Henryk is a non-player character in Bloodborne. Henryk

"The taciturn old hunter Henryk was once partners with Father Gascoigne, and though they were a fierce and gallant duo, their partnership led to Henryk's tragically long life."


  • Henryk can be found at the Tomb of Oedon and is automatically hostile. To meet him, you must follow the quest of Eileen The Crow and talk to her at the Cathedral Ward.
    • Can this NPC be an ally?: Yes: He can be summoned in Forbidden Woods and Byrgenwerth. However, he has a set of conditions that must first be met.
    • Can this NPC be an enemy?: Yes: Tomb of Oedon
    • If he isn't killed until you encounter Rom, the Vacuous Spider, he will disappear. Instead, you can find a dead body with yellow garments where he was standing, which is believed to be Henryk's corpse.
      • It's unknown if that corpse truly is Henryk, but either way Henryk will no longer appear and fight you.
      • The disappearance from Tomb of Oedon can happen even before the encounter with Rom. The trigger is either entering Forbidden Woods or defeating the boss of the Forbidden Woods.


Strategy (vs.)

  • In NG, Henryk is encountered at a point where he is incredibly tough (but not impossible) to kill alone. However, the Hunter has a few things that will help him/her with this fight to make things a bit more fair.
    • The Hunter can carefully sneak up to him by dropping from the ledge where you normally find the Red Jeweled Brooch and get a free visceral attack.
    • After a short while, Eileen will appear and help you kill Henryk.
      • She does a lot of damage, but it's possible for her to be killed, therefore it's suggested that you help her by attacking Henryk to ease some of the pressure.
      • Be careful not to hurt Eileen since your attacks can damage her as well. She can turn hostile if you damage her too much.
      • Do not, under any circumstances, allow Eileen to be stunlocked; Henryk can deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.
        • His Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol can quickly stunlock Eileen if she is cornered or backed up against a tombstone.
        • He isn't shy about using his Hunter Pistol and will use it to keep Eileen from moving away quickly.
      • If you die the first time and reappear in the Tomb of Oedon, Eileen will automatically be there fighting Henryk.
    • Henryk can be poisoned with only a handful of Poison Knives; these go a long way towards weakening him and giving Eileen a fighting chance.
    • Overall, the fight is a careful balance between assisting Eileen and keeping yourself alive.


Strategy (Ally)

  • Henryk can be summoned at two locations in the Forbidden Woods and Byrgenwerth, both spots near the area's boss location, but you must meet two requirements.
    • First, you have to kill Henryk at the Tomb of Oedon.
    • You also need to be a member of The League and have equipped the Caryll Rune "Impurity."
  • Overall, Henryk is a valuable summon.
    • He has high health and can serve as a distraction.
    • Furthermore, like all NPC summons, he does not fill a summon slot for other players.



[None, but he does the Roar Gesture on random occasions while he is fighting you]


  • Henryk was one of the Old Hunters as mentioned by Eileen, and was a member of the League as stated by his Confederate title when summoned.
  • Henryk was Father Gascoigne's partner during the Hunt. This explains why Henryk is found where he is, possibly returning to look for his partner.
    • Eileen mentions that she plans to assassinate Henryk because "he has gone mad."
      • It's possible he attacks you on sight because he somehow knew that you killed Father Gascoigne.
      • Another possibility is that he simply went insane when Father Gascoigne died, and now attacks virtually anyone he comes across.
      • Whatever the reason might be, Henryk is clearly not in his right mind since he attacks you on sight and roars in anger while he is trying to kill you.
  • It's speculated that Father's Gascoigne's youngest daughter was referring to Henryk when she mentions her "grandad."
    • Due to Henryk being Father Gascoigne's trusted hunting partner for a long time, it's plausible that Henryk had a part in her life and thus she sees him as an important figure.
    • At the same time there is no concrete evidence that he's the grandad figure being mentioned, but it's a popular theory nonetheless.



  • The name Henryk is the Polish equivalent of the English name Henry and stands for "mighty, formidable."
  • The description of the Throwing Knives states that Henryk enjoyed using them during the Hunt, and he does use them when he fights you or alongside you as a summon.


    • 28 Apr 2017 04:11  

      He's not really a tough fight, I was able to do major damage before Eileen showed up. You can backstab him while he's fighting Eileen and visceral, or you can easily parry him as well.

      • Anonymous

        10 Mar 2017 19:23  

        I literally just entered the cathedral after killing Gascoigne. I turned around to get the brooch and his body was there. What the *****?

        • Anonymous

          29 Jan 2017 19:22  

          Love this NPC. Hes probably the strongest NPC summon in the game and I find him badass since he uses the same weapons I use in the game. Plus on NG+ he made those bosses incredibly easy which us awesome since on NG I had so much trouble with Rom. Hes one badass old man.

          • Anonymous

            26 Jan 2017 14:14  

            "He can be summoned in Forbidden Woods and Byrgenwerth. However, he has a set of conditions that must first be met."
            Anyone care to state these conditions? They're no where on the page, and I wanna know what I did. Met Eileen, killed Henryk, Eileen survived the encounter and remained friendly. Summoned Henryk for the Shadows of Yharnam fight. I'm wearing the Impurity rune, and this is NG+.

            • Anonymous

              10 Jan 2017 09:15  

              I didn't speak with Eileen,
              and went back to central yharnam in order to get some blood vials.when I reached at the tomb of Oedon, Henryk appeared and started fighting me after couple of seconds Eileen showed up too.we managed to kill him so I got the rune and returned to hunters dream to purchase his attire, nothing was there. What's the problem?

