Locations in Bloodborne are the places and areas you may visit during gameplay. You may visit the areas to find detailed walkthroughs, Items and Maps, as well as other information about Bosses and Enemies. For more information on Chalice Dungeons please see that page.

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Hunter's Dream

NPCs Bath Messengers, Stump Messengers, Plain Doll, Gehrman
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
Any - Endgame 100
Any - Endgame +10
Bosses Spoiler
Multiplayer Co-op only (+Hostile Co-op)
Changes in NG+? No

Hunter's Dream is a location in Bloodborne. Also known as Dream Refuge, it is the place where the player goes after their first death and operates as a central hub, providing trade and upgrade services. The player can port from this location to any of the Lamps that they have activated.



Hunter's Dream


  • Upon your first death and visit the doors to the house will be locked. On the staircase the Messengers will offer you a Trick Weapon, a Firearm and a Notebook.
  • After you enter Central Yharnam and light the Lamp there the house will open on your next visit.
    • If you ignore the Wolf Beast in the clinic and instead run straight to the lamp without dying, the house will also be open on the first visit.
    • Inside you'll find Gehrman, the Workshop, your item Storage and the Memory Altar.
  • After you have entered your first Boss arena, or gained 1 Insight, the Plain Doll will be alive upon your next visit. You can then talk to her to level up your stats.
  • On the staircase the Messengers will now offer you your first multiplayer items: the Beckoning Bell and the Silencing Blank.
  • After you have gained 1 Insight, a second set of Bath Messengers will unlock, allowing you to trade Insight for items. If you fall below 1 Insight, the merchant will become unavailable again after you close the dialogue window.
  • Once the blood moon rises or having 50 Insight, the music in the Dream will change to another soundtrack, Moonlit Melody, focusing on the voice more than the instruments.
  • After defeating Mergo's Wet Nurse, the Hunter's Dream will change as morning is almost here. If you talk to Gehrman after the fire starts, you are at the point of no return. See New Game Plus page for information.
  • At seemingly random points during the story logging into the game while stationed in the Hunter's Dream will cause random voices or conversations to be heard by the Hunter.


NPCs in the Hunter's Dream

  1. Gehrman
  2. Plain Doll
  3. Messengers


Lore Notes

  • In a corner, next to the altar at the farthest end of the house, is a page, with information on the main goal of the Hunters during the night of the hunt: "To escape this dreadful Hunter's Dream, halt the source of the spreading scourge of beasts, lest the night carry on forever."
  • There are more than 360 headstones in the Hunter's Dream.
  • A book titled "How to Pick Up Fair Maidens" can be found in the book pile.
  • The Hunter's Dream originated from the Abandoned Old Workshop.


Services in the Hunter's Dream




Hunter's Dream Walkthrough

From the start, move forward to find an inanimate doll, and then interact with the Messenger sign ahead to find your first tutorial tip:
"The Messengers offer you a Trick Weapon. Choose one. Trick Weapons are wielded with the right hand, and employed in beast hunting."

Hunter's Dream Map



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