Central Yharnam

Lamps 2
Recommended Level
Weapon Upgrade
14 to 20
+1 or +2
Bosses Cleric Beast
Father Gascoigne
Secrets Discovery Insight: 8
Timezones: ??
Multiplayer Yes

Central Yharnam is the first main area of the game. The area takes form as a large connection of Gothic-esque, Victorian buildings. The whole area is filled with Mad Villagers, and other dastardly creatures. This area harbors the Cleric Beast, an optional boss but is most likely the first a player will encounter in the game. The Cleric Beast is located on a large bridge towards the end of the area. Central Yarnham also harbors a network of sewers, leading to a mandatory boss that needs to be fought to progress, Father Gascoigne.


NPCs in the area








Lore Notes

  • Within the Dark House, near the man in the wheelchair, on the bookcase to the leftmost side of the room, is a glowing paper, with small information about the Night of the Hunt.
    • It reads: "When The hunt Began, the Healing Church left us, blocking the great bridge to Cathedral Ward, as Old Yharnam burned to the ground that moonlit night."





*This is one of many paths. I feel it to be the easiest* "AlfonosValeri3/26/15"
Starting from the Central Yharnam Lamp, head over to the window marked by a Red Lamp, talk to the NPC Gilbert he will give you some basic information about the world we are in. Once finished, head to the right of his house and then left down the stairs. You'll find 8x Pebbles then follow the path to the right and cross the bridge, there is an Hunter with Hatchet lying in wait behind some crates so be ready. You can drop of the left here but that is not recommended for your first pass through.

Head right and down some more stairs and you will see a Hunter with Shield with his back to you, be aware of the Hunter sat on the floor to his right before rushing in. Patiently wait at the top of the stairs. There is a dangerous group of 4 Hunters patrolling along this path. Wait for all of them to pass and either use your Pebbles to pull them one at a time, or ignore them and head left back down where the patrol came from to unlock a gate which leads back to 1st Floor Sickroom and Iosefka's Clinic.

Back by the gate there is the Executioner, only fight him if you are sure you want to as he poses a high challenge this early in the game. He will rarely drop an item and there is nothing else back there so at this point it is pretty pointless.

Along this road you will notice a few more Red Lanterns, if you interact with the doors near them you will find more NPC's, although none of these have anysignificance.
Head back up the path and take care of any Hunters who straggle or get in your way. Keep an eye on the right as there are two area's you can go up. The first has a single Hunter and a large Bonfire, with 4x Molotov Cocktails behind it. By this point the mob may be patrolling back and has now grown in number so wait till they pass or deal with them carefully.Take the next right up a staircase behind a carriage, but be careful for the 'sleeping' Hunter with Rifle next to it. Allways watch your back to make sure the mob isn't catching up. Once you head up the second stairs on the right there is a larger set of stairs. Head up there is a 1x Blood Stone Shard waiting for you but a Hunter waiting around the corner to ambush you if you pick it up, so kill him first. Head back down and go right, prepare for a Hunter with Hatchet to jump out from a hidden gap on your right.

Now comes a first mob area with many ways to go about it.Rushing in and killing them all, whilst possible, is not recommended. There are three Hunters with Pitchforks, two with Rifles, four with Axes and Torches, one with a Shield and Torch and a dog hidden at the back behind the carriage on the left.

Recommended strategy: First walk closer to the mob, and you will hear a bell ring. This will cause the big group to disband and patrol. A few enemies will walk down the street and will not return, and the larger mob from earlier will not return. Two enemies will patrol the upper right where you should be. Kill both of them, then head down the path, where a Hunter with an Axe and torch is near a gate. Do not provoke him. Go down the stairs on your left and draw a few of the larger group in the middle out. But, only do this when the other two patrols are not in the middle section near the bonfire. Watch out for Riflemen shots. Draw the three enemies that stay in the middle up and dispatch them one by one. After those three, (One hatchet, one pitchfork and one shield + torch) have been dealt with,take out the Axe Hunter with a torch. Down the path by the gate there is a body with 4 Quicksilver Bullets (on the right).

You will hear something growling and banging on the doors. Don't worry you'll fight him soon, but not here. You can also see an item on the other side of the bars, which you will get soon. Now that there are only two patrols, two Riflemen, and the dog. With the patrols up on the other ledge run down and kill the first Riflemen. Run away if the dog is after you, and kill the dog atop the stairs where you drew the enemies up. Now wait for the patrol that goes to the gate near the bonfire to get there. Dispatch them by the gate, but watch for the other patrol. The body has 2x Blood Vials. Now head up the path and kill the remaining three enemies. There is a Coldblood Dew (1) over on the left of where the upper Riflemen is. now head to where the bars are open, and be ready for a fight. Go through the door, and smash the barrel to the left . There will be another Bloodstone Shard there. Continue straight, and collect the 2x Blood Vials on the body.

There is an alternate route to the left of the door with a Red Lantern near which takes you to the Kennels area (see below), you just have to break some barrels, roll down and proceed going left. This route allows you a skip a handful of dangerous Enemies and lets you open the first major shortcut of the area. But for now, continue right.

Head down the stairs and down to the left to fight three Crows. Behind the coffins there are two Oil Urns. Turning back and across the plaza, get ready to kill the Ogre banging on the door. An easy way to deal with him is to throw an Oil Urn at him first, followed up with the Molotov. This will one shot him but he can be easily parried . Still treat with caution though as he can hit very hard. The two bodies there carry a Torch, a useful left hand item and a set of 2x Blood Vials.

Once you have dealt with the Ogre, head back towards the fountain, to the right, and up the stairs. If you look to your left there will be a gate; which is a shortcut that unlocks from further around the area. Head to the right to pick up the item behind the gate, 1x Coldblood Dew. On the next courtyard there are two dogs patrolling, a mob consisting of a third dog, a Rifleman, a Hatchet and Torch Hunter and a Cleaver Hunter. Take your time with this courtyard, as running straight in spells a very quick death. Use a pebble to pull the dog closest to the stairs away to dispatch it, then use either Molotovs or pebbles to break up the rest of the group as best you can. If you end up in a situation where you have multiple enemies and dogs bearing down on you then use your gun to keep them at bay; and remember to stay mobile. Once the courtyard is clear, head up the stairs onto The Great Bridge. Immediately go left, and go behind a statue to the right of the stagecoach to get collect 1x Blood Stone Shard.

This next fight is optional, but if you choose not to do it, you will have to double back to the alternate route near the Red Lamp in the Fountain Plaza to progress through the area.

Get ready for a tricky encounter here. As you turn back towards the bridge you will spot two Wolf Beasts patrolling by another stagecoach. These wolves are incredibly aggressive and very fast. It is possible to separate them using pebbles, or if you have any Oil urns and Molotovs left you can use them as well. Should you end up in a face to face fight with them, keep moving, bait their attacks, and use of your gun. You can score a Visceral Hit on the wolves by firing at them as they leap towards you. Make sure to be very aggressive if you get up close to them, and make the most of the regain system to keep your health topped up. Alternately, if you have the space, dodge behind them and hit with a charged R2 to stun, followed by a regular R1 to Visceral, they have a long recovery time from a missed attack so this is an easy tactic.

Once the wolves are dispatched, press on further. To your left you'll encounter a Hunter with Cleaver, kill him then go down the stairs he was stood at, entering the Dark Residence. Equip your Torch if you picked it up so you can see as there are 2 Hunters lying in wait on the top floor. To your left as you walk in there will be one with a Hatched behind some barrels and over by the stair rails is a Hunter with a Sword ready to ruin your day. There will be a Coldblood Dew waiting for you once you have dealt with them. Note: Using your Torch here can encourage these Hunters to abandon their ambush points and be more aggressive.

Head down the stairs and deal with another Sword Hunter and towards the back of the house there is a Wheelchair Mob ready to shoot you if you try to loot the Pungent Blood Cocktail infront of him. His back is to you when you first walk in so just kill him before he knows you're there, he'll always drop Quicksilver Bullets. There is also a note on the floor revealing some more Lore.

Open the door to the building and you'll be in another courtyard with just an Axe and Torch wielding Hunter for company. Once he is dispatched, go up the steps and pull the lever, which opens the gate leading back to the Central Yharnam lamp. This shortcut will prove invaluable in the coming moments. For now, head back through the house to the Bridge.

Alternate Route: If you decided not to fight the two Wolf Beasts, you'll have to pass through the Kennels. This is a relatively easy area, with only 3 Dogs that are loose and able to harm you, the others are locked in cages and are practically free Blood Echo's. Once you drop down, head right and down a small alley beside the house until you get to a set of steps heading up and a path to the right. The steps going up lead to a dead end, which is where you can access the Kennel area from the bridge if you took on the Wolf Beasts. Going right will take you under the Great Bridge and into the Dark Residence. Kill the Hunter with Sword on your left, head through the door infront of you, climb some steps, deal with a final Hunter with Torch and Axe before opening a gate via a Lever. This gate opens to the Central Yharnam Lamp and reveals the first major shortcut. Head back through the Dark Residence, but go upstairs, taking care of the two Hunters waiting for you on the 1st floor. Exit onto the Great Bridge, killing the last Hunter in your way, being cautious of the two Wolf Beasts still patrolling to your right.

Main Route: On The Great Bridge, head left and you'll find another stagecoach with 3 crows and another Brick Ogre. There's nothing here you haven't fought before so employ whatever tactics you feel appropriate and eliminate these four enemies (I prefer to pull the Ogre away then get rid of the Crows). Once the area is cleared, press on forward through the archway and prepare to take on the Cleric Beast, the first boss in the game.

Note: The Cleric Beast is an entirely optional boss fight. He can be quite difficult as you will not have had the opportunity to level up your Hunter yet. I have found that using an item you find in the next area to unlock the ability to level up, then coming back to this fight when confident or stronger is advised. (Personally, I waited until I met a friendly NPC by the name of Alfred after the first mandatory boss as he gives you an item which temporarily enchants your weapon with Fire Damage, which The Cleric Beast is weak to).

Click here for an indepth guide on how to tackle the Cleric Beast.

Walking into the boss arena grants you your first point of Insight and on your first death you'll be taken back to Hunter's Dream where the Doll is now awake and you are able to level up. Messengers on the steps will also give you the Beckoning Bell and Silencing Blank. If you're struggling with the boss, you can ring the Beckoning Bell and summon Father Gascgoine as an NPC to help with the fight, at the cost of 1 Insight.

If you fight and defeat The Cleric Beast and lit the Lamp, you've gone as far as you can for now on the bridge. Teleport back to the Hunters Dream to spend your well earned Echo's. Once returned, continue on the next section below.

If you choose not to fight him yet, double back to the stairs that lead down tothe Dark Residence. You may have noticed another path past the Dark Residence, but there is little we can do there at this moment, other than fight two Brick Ogre's. Go straight through the ground floor of the Dark Residence, taking a path under the Great Bridge leading to the Kennels. Most of the Dogs are locked in cages but one can break out so kill them quickly. Follow this path along until you see a small bridge. But before you cross it, go left and kill the patrolling dog, making sure to pick up the Coldblood Dew he was guarding then cross the bridge. There will be another dog barking at a door, kill the dog and knock on the door for dialogue with Lonely Old Woman. She'll ask if you know of a safe place, but for now the only option open to you is "No".

Once the old woman has taken you to task, head down the only route available to you. There are breakables on the right but first, head down the steps and deal with the first Beast Hunter (check name). He has a large sword and a torch, with a great reach and can hit hard. Make use of quicksilver bullets and fast R1 attacks to down him. Head back up the stairs and start breaking the boxes so you can pass through the broken window onto the rafters. From here you can scout the area, taking note of the positions of two Beast Hunters (one with a spear, one with a torch and sword) and a Rifleman. There are two corpses hanging from the rafters with important items on them, attack them (use your gun if you're afraid of falling off) and they'll fall down. We'll pick them up later. For now, head to the right hand side of the building and you'll see a walkway out of another window which leads you to Eileen The Crow. Listen to her dialogue and she'll tease you about being afraid on this particular hunt, also making mention of the fact that there are no humans alive in Yharnam. She'll give you 4x Bold Hunter's Marks and speak to her a second time and she'll teach you the Shake Off Cape gesture.

Head back to the main room and drop down from the rafters. Kill all three enemies in whichever order you see fit (personally I go Beast with spear, then rifleman, then beast with torch). Don't drop down for those items yet as there are a few enemies you want to deal with first before you drop down. Head through the only exit in the room and you'll come out at the top of Yharnam's aqueduct. Across the gap there will be two Riflemen and a Beast hunter. You want to deal with these now as they will be a hinderance shortly. Time it right so that one of the riflemen is walking across the bridge away from you to attack. You can then dispatch both riflemen before the Beast Hunter has time to get to you. Once the trio are down, head back into the building and drop down for your items. Start with the right hand (as you walk in) item. Drop down and on your right will be a single rat. Kill it. Move to the next opening and kill the two rats occupying the area. Once they're dead you can safely pick up the Saw Spear. Drop into the middle and kill the two rats at the end, making sure to pick up the items then head back out to the aqueduct. Climb up the ladder and head back to get the item from the other side of the dry dock.

When you drop down on the left there'll be nothing in the first opening, but a single rat in the second one, whilst two occupy the final one. Once all the rats are dead, you can pick up the dropped item, which is a Blood Stone Shard. As before, head back out to the aqueduct. At this point you can either climb the ladder again and follow the paths round to kill some crows and find some items, or follow the aqueduct to it's end. Both toutes bring you at the same point. When you reach the end, don't drop into the lower pool, instead climb the very long ladder.

