Pebble is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.

pebble.jpg "Small pebbles found throughout Yhamam.

Can be thrown at foes.

Quite thrilling."

Pebble Usage

  • Used to get the attention of a single enemy.


  • 10 Blood Echoes (Base Price)



  • Price of the Pebble does not go up in price
  • It deals 1-2 damage
  • It takes one or two hits to kill Arianna's Celestial Child, and one hit to kill Old Hunter Yamamura and Brador in his cell.
  • Excellent for holding in your active inventory slot to prevent accidental use of a valuable consumable during battles
  • Can be used to ground a flying Carrion Crow, hanging spider or hanging Blood Gel
  • Quite Thrilling.


  • They resemble the shape of petrified Bloodshot Eyeballs, this explained why the eye-collecting women carry the pebbles.
  • When buying them it shows that they scale in strenght with an A.

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