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Iosefka is a non-player character in Bloodborne and owner of Iosefka's Clinic where the player begins their journey.

Iosefka Information

  • There are, in fact, two Iosefkas: The real one and an imposter.
    • The real one is the one you first meet through the door. She is kind, compassionate and gentle. When the player attacks her door repeatedly she kindly pleads, "Please stop, you are not a beast." If the player manages to access the clinic later in the game through the forbidden woods, a blue alien creature drops Iosefka's blood vial; that is the real Iosefka, but she was changed/experimented on by the impostor. She as the blue alien will take a while to become agro on the hunter.
    • Impostor Iosefka is much harsher in the way she speaks and laughs maniacally when she asks the hunter to bring people in. Later in the game if you attack the door, she starts spouting mean words to the player and refuses to talk with you in the aftermath.
  • Prior to discovering the Cathedral Ward, Iosefka will repeatedly provide the player with a Iosefka's Blood Vial consumable if the player does not have one. After discovering the Cathedral Ward, "Iosefka" (who is actually the imposter) will encourage the player to send people to her clinic.
  • Imposter Iosefka seems to experiment upon, and eventually transform or kill, any survivors sent to her. The number of "aliens" (Celestial Mob) in her clinic changes as survivors are sent. Aliens slain at her clinic will drop the corresponding loot from the NPC they were prior. She will reward the player with Numbing Mist (x2) or Lead Elixir for each NPC sent to her clinic, as well as 1 Insight. If the Suspicious Beggar is sent to her clinic, she will reward the player with 3 Blue Elixir and 2 insight.
  • If Iosefka's Clinic is entered from the rear, through the ladder from the caverns in the Forbidden Woods, the imposter will be found in a small room up a flight of stairs. On approaching the base of the stairs, she will ask the player to leave. At this point, she may turn hostile depending on your choice of action:
    • If the player climbs to the top of the top of the stairs and approaches her room, she will become hostile. Killing her will make her drop the rune "Oedon Writhe," and her quest line will end
    • If the player causes her to become hostile and leaves, she will not be able to talk through the door again, even if the player sends more people to her clinic.
    • If the player returns to the Hunter's Dream  without making her hostile, she will close the doors and the player can speak with her at the top of the stairs again. She will tell the player that they are a "smart one" and beg them for more survivors. Her speech at this point alludes to the idea that she is a member of the Choir (who may have gone rogue during the fall of Yharnam since she appears to be doing this out of self-interest).
  • When the player re-enters the clinic from the back during the Blood Moon phase and enters the room where she normally turns hostile, she will instead be found laying on a table on her knees, apparently with severe pain. At this point, she is not hostile and can be killed easily. Her dialogue implies that she is pregnant; killing her at this point will yield a very special item, One Third of Umbilical Cord.
  • If you decide to fight Imposter Iosefka, she uses the following weapons/tools to try and kill you:
    • A Threaded Cane with Slow Poisoning.
    • A Repeating Pistol.
    • She usually throws a Numbing Mist at the start of the fight.
    • She frequently makes use of Augur of Ebrietas.
    • She will heal herself if her health reaches 50% and if the player stays far from her.
    • She will use A Call Beyond if her health reaches 30% and if the player stays close to her; this can be staggered and prevented, or you may block it with a shield if you fail to dodge the projectiles.


Iosefka's Location

  • Iosefka is found behind a set of double doors, at the top of the steps behind the "1st Floor Sickroom" lantern. Only her voice is heard, but she can be seen through cracks in the doors by angling the camera. Attacking the door will cause her to become defensive, giving the player two warnings. If both warnings are ignored and the door is struck a third time, she will leave the doorway.
  • Imposter Iosefka is found in the same exact location after you discover the Cathedral Ward with the original Iosefka gone (or more specifically, transformed into a Celetial Mob). During the night phase, she will relocate to her "safe room" located at the top of the stairs in a room accessible through the back entrance (you must travel from the Forbidden Woods to access this location). If you decide to not make her hostile and reload the area, she will appear once more in her original spot behind the double doors with said doors locked once more. Finally, during the Blood Moon, she will be found once again the "safe room."



Upon speaking with (real) Iosefka for the first time:

Are you... out on the hunt? Then I'm very sorry, but... I cannot open this door. I am Iosefka. The patients here in my clinic must not be exposed to infection. I know that you hunt for us, for our town, but I'm sorry. Please. This is all that I can do." (Gives 'Iosefka's Blood Vial' x1) "Now, go. And good hunting."

Upon speaking with Iosefka when in possession of Iosefka's Blood Vial:

Are you still in need of something? But I have nothing more to offer. Please, try to understand my position. I can only pray, for a fruitful hunt."