At the top of the ladder, head right and deal with the murder of Crows. There'll be a corpse here with more Oil Urns for you. Once they're dead, head back and cross the bridge. There'll be a brick ogre facing away from you, which means this is a perfect time for a back Visceral. Approach the monster slowly, then hold R2 until the weapon flashes, let go and deal massive damage. You will hear the Parry noise and be able to hit him again with an R1 to achieve the Visceral Attack. This should down him in one. You'll find another Red Lamp down here of little importance. Climb the ladder next to the Brick Ogre and pull the lever and open the gate which is a shortcut back to the Fountain Plaza, just before The Great Bridge.

Interact with the lit up window next to the gate and you'll talk to Viola, a little girl who has been left alone by her parents. Listen to her (heartbreaking) dialogue and she'll give you the Tiny Music Box which is very important for later. For now, you're done here, so backtrack down to the aqueducts.

When you reach the bottom of the ladder, you guessed it, you're going back down into the water. The corpses in the water surrounding the item will wake up and try to attack you. Stay mobile as for all they're slow, they can gang up on you unexpectedly. They deal a fair bit of damage with their swipe attacks and can vomit on you for large amounts of damage too. Once they're all done with, follow the water down. As you go, watch out for the beams above you as there are a couple of Crows which will try to drop attack you when you run underneath them. On the next level down you'll have three more Ghouls to deal with and two more Crows. There is a little alcove with another Ghoul and a Blood Stone Shard off to the right down here. When you reach the next tunnel you'll see the outline of the Goliath Pig, for now ignore him and climb up the ladder to the right instead. In front of you will be another bridge, but ignore that and go left into the the open door and get in the lift. This will give you a shortcut back to where the Dark Residence is, just past the area with the two Brick Ogres we mentioned earlier.

Trigger the lift again and head back down. Head across the bridge and you'll see a mob waiting at the other side. When you get halfway down they'll start running for you, so turn around and sprint away back to the room with the lift in. Hang out here for a second as the bridge is also a trap. Within a few seconds a giant flaming boulder will bounce down the bridge and kill most (if not all) of the mob. Mop up any survivors and press on. At the other side of the bridge you'll find a Brick Ogre and a Hunter with Shield and Torch responsible for the flaming ball trap. Sprint up the steps and quickly kill the normal enemy, then take on the Ogre. Once you're done with him, head up the next set of stairs and there'll be two Beast Hunters with their backs to you. Sneak up and charge R2 attack + Visceral one as,you should kill one of the beasts outright, then mop up the last remaining one.

If you'd prefer, you can bypass the boulder trap by taking the ladder back down to the Aqueduct, and sprinting towards the Goliath Pig. Getting behind him quickly and hitting with a charged R2 + Visceral combo is an easy kill. Continue past him and through a hole in the wall to the left, to climb a ladder taking you up to where the Brick Ogre and Shielded Hunter wait to spring the trap. Strangely, they will set off their trap once you reach them, killing the Hunters on the bridge netting you easy echo's and giving you time to kill the Shielded Hunter. Also, sometimes the Ogre will be struck by the trap, leaving him with minimal health.

Head up the last set of stairs and you'll enter a bleak looking graveyard and the cutscene for the Father Gascoigne boss fight will trigger.

Alternate Route and Free Hunter Armour Set: When crossing the Great Bridge with the Wolf Beasts on your right, you can find another area, a stash of 4x Pebbles. Smashing through the crates to the left reveals a trip down to the other side of the aqueducts. this area is a dead end after a few Rats and Beast Hunters, but at the end you are Rewarded with a free Hunter Set of Armour, just be careful of the Beast Hunter ready to ambush you at the end.

After you've bested Gascoigne, go up the stairs and find a gap in the fence to the left, there'll be a female body on the roof of the smaller building you drop onto with the Red Jeweled Brooch item on her. This will be important later.

When you're ready to, return to the lamp at Gascoigne's boss room, climb the stairs and open the gates using the key he dropped, taking you into the next area, the Cathedral Ward and Oedon Chapel.

Video Walkthrough
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    • Anonymous

      24 Sep 2017 15:45  

      Guide is good up to the part "If you choose not to fight him yet, double back to the stairs that lead down tothe Dark Residence. You may have noticed another path past the Dark Residence, but there is little we can do there at this moment, other than fight two Brick Ogre's. Go straight through the ground floor of the Dark Residence, taking a path under the Great Bridge leading to the Kennels. " What? Where? Does this sentence say to go to the path with 2 ogres or not? If not then I have no idea what is meant with " Go straight through the ground floor of the Dark Residence, taking a path under the Great Bridge leading to the Kennels." On the ground floor there are only 1 doors and they're locked.

