+ insight, the "singing" may be some sort of siren song, seeing how many people find the sounds so nice and haunting, almost pulling them in.

                            • Anonymous

                              20 Dec 2016 13:36  


                              I just realized something.

                              These things are a miniature version of the Brain of Menzis.
                              Unlike big jello with its arms in the open, these *****ers keep theirs hidden.

                              Could it mean their "tail" is inside the puppets, controlling the body?

                              I mean, Menzis does a Frenzy when "look" at the tower.
                              These Frenzy when you "look" at them.


                              • Anonymous

                                Stagger timing10 Oct 2016 19:06  

                                If you go for the stagger-by-gun-followed-by-visceral strategy, a good way to ensure you get the difficult timing right is to hit L2 at the very apex of their arm extension before the arms enclose to grab you. Assuming you're of decent leveling, the stagger and visceral should kill them immediately.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Best and most accessible strategy (Please add to wiki)30 Sep 2016 05:55  

                                  Hitting them with the saw cleaver's short-to-long transformation attack interrupts their grab animation and causes them to stagger. So attacking with only the transformational attacks can kill them safely and quickly as long as you have the stamina and damage for it.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    annoying06 Aug 2016 21:05  

                                    of all the enemies in Bloodborne, even the bosses, this is the one enemy i dread/despise the most

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