Upon speaking with Iosefka when you are not in possession of Iosefka's Blood Vial:

You are safe, thank goodness. But I’m afraid nothing will change. I cannot open the door. I’ll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way. (Gives 'Iosefka's Blood Vial' x1). Now, go. I pray for your safety.

Upon receiving your fourth Iosefka's Blood Vial:

Ah, you are safe. Thank goodness. But I'm afraid nothing will change my mind. I cannot open the door. I'll do what I can, of course. Perhaps this will help you, if only in some small way. (Gives 'Iosefka's Blood Vial' x1)

This night is long, but morning always comes. Someone of your caliber won’t fail us, I am certain. And once the night of the hunt ends, we can speak face-to-face. Then I can finally see what you look like. I shouldn’t be thinking this but I am rather looking forward to it. So please, be careful out there.

Upon speaking with Iosefka after receiving your fourth Iosefka's Blood Vial, but you are still in possession of one

I'm sorry...I have nothing else to offer you. I will pray for your safety. May light shine upon this night, and your fortunes.

If you attack the door while Iosefka is still there:

Ahh! Ohh!

[After attacking the door again] Please stop! It's beasts you hunt. Why are you behaving like one? This can't be the real you. Please, stop....

[Talking to her again, but this time around not attacking the door once more] Are you calm again? Thank goodness. You mustn't let the hunt overcome you. Remember yourself. You are not a beast.

If you ignore Iosefka's pleading and attack the door again:

You are no more than a beast. I should've known....

Impostor Iosefka (After reaching Cathedral Ward lamp)

Oh, well, hello....Splendid. Let me ask you a small kindness. You're soon off to hunt, I presume? Then, if you find any survivors, tell them to seek Iosefka's Clinic. Upon my Hippocratic oath, if they are yet human, I will look after them, perhaps even cure them. This sickness, these beasts, they are not to be feared. This time the night is long. I might be trapped here, but I should do something to help. I'll even offer a reward for your co-operation. Tempted? Well, off you go then.

If you find anyone who’s still human, send them straight to Iosefka clinic. You can assure them, there’s no place safer. Please do me this service.

Oh, hello. You made it. Find any survivors? Or only beasts? Tell anyone who's human about Iosefka's Clinic. I will take proper care of them. They're in your hands, and soon, mine....

If you send a female NPC to Iosefka's Clinic:

Oh hello...You're all right. Very good. She's safe with me now, I presume you're to thank? The treatment is going well, stabilized, for the most part. Fascinating, really....Here you are, as promised. (Receive Numbing Mist x2 normally or Lead Elixir x2 if you sent the little Yharnam girl).

Oh, thank goodness you came....Be a dear, find me some more. [Sinister Laughter]

After sending at least one NPC, but talking to Imposter Iosefka again before sending another NPC:

There may yet be humans out there. If you find them, send them to Iosefka's Clinic. I endeavor to treat every survivor there is. So please, be a saint.

If you send the Skeptical Man to Iosefka's Clinic:

Oh hello.....You're safe. What a relief. He's safe with me now. I'm thrilled to have another. Here you are, as promised. (Receive Numbing Mist x2).

After sending three people to Iosefka's Clinic:

What would I ever do without you? You're really making a difference. [Sinister Laughter]

If you find any humans, bring them to me. I'm depending on you, brave hunter. [Sinister Laughter]

If you attack the door when Imposter Iosefka is there:

Ahh! Can't anyone comprehend?! That'll be quite enough of you then. Isn't it time someone put you out of your misery?

Speaking to Imposter Iosefka inside the clinic after a set of doors before the moon is red:

Ah, moonlit scents....How did you worm your way in here? Well, I won't make any excuses. Would you mind leaving us alone? Things need not change...You'll do the rescuing, and I'll do the saving. But, if you refuse to leave....Ah, well...I always wanted to try my hand on a hunter.... [Sinister Laughter]

If you ignore Imposter Iosefka's warning and enter the room she is located in:

This won't hurt a bit...I'll soon have you right as rain...

Hush, hush....Stay still....This won't hurt a bit...I'll soon have you right as rain...Just.....Die.....ENOUGH OF YOU!!! Now, stop that

If you kill Imposter Iosefka before the Blood Moon:

[In a dying, pained voice] Curse this oblivious fool...

If Imposter Iosefka kills you while hostile:

[Excited Sinister Laughter] Oh, how exciting! I've never worked on a hunter before...

Speaking to Impostor Iosefka through 1st Floor Sickroom doors after deciding to not make her hostile:

Oh, hello... Still alive, are you? I need more patients... There aren't many humans left, I know, but find me every last one you can. We must find a way. To surpass our own stupidity. You're one of the bright ones. Don't you see how much this means? [Sinister Laughter] If you find any humans, bring them to me. I'm depending on you, brave hunter. [Exquisitely Sinister Laughter]

After sending the Suspicious Beggar to Iosefka's Clinic:

Oh hello....You're alive. Good. I've received another patient. This time, I'll be trying old blood. I've achieved much. And I owe it all to you. Take this, as thanks. [Receive Blue Elixir x3]

Custom made. And cheers, to the discovery of kinship. Doesn't it make you feel warm inside? [Sinister Laughter]

[If you haven't sent every single NPC to Iosefka's Clinic] Please....find me some more. I'm depending on you, brave hunter. [Sinister Laughter]

After you've sent every single NPC to Iosefka's Clinic:

Oh hello....You're still alive. But I suppose we're nearing the end. I don't imagine there are any left who haven't turned by now. Tragic, really, but what's to be done....

Speaking to Iosefka inside the clinic after the moon is red:

God I'm nauseous... Have you ever felt this? It's progressing. I can see things... I knew it, I'm different. I'm no beast... I... Oh... God, it feels awful... but, it proves that I'm chosen. Don't you see? How they writhe, writhe inside my head... It's... rather... rapturous...'' [Pained yet still Sinister Laughter]




  • The player only meets Iosefka once during the game, before entering the Cathedral Ward.  The Iosefka you speak to after reaching Cathedral Ward is an impostor and a member of the Choir, the upper level of the Healing Church.
    • The fake Iosefka, or "Fauxsefka," has taken up residence in the clinic in order to obtain subjects to experiment on. For experimentation purpose, old blood was taken from Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos (or perhaps another kin being), and she will use it on herself, therefore elevating herself into a higher being, if the initial experiments proved to be successful.
      • Tests were first performed on the real Iosefka and then anyone else the hunter sends to the clinic which result in their being transformed into Celestial Mobs, a type of kin (an elevated being that ranks above humans but below the Great Ones).
  • Confronting her before killing Rom disrupts her plans and results in the hunter killing her.
    • However, if the player comes after the Blood Moon appears, she will have succumbed to madness after imbibing a One Third of Umbilical Cord in a desperate attempt to evolve herself before the night ends.
    • Ultimately it ends in failure as her blood remains red upon slaying her instead of the clear color of the the elevated kin.



  • Iosefka's name can be traced back to the masculine Hebrew name Joseph ("God will provide"). Iosefka, or the Polish Józefka, is a diminutive form of the name Józefina.
  • The true name of the Imposter Iosefka is never revealed.
  • If you kill Imposter Iosefka and have not yet entered the Blood Moon phase, you can still send NPCs to Iosefka's Clinic.
    • However, they still turn into "aliens" regardless. It could be a lack of insight on From Software's part, or it could mean the NPCs tried to use some of the blood vials there and unwittingly turned themselves into Celestial Mobs as a result.
  • The player can navigate to the sickroom before the Cathedral Ward via the use of a bug and directly face the human Iosefka.
  • The "impostor" theory is confirmed in the end credit. external image 5bw5r4.jpg
  • Jenny Funnell, the voice of the real Iosefka, had previously played both Yuria the Witch and Quelaana from Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, respectively. Players familiar with the Funnell's previous roles may note the jarring (if subtle) change in voice actresses after accessing the Cathedral Ward, subtly signifying that she has been replaced.
  • Lucy Briggs-Owen, the voice of the imposter Iosefka, also voiced Adella The Nun, Vicar Amelia and young female protagonist (Youthful Voice); her voiced characters are primarily associated with the Healing Church.

    • 24 Jan 2017 22:34  

      Whoops. Looks like I blew my chance at the umbilical cord. Killed the heck outta her, never met the pleasure woman. That's two of four possible umbilical cords, which you need three of to get the true ending.
      Ah, well. I can get into NG+ quicker I guess.

      • Bed-side Insta-Death?21 Sep 2016 09:44  

        I tried to kill Iosefka while she was on the table, having not talked to her the entire game. I go in for the stab, miss and hit just the table (barely), and was killed by some invisible force. She was still on the table and no enemies in the building (or in the previous 2 areas for that matter). Happened to anyone else?

        • Iosefka isn't in her room05 Jul 2016 08:37  

          Before I can get into the clinic from the rear entrance, I attacked the door where you suppose to use it to talk to her, this caused her to not talk to me anymore and when I manage to get inside her clinic she's gone.

          • Iosefka is NOT pregnant.05 Jul 2016 08:37  

            The fact is that her last words are "How they writhe, writhe inside my head... It's... rather... rapturous...", and the Third Umbilical Chord's description she drops says "Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain with eyes. The only choice, he knew, if man were to ever match Their greatness." So my guess is that Imposter Iosefka is trying to find some kind of Umbilical Chord with her experiments on people and, with the red moon on the sky, she gets one and eats it. Then, her brain is filled with eyes, just like Mother Brain is. That explains the words "How they writhe, writhe inside my head...". And her situation on the table, for me it seems a spider posture, a direct connection to Rom, the Great who was granted with Eyes. Then, if you kill her, the Chord she drops is the one she had eaten before. I have more lore discussions, but I think Iosefka's page is not the best to discuss it.