      • Anonymous

        08 May 2017 13:51  

        FYI if you have defeated father gascorn go back to the Scottish guy near central yarnam lamp and he will give you an extremely op flamethrower which becomes insanely useful for defeating the blood starved beast because of his weakness to fire.

        • Anonymous

          Wolf Beasts05 Jul 2016 14:57  

          The two Wolf Beasts on the bridge can't go inside the nearby house. If anyone's having trouble killing them, grab their attention and go back inside the house immediately. They'd keep on trying to reach you and get inside but they won't be able to (is this a bug maybe?). They're practically sitting ducks at that point.

          • Anonymous

            Tomb of Oedon05 Jul 2016 14:57  

            I beat central yharnam, and have returned. I was curious if anyone else has encountered the hunter that spawns in the Tomb of Oedon... its not a problem so much as an annoyance. Gotta tgat hunters pretty skilled xD

            • Anonymous

              Gascoigne Summon05 Jul 2016 14:57  

              You can summon Gascoine for the Cleric Beast fight if you die against the Cleric Beast you can summon him to the left of Gilbert.

              • A little cleanup, plus added the alternate routes and missing items05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                Spent a lot of time fixing the overly descriptive enemy bio's, added in links to almost every new item in this area, added the second Aqueduct area to the walkthrough, cleaned up the walkthrough a little, admittedly this area is HUGE walkthrough wise, maybe split the Central Yharnam and Aqueduct area's? (From the Kennel point onwards i'd think) <br/> <br/>Cy

                • Anonymous

                  crossing the sewers05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                  Not sure if anyone can help... I went through the big warehouse where the rats and wolfmen are, then through the sewers. When I got to where you can climb down to where the crawlers are, I looked up across the sewers and saw some rafters and corpses with items. How do I get over there to loot those bodies? Are they in another area, or can I get there from the sewers?

                  • Anonymous

                    eileen the crow05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                    Just so everybody knows, if you attack eileen and kill her you unlock her crow outfir and her twin blades

                    • Anonymous

                      Roaring on the street in Central Yharnam?05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                      Has anyone else noticed that if you are near the first couple of red lantern doors on the main street (after leaving Gilbert and heading right down to the street by either path, the inhabitants are unfriendly to outsiders) you can occasionally hear a massive roar noise? I noticed it in my first game after Rom was already dead, but I started a new character (not NG+) and I hear it my first time through. Anyone know what this is?

                      • Scourge Beasts05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                        Pertaining to the two scourge beasts before the cleric beast. If you have yet to enter the black house past them, they can easily be lured back to the wagons. There is a gap that they cannot enter

                        • Anonymous

                          Strange shadow05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                          Has anyone else noticed a strange shadow on a building right near the ladder that leads to the sewers outside the elevator, in the opposite side of the big bridge that leads to the Tomb of Oedon? It looks like two Logarius wheels together. I noticed it on my first run through. At some point the shadow disappears. I made a screenshot of it.

                          • Anonymous

                            Dead horses05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                            If I'm remebering this right, the dead horses throughout Yharnam have unique noises if you step on them.

                            • Anonymous

                              Elevator Glitch (co-op)05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                              Last night I was summoned to help. The beckoner's connection was not great, and when I used the elevator to go up there was a little fall animation as I stepped inside which took a tiny portion of my health. As it went up it glitch again and I was on the top of the elevator, then I suddenly fell through and was falling through the map for a while, eventually I was in nothing but light and still falling, until some time later I hit the "ground" and died.

                              • Anonymous

                                NPC Summon to be added05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                                Hey, with the release of the Old Hunters, you can summon the npc Henriett in Cathedral Ward just after the gate near the old wooden shield. <br/>I seem to be able to summon the npc by using The Old Hunter's Bell. If someone could add this to the page that'd be great.

                                • Anonymous

                                  Yharnam's location on Earth?05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                                  Does anyone know where on our earth Yharnam is "supposed" to be? As in, what country is it most similar to? Do we have any developer hints as to where it was modeled after? Can anyone determine what accent the citizens have? The architecture is Victorian Gothic in my understanding, but it reminds me of eastern European cities like Prague and Cologne. I'm very interested in having a time/place reference for the setting of this game. <br/>(I accidentally posted this as a comment to another discussion below; my apologies.)

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Carriage glitch05 Jul 2016 14:57  

                                    On the front of the carriages are two pole-like extensions. If you roll/get pushed by enemies inbetween, you can get stuck. I had this happen a few month's back and I thought they may fix it but it happened to me yesterday too.

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