• 06 Apr 2017 16:24  

      Literally, half of the girls' pics aren't showing up at all. It just has an "x" in a square. It's been this way for moths. Can someone seriously fix this? It's been asked before but there has been no change. I'm going to start spamming these if they aren't fixed soon...

      • The Charred Hunter Set problem26 Jul 2016 15:39  

        I go to the location of where the Charred hunter set is but its not there, the rifle spear was there and the dead body on the chair but nothing to loot from the body. Help?

        • Spoilers05 Jul 2016 14:36  

          I get that having a burning building in the background makes for a dramatic photo but that's kind of a spoiler for those who haven't gotten to that point in the game.

          • Pictures05 Jul 2016 14:36  

            The Choir, Crowfeather, Executioner, Foreign, Madman, and Henryk sets are broken on my screen and have been for at least a week now. Could someone please fix this.

            • Madman Armor Set05 Jul 2016 14:36  

              This is missing the madman armor set dropped from a boss in one of the Chalice Dungeons. After defeating him, you can purchase his armor at the insight traders. It looks like pyromancer armor from Dark Souls but with a weird tentacle warped around the chest piece.

              • missing armour set05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                there is also a dingy set in that place were you're spirited away to yahaguls unseen village, you can get it by takeing an alternate route to the elevator, located across from the door surrounded by beer, it consits of a sweaty shirt and a frumpy hat

                • Possible armor with chalice additions?05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                  Does anybody think they will add new bosses to the chalice dungeons that let you buy new armor with insight? I was hoping something along those lines would happen when I saw how few weapons and armor there was.

                  • The female knight attire is missing (its totally different from the male one)05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                    Just noticed whoever updated this page with only there character has removed it.

                    • with the lack of weapons i'd hoped we'd have more armour.05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                      i know we don't have heavy im talking in general, the variety of armor seems limited too seeing how many sets are just alterations of the base so not counting small changes we have 24 amours to even darksouls 1s 29 when not even counting heavy armor AND WHY DID THEY GET RID OF IT!?, it worked well in demons souls and they could have just made you move slower, akin to lead elixir if they want to reinforce using it sparingly, when wearing lots of heavy armor but no. there are so many limitations in this game ONLY THESE WEAPONS CAN BE EQUIPPED ON THIS HAND, it makes the smaller weapons seems even more minuscule, i know alot of combos arnt VIABLE but it would be FUN to run around with dual stake drivers, or dual cannons they could just geep left hand weapons in their base state, make kirk and ludwigs just a straight sword, and only have left hand weapons do light attacks, like in ds 1 i just feel so gypped with this game, and i want to love it so much but i feel so limited, but it makes me sad because one thing that almost never changes with patches and updates, is mechanics....i dunno i love this game, sorry for the rant, i know this isnt a forum, i just got heated. maybe one of you guys can give me some hope.

                      • Hat Styles05 Jul 2016 14:36  

                        I know this is only somewhat relevant, but what real world style of hat is the Wolf Cap or Hunter's Cap? The Yharnam Hunter's and Henryk's Cap are similar to tricornes. Would they be the same?

                        • I like the bone ash set05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                          I use the bone ash set it reminds me of Big Hat from dsouls but with a tiny wizard hat and an undead warlord feel to it. Wish there was more armor like that

                          • hmm...05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                            One the one hand, no more emphasis on stats means you can preety much wear what you like and you'll still be effective ... <br/>On the other hand ... holy moses the armor variety in this game is ass. Trenchcoats, come and get your trenchcoats! It's the post apocalypse cliche boutique, come and get all your brown and black trenchcoats ... For the love of god, here's a small test: do a fast scroll through this page, not lingering on specific sets, and at a quick glance tell me how many unique and easily recognizable armors you can pick out. I did 4: Generic black/brown trenchcoat, pseudo-medieval armor, light armor with whitch hat, dress. Come the ***** on ... <br/>Add to that insult the fact that those *****ing chest pieces are literaly the entire outfit, with whatever the hell gloves or boots you wear rendered mostly irelevant, and this game is preety much dead when it comes to costume customization. Everyone is eiter dude in trenchcoat number 5297 or werid hat dude. A shame really ... something that so clearly takes inspiration from lovecraftian mythos to limits itselft to such drab and generic victorian clothes when the posibility for eldrich horror and inhuman outfits exists ...

                            • The effects of attire05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                              Attire has one hidden machanic that i know of, im not exactly sure about the scaling but im positive it exists. It effects the damage on your viceral attacks. Im not the type of person to crunch numbers, but someone who enjoys this should look into it because no one has done any resaerch on itand everyone likes to be the first;D it also makes me wonder if there are any more hidden effects of attire, i feel like this shoudl be looked into:D

                              • Attire ideas05 Jul 2016 14:35  

                                Certainly the game could include a few more attires. There's surely the lore there to support it. A Pthumerian set of attires could work, maybe more heretic set designs or an awesome set based on skined werewolf fur, with the face appearing semi hidden between gaping jaws of a long dead prey.

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