            • She's nowhere to be found @@05 Jul 2016 08:37  

              Ok, after lighting the Cathedral Ward, i could then send people to her clinic but i didn't do so at all. However i did hit her door(double door) with basic attacks, then she said something bout someone should put me out of my misery. <br/>Finally after getting into the clinic through the Forbidden Woods path, she doesnt even appear @@ SHE"S NOT EVEN THERE... Tried loading again & again. Still not there :( <br/>My moon is still white though, not yet orange..

              • Not killing her after Moon turns orange05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                Has anyone tried not to kill her after she is on the table? Does her dialogue change at all, or is killing her on the table the only way to get the one third umbilical chord?

                • Iosefka's clinic gives free Blood Echoes. Bug or story-related?05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                  I just came back to Iosefka's clinic via the Forbidden Woods and while I was there decided to check up on the old grumpy lady (the one from Yharnam Central, she is the only person I have sent there so far). I talked to Iosefka through the door and she said the old lady is doing well and she is treating her (followed by a weird laugh). I then walk down the stairs, past the lamp room and into the surgical room where I receive 2084 Blood Echoes from absolutely nothing. I can keep receiving them by running to and from Iosefka's door to the surgical room. Iv'e done it six times in a row now and been given 2084 every time. Thoughts?

                  • Iosefka Glitch?05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                    So, after sending 4-5 NPCs to her I realized that she was experimenting on them so I attacked her through the door. She became hostile and said "Isn't it about time someone put you out of your misery?". I kept attacking for 5 more tries, then I tried to talk to her and she said nothing. I went to the Forbidden Woods back entrance to find her, but I she wasn't there, only the aliens. Later on I went to Brygenwerth, and she was there, hostile. I killed her and assumed I wouldn't be getting an umbilical cord. When I returned to the clinic I used the front entrance. The doors were open but her voice said "Isn't it about time someone put you out of your misery." I was like what, you're dead?? Then I walked through the clinic and found her on the table twitching and stuff. So I got to kill her twice, oddly enough.

                    • TODO05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                      Checked it and if she turns hostile towards you, but you don't kill her, you will not be able to talk to her through the double door, not even if you send another person to her clinic.

                      • Feel for Iosefka05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                        Got some dialogue where she said she was trying to transcend human stupidity. Wanted to send her people immediately. That's a cause I can get behind.

                        • Iosefka is REPLACED.05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                          I used the glitch to go to forbidden Forrest at beginning and i entered her clinic, she was ok and NOT hostile. When you enter the clinic later (i've sent no one to her) you'll notice there is STILL one alien, when you kill him he drops Iosefka blood vial.. Meaning that alien is the real Iosefka (she was the only one to give you that item...)

                          • No need White Church Set for dialogues after Moon change05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                            After the moon gets orange i entered without the white church set from behind and get the same dialogues

                            • Killed her before Rom05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                              I killed her before Rom and I did not get the umbilical cord(wiki says if you kill her before the moon turns orange, which it was not)

                              • Probably imposter05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                If you go to the front door after gaining access via the back entry there is an item on the ground. It's Iosefka's Blood Vial. I'm thinking that this may confirm that the Iosefka you speak with after Cathedral Ward is an imposter as she will no longer provide vials to you after that. There is also an "alien" in the room next to the item or that drops the item (killed it too fast to know if the item was there previous)

                                • Umbilical Cord05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                  So to gain the third of the cord I need to kill Iosefka from the forbidden words entrance after I killed Rom? I haven't sent her any people and haven't accepted her blood vials <br/> <br/>I'm just making sure because I'm pretty sure I've messed up Arianna's quest line and I'm going for the hidden ending.

                                  • She can completely vanish from the game.05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                    If you attack her through the door, she becomes hostile and says "Isn't it time someone put you out of your misery?". At this point, you an no longer talk to her, and when you enter her clinic from the Forbidden Woods she is NOT in the clinic at all, and has completely disappeared from the game so far as I can tell. <br/>Conversation through the door: <br/> <br/>

                                    • Visiting her clinic at the start of the game witht the shortcut video05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                      I read about what happens and had to see it for myself. Interesting stuff. Decided to post the video for those who want to see

                                      • Is Iosefka really the one that converts people?05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                        I killed her, and after that I sent the suspicious beggar to the clinic. Next time I went there, he was converted. Is this another bug?

                                        • There is an alternate dialogue05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                                          On my first playthrough she said what's in this Dialogue, but today, i went back to her on a second character, and she had a different one, she told me to bring back any people who need shelter and cure.

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