One Third of Umbilical Cord

A great relic, also known as the Cord of the Eye. Every infant Great One has this precursor to the umbilical cord.

Use to gain Insight and, so they say, eyes on the inside, although no one remembers what that truly entails.

Third Umbilical Cord is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.


One Third of Umbilical Cord Descriptions

Mergo's Cord: "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. This Cord granted Mensis audience with Mergo, but resulted in the stillbirth of their brains."

Workshop's Cord: "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate. The Third Umbilical Cord precipitated the encounter with the pale moon, which beckoned the hunters and conceived the hunter's dream."

Arianna's Cord: "Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate, and Oedon, the formless Great One, is no different. To think, it was corrupted blood that began this eldritch liaison."

Iosefka's Cord: "Provost Willem sought the Cord in order to elevate his being and thoughts to those of a Great One, by lining his brain with eyes. The only choice, he knew, if man were to ever match Their greatness."





Third Umbilical Cord Usage

  • Can be used to access the third ending in the game, consuming 3 Cords before the fight against Gehrman, The First Hunter or at least before he dies, and unlock the fight against Moon Presence.
  • Increases your Insight by 3 when consumed.





  • Arianna will only appear in Oedon Chapel if the player sends her there.
  • If the player does not interact with Arianna, her shoes can be found dropped from an enemy in Iosefka's Clinic at night time. This suggests that she found her way to the clinic on her own.
  • If you visit Iosefka's clinic from the backdoor before fighting Rom, the Vacuous Spider she will turn hostile if you go too far up the stairs. If you kill her at this stage you cannot get her Umbilical Cord, however you can run away from the fight and still get it upon your return after fighting Rom.
  • Its possible for the imposer not to spawn, she will however, respawn for the blood moon



  • In the UK versions of the game it is called "One Third of Umbilical Cord".
  • In the US versions it is called a "Third Umbilical Cord".
  • There is a note in the second floor of the Lecture building stating simply "Three third cords" being the sole allusion to how to unlock the secret ending.
  • Named 3本目のへその緒 in the Japanese version, literally meaning "Third Umbilical Cord".
  • Named "Terzo Cordone Ombelicale" in Italian version, literally meaning "Third Umbelical Cord"
  • In the original 1.0 version of the game as well as the original printing of the future press guide the description of the abandoned workshop umbilical cord says "One of the heirlooms used to contact the Great Ones, originating in the child of the Vilebloods. Long ago, in an encounter with the Great Ones, a contract was established, establishing the hunters and the hunters dream" . Another small addition is that each cord has " Keep one to fend off foul spirits, or use it to obtain great Insight".


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    • Anonymous

      18 Jul 2017 08:50  

      I'm guessing the name is hinting that it isn't "one third of" an umbilical, but that it's "a third umbilical," probably related to the concept of the third eye. The optic nerves could be thought of as a sort of umbilical, connecting our eyes to our brain, so perhaps a "third umbilical" would allow us to attach more eyes.

      I noticed a while back that the Third Umbilical Cords look an awful lot like some hidden snail shells found in the caves below the Fishing Hamlet. Some of them feature an elongated "tail," and they appear to have holes or lumps all over them, similar to the eye-like growths on the Third Umbilical Cords. They're found just next to the elevator that descends from the Lighthouse Hut, one of them in the water, and another one lodged in the ceiling. Maybe I'm just seeing things, though...

      Still, the shells of the Snail Women look remarkably similar to the fossils of a prehistoric gastropod called "Kosmoceros," albeit much, much larger, which is pretty neat.

      • Anonymous

        28 Jun 2017 16:17  

        Silly question but for the sake of argument, Say I consume the cords as soon as I got them, would I still get the secret ending? You can get the cord from the Abandoned Workshop at any time but the rest can only been obtained after killing Rom.

        • Anonymous

          19 Jun 2017 04:14  

          What do I do if I kill the one in the clinic too early and I get the one in the chapel killed by the beast?

          • All 4 Cords09 Jul 2016 05:45  

            This sounds dumb but whatever, im seriously asking this question:Has anyone tried eating all 4 cords? Does it kill you? Do you get the same (best) ending as eating only 3?

            • Anonymous

              So easy to miss.05 Jul 2016 14:48  

              I sent Arianna to the Oedon Chapel and something killed here there during purple sky phase, so no cord from her. If you really want third part of the cord you better send her to the clinic and try to avoid Iosefka before purple sky(before killing Rom). Looks like the easiest and best way to do it. Also has anyone checked, will she survive in chapel if send only her there and rest of NPS into the clinic?

              • Anonymous

                Tip05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                Don't know if this is helpful but I started the fight with Gehrman before using the 3 cords, lost to him, then went and got them and used them and beat Gehrman and still got the secret boss to spawn. Apparently as long as you've done it before you beat him, it's ok.

                • Anonymous

                  NG+05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                  On this wiki's article for NG+, it says that you should make sure to collect them all before starting a NG+. Does anyone know what they mean by this? Do they not respawn in a second/third/etc. playthrough?

                  • Consume them at any time?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                    Just to clarify, topic really. So long as I 'consume' them before the final boss with gherman I get a secret boss?With as few spoilers as possible, can someone give me specifics? Is it a good ending, a bad one...? If I read ahead I'll probably not even bother finishing the game.

                    • Anonymous

                      Iosefka05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                      dose Iosefka drop the cord even if Arianna is not their. i waited to long and Arianna is no longer around. did i F up?

                      • Locations05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                        Got all 3 and klilled the Secret Final Boss. No 1 drops from the Nurse No 2 is in the Old Workshop in the Upper Cathedral No 3 Drops the NPC Woman in the Isefaks Clinic/Hospital

                        • Anonymous

                          There are four?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                          I'm seeing four locations. I just killed Iosefka in the way that does NOT lead to getting one of the cords. Does that mean I could get the other three listed and still unlock the fight?

                          • Anonymous

                            You can get Iosefka's Cord from the beggining.05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                            I suppose we all know the jump over that fence you can do to to skip Gascoigne and Amelia. Well, if you do this and enter the Clinic, you'll find real Iosefka behind the usual door, and Imposter Iosefka on the table where you find here to get the chord. She is not agressive, and does not show any health bar when you hit her, but if you persist, she will die and drop the Third Umbilical Cord.

                            • Anonymous

                              bloodborne endings05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                              If I die at the end against gerhman but consumed the cords will they respawn or have I just lost the secret ending

                              • Anonymous

                                If I fought the true boss on 1st playthrough, will my character still have all cords consumed in each NG+ playthrough?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                                Sorry if the question is a little confusing... Basically, on my first playthrough, I consumed all 3 of the cords and fought the true boss... What I want to know is once I start a NG+, will the character still have all of them consumed (meaning I won't be able to get all the other ending trophies with this character) or will they reset and I'd have to collect them again?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Didn't get any loot from Iosefka.05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                                  I killed Rom after killing Iosefka...I don't remember getting any loot out of her corpse.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Arianna05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                                    If you have killed Arianna before defeating the Micolash, you dont get the cord. And as I did not kill Iosefka after Rom, Im screwed. Always send her to the ward

                                    • Anonymous

                                      When should one eat them to unlock the true ending?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                                      can i eat them at any time, or do i have to eat em right before defeating gehrman? if so, should i die, would i lose the chance to get the true ending?

                                      • Anonymous

                                        one third?05 Jul 2016 14:48  

                                        why is it called one third on this wiki page, there are 4 cords lol. i consumed 4 of them in my first playtrough

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