              • Anonymous

                09 Jan 2017 17:55  

                If they're both dead, Eileen and Henryk, you won't be able to summon him even you've managed to kill him alone at Tomb of Oedon.

                • Anonymous

                  Cheese kill Henryk alone?17 Sep 2016 14:52  

                  So I accidentally killed Eileen while fighting Henryk. Henryk is still alive for me. Is there a way I can cheese kill him?

                  • Anonymous

                    Summon in Cathedral Ward29 Aug 2016 01:09  

                    He can be summoned in cathedral ward after Eileen appeared (I think). If you go straight out of the chapel and walk up through the gate, his summon sign is on the right side, besides the ladder.

                    • Anonymous

                      Henrik's Ai is horrible17 Aug 2016 18:18  

                      My experience with this game on my first playthrough just plummeted into the *****ing dirt because of henriks stupid *****ing ai locking her into a corner. Who the ***** thought it was a good idea to introduce this encounter this early on when the player is so *****ing weak? Now Eileen is dead, can't get her dialogue, and I have to deal with this asshole alone. Thanks From, thanks for making the enemy hunter Ai so god awful.

                      • Anonymous

                        KILLED EILEEN before the Henryk engagement. Does this mean that he will no longer appear?05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                        First time I met her I hit her and she went crazy on me and killed me. The next time I saw her was at the Grand Cathedral where I was much stonger and I killed her. Now does this mean that Henryk will no longer appear? Thus have I lost the chance to get the Henryk gear set?

                        • Anonymous

                          Grandad05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                          I had a sad thought the other day. The little girl mentions her parents and a grandfather. If Gascoigne is the father, and Viola is the mother Henryk might be the grandfather. This isnt really proof but he does have an aged death scream.

                          • Anonymous

                            No longer there05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                            He seems to have left my game world without having been defeated. He killed Eileen and stayed there for a long time but I wasn't able to defeat him and then eventually he just stopped being there.

                            • Anonymous

                              The lamp05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                              I didn't manage to kill Henryk, and after he killed me (and Eileen) he didn't respawn and i can also not use the Oedon Tomb lamp anymore. Is there a way to fix that?

                              • Anonymous

                                Henryk's Armor05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                I teamed up with Eileen and took down Henryk but I can't get his armors at the insight messenger. Did I do anything wrong? Or was it because Eileen did the last blow on Henryk?

                                • Anonymous

                                  Bug Encounter?05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                  I was fighting Henryk in NG+ mode and just as Eileen arrived to help, I accidentally got killed by him. Going back, I rushed to Eileen's aid and utterly crushed him with a visceral attack. After getting through her dialogue, I went on my way to defeat both Amelia and the Shadows of Yharnam and on my way back to the dream to see if any new dialogue for Gascoigne's little daughter had shown up, I realized that the Tomb of Oedon lamp does not work. I tried standing next to it, nothing happens; I went in and out of the dream, nothing happens; I even closed Bloodborne to see if it changed, nope. Is this a bug with Henryk's encounter? If it changes for me I will send another comment.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Close call05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                    Tested: So, before taking on the good ole' shaggy Vicar, I went to take out Henryk, trying to be all sneaky and hunting wabbits and whatnot, but while trying to sneak up for a charge attack, he caught me off combo'd me to oblivion, and in my panic I died before delivering a single blow. As soon as I respawned at Cathedral Ward, I ran as fast as possible and got there in time to see Eileen fighting him. I managed to poison him then I stood back, used thrust attacks from Ludwig's Holy Blade's one-handed form whenever I saw a safe opening, and used the Repeating Pistol whenever he started stunlocking Eileen, and he went down. Moral of the story: If you screw up this fight, run back immediatly and you just might make it in time to beat him and prevent Eileen from dying.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Henryk's death05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                      So, apparently you don't need to fight Rom for Henryk to get himself killed. I went to fight him (haven't encountered Rom yet) and he was already dead. <br/>Maybe he dies once you kill the Shadows, or once you reach Byrgenwerth.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Henryk is an annoying jackoff05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                        I had just finished getting all the items I could while finishing Cathedral Ward. I talked to Eileen the Crow who warned me not to go to that god***** tomb but it didn't register at the time what the ***** she said to me. I didn't expect anyone to be there. My plan was to finish up Cathedral Ward by taking down Vicar Amelia but having just run through the Ward for the first time I was low on Blood Vials. So before taking on Amelia I decided to do what I thought would be a quick farming session by leaving Cathedral Ward, go to Central Yharnam and run back to Cathedral Ward scoring a quick 10 or so Vials from the Ogres and other beasts I encountered along the way. Plan is going well, even got some Urn Oil from one of the beast hunters. So I bust up in the Tomb and this Henryk bastard catches me off guard and hits me from behind scaring the ***** out of me. I screamed and took off running back the way I came thinking I had my first encounter with a hostile guest. I went back to Hunter's Dream, composed myself and came back to investigate hoping this hostile guest had left. Nope. There he was standing next to an item I thought I had never noticed before. Turned out it was the badge you get from Eileen. So now she's dead, her quest is ruined and now I can't kill this turd.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          For people having trouble with him.05 Jul 2016 14:40  

                                          If he's proving too tough, you can easily stand back and let Eileen win. and to make sure she wins, just shoot Henryk once in a while.

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