Father Gascoigne

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
2031 NG (1800) Central Yharnam Oedon Tomb Key
Defenses Human/Beast Form
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
95/126 95/126 95/126 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
95/126 80/160 65/50 120/120
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999/999 999/999 No/Yes No/No

Father Gascoigne (ガスコイン神父 Gasukoin shinpu lit. "Father Gascoigne") is a Boss in Bloodborne; he can also be summoned beforehand for a certain boss fight.

Father Gascoigne Information

  • You can summon Father Gascoigne to help you fight the Cleric Beast boss encounter before you fight him at the Tomb of Oedon. Use the Old Hunter Bell at his summoning location near the fountain where the first Brick Troll is fought in Central Yharnam. He can be very helpful for clearing the bridge on your way to the Cleric Beast if you do not enter the bridge via a short cut from one of the linked houses.
  • The Tiny Music Box item has a negative effect on Father Gascoigne in human and beast form. Using the item causes him to stop attacking, instead clutching his head in pain and muttering to himself. This leaves him wide open to attacks. However, if you use it 3 times while he is still human, he will transform into a beast immediately, regardless of his health remaining.
  • Once Father Gascoigne dies, you may buy Gascoigne's Set from the Insight Bath Messenger
  • This boss fight is not optional as it's currently the only way to reach the Cathedral Ward.
  • You gain 1 Insight for finding the boss, 1 Insight for seeing his beast form and 2 Insight for killing him.



  • Father Gascoigne can be found at the end of Central Yharnam. You will need to clear or run by most of the sewers area, head up the ladder before or after the Maneater Boar, and make your way forward and left.



  • Blood Echoes: NG (1,800), NG+(34,393), NG++ (37,832), NG+3 (42,991), NG+4 (51,589), NG+6 and so on (85,982).
  • Oedon Tomb Key



During the intro

"...Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later..."

Upon killing the player

"Too Proud to show your true face eh? But what a sporting hunt, it was!"

When entering phase 2 (and only the first time you enter phase 2)

"What's that smell? ... The sweet blood, oh, it sings to me. It's enough to make a man sick"


Combat Information

  • When he transforms his weapon, his range increases but he doesn't really sacrifice anything in terms of speed
  • Transforming his weapon has no impact on his ability to use his Blunderbuss.
  • Father Gascoigne is weak to fire damage, both in human and beast form, and can be parried to open up visceral attacks against him.
  • Molotov Cocktails can be effective in this fight, especially when he turns into a beast, as his Fire RES decreases while in that form. Oil Urns can help further the damage caused by the fire. Keep in mind that Father Gascoigne is very agile, both as a human and beast, so you need to carefully time your throws.
  • The fight has three phases.
    • In the beginning, Father Gascoigne fights with a normal Hunter Axe and his unique Hunter Blunderbuss.
    • At roughly 75-80% health remaining, Father Gascoigne attacks you with a transformed Hunter Axe and his unique Hunter Blunderbuss, introducing charged and longer reaching attacks.
    • When he reaches 50% or less, Father Gascoigne transforms into a beast, leaping and slashing at you quickly with his claws. This last portion can be challenging; make good use of the counter moves listed on this page.
  • While human, Gascoigne can be knocked down and staggered by certain weapons/items.
  • His beast form increases all of his defenses, except his fire resistance, which drops further.
  • During this form, he is considered a beast, and therefore vulnerable to Serration damage as a result. However, he gains considerable amounts of hyper-armor in this form as well.


Attack Name Attack Counter
Scattergun Burst You can dodge forward and avoid it, or move backwards and out of it's range. You may also use the tombstones in the area to block the shots.
Horizontal Chop You can dodge into or away from the swing to avoid damage. You may also use the tombstones in the area to put distance between you and attack.
Spark Uppercut You can dodge away from it or parry it if your timing is good.
Jump Attack Dodge away from it or use tombstones to block it. There is a good opening after he performs this attack.
Charged Spin Used in phase 2 with transformed Hunter Axe. Dodge away from this attack. There is a good opening after he performs this attack.
Aerial Dive (Beast Form) Dodge or roll towards him when he's about to pounce.
Swipe (Beast Form) Dodge away or parry.
Downward Smash (Beast Form) Dodge away and attack from range.
Berserker Slash (Beast Form) Dodge away and parry or attack from range.


Strategies 1 (Use the Tombstones)

While in his human form, Gascoigne's search path is bad and he often tries to attack you even if there are tombstones between the two of you. As a result, he usually runs head first into the tombstone and misses his attack (His Blunderbuss will also be blocked by the tombstone as well). Use this to your advantage by baiting him to attack the tombstones and charge attack him while he's in recovery frames for 200-300 damage. It is also possible to get him stuck on one of the trees in the corners of the cemetery, leaving you the opportunity to hit him from the other side of the tree repeatedly until he transforms.

While in his beast form, Gascoigne will gain the ability to destroