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Example of what not to do:

Mod: Stop spamming, drop the caps.
Mod Derp has been banned
Derpette: OMG how could you ban Derp! He's the love of my life, now I can't live without him! I hate you!
Derpette: Mods suck!
Mod: Derpette has been banned
... ad infinitum.

    • Anonymous

      10 Jan 2018 19:47  

      Hey all i'm trying to figure out a main weapon between these 3. i really like the church pick, the burial blade & threaded cane. trying for a quality type build. trying to figure out a main weapon

      • Anonymous

        19 Dec 2017 23:11  

        Need help getting Maria's weapon in fishing hamlett psn: junecicle message me on there for details and a password

        • Anonymous

          05 Dec 2017 21:17  

          could someone help me get through the DLC I'm at a low lower trying to get kos parasite early as I can PSN QuadStacked

          • Anonymous

            27 Nov 2017 12:11  

            So I started bloodborne group for active people trying to max lvl, receive millions of echoes, or just want to co-op or pvp. 69 people already and we started only a couple of days ago
            So come, play, and discuss... I'll even be giving out millions of echoes (most days) to people with the corruption rune and have a mic. I've put the name bellow but the name will change with the date (unless I get sick of that ×.×)
            Can't wait to hear from you guys

            Bloodborne MILLIONS OF ECHOES still active!!!

            ^ name ^

            • Anonymous

              27 Nov 2017 03:43  

              anyone need help im free Playstation name Wayneswang and name in bloodborne chikage but build for beast claw

              • Anonymous

                27 Nov 2017 03:38  

                anyone need help im free Playstation name Wayneswang and name in bloodborne chikage but build for beast claw

                • Anonymous

                  10 Oct 2017 16:37  

                  Hi, This is psn LucentBiscuit90...I am having so much trouble fighting the Blood starved beast. Currently I have been watching videos on how to stun him with the pistol, although I really can't grasp the frame rate to stun him, Alternatively, when I actually do stun him, I find that I had to back up to give allowance for his attack to go amiss and miss out on the grab and squeeze cheat lol also what do I have to do when he's in a stun state

                  • Anonymous

                    31 Aug 2017 23:27  

                    Just a repost from another thread from concerned bloodborne wiki anon... so this site's search function hasn't worked for me in days. Idk if its my wifi or what but no matter what I try typing in now it won't load a single result. Been trying to read the lore page on ebrietas and it tells me every time I search ebrietas that there's no results. Anyways hope this gets solved, seems to me no one else is having this problem.... might just be mobile functioning. Also mobile and desktop versions are the same and should probably be updated for better layout but that's just my OCD talking

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