Harrowed Set is an Attire or Armor in Bloodborne. It was added with The Old Hunters DLC.

"Certain Church hunters obfuscate their identities and slip into the nooks and crannies of the city.
This is the garb that allows these harrowed individuals to go unnoticed.

These hunters are keen to early signs of the scourge, serving as a first line of defense against its outbreak.
Or perhaps, when the time is right, they find signs of the scourge where there are none. It just goes to show, the corner beggar is not always who he seems."

Harrowed Set Location

  • From the Fishing Hamlet first lantern, take the shortcut ladder up and immediately to your right will be a second floor opening into a shanty shack. It is being guarded by two enemies and is at the end of the room. (Note: you will need to have kicked down the shortcut ladder which can be accessed by hugging the left wall of the well area)



  • This set has surprisingly high stats overall.
Harrowed Hood 60 40 50 40 60 50 50 20 19 2 18
Harrowed Garb 120 80 90 90 110 90 110 56 58 9 44
Harrowed Gloves 60 40 40 60 50 50 50 35 31 4 25
Harrowed Trousers 70 50 50 60 60 60 60 38 33 5 27
  Totals 310 210 230 250 280 250 270 149 141 20 114


    • Where is my Harrowed Hood?04 Aug 2016 07:05  

      So I grabbed the armor where it is and I don't have the Hood at all? I've done going back to where the armor was after I killed that boss doing Simons quest and I still don't have it at all....what the ***** do I do?

      • Stupid14 Jul 2016 22:37  

        This armor set looks really cool and I love the torn up look with the huge collar, but what I can't stand is the giant *****ing sack that dangles off your back. I wish there was a way to remove it because it's just a huge distraction whenever I'm looking at my characters back which is 98% of the time.

        • I hate bloodborne sometimes05 Jul 2016 08:50  

          why did this have to be the best set? I mean seriously why do a bunch of bandages have the same physical defence (and more fire defence) as the full metal cainhurst set!? Not to mention it's kinda ugly, you have bin bags strapped to your back.

          • Ladder shortcut actication. Location?05 Jul 2016 08:50  

            Everything is in the details people. I know where the ladder is, but I can't find the shortcut location to activate it. <br/>Some help would be greatly appreciated. <br/>An edit to the wiki page too for others like me who missed it :p. <br/> <br/>Thanks.

            • this set05 Jul 2016 08:50  

              this set is the official set of ***** niggas in bloodborne. guaranteed you will find niggas with rakuyos chikages and evelyns spamming the living ***** out of you wearing this *****. i got love for simon tho

              • The Hood05 Jul 2016 08:50  

                The bandages that cover the upper half of your face do not get blood on them, just noticed this when looking at my hunter who was covered head to toe in blood, the hood was red with blood his mouth was red with blood, the bandages? no dirtier then when you got them.

                • Harrowed set or Hallowed set?05 Jul 2016 08:50  

                  What's funny is harrow means plunder and the word harrowed doesn't exist however if you change the L for R you get hallowed. Teaching in Japan it is a normal and common mistake to swap L and R and hallowed makes more sense as it means holy or blessed just curious on your thoughts

                  • Excitment and a Quick Question.05 Jul 2016 08:50  

                    Okay, so I am just stopping here, and I know no one is probably gonna see this on this specific page but.. a few questions and comments: <br/>1. I am wanting to buy bloodborne, as I kinda was out of the loop when it was released, and am only seeing it and getting hyped about it now. I've never played a dark souls game, but blood borne looks cool, fun, and challenging. <br/>2. Given that the games a little over a year old, do people still play it? Is there an active enough community to make it worth buying? I'm afraid that it's just too outdated for anyone to play with or against me. <br/>3. My number one thing I'm wanting to try and partially buy the game for is I want to make a true full "Corrupt Beast" build. All 3 beast runes, the "Beast's Embrace", Beast Claws, careful stat distribution, and most importantly I think that the attire on this page makes the perfect Beast character. I get giddy just thinking of invading or being invaded, and I'd simply pop the "Old Hunter's Bone", do the "Roar" emote, and charge right at them with the flying claw attack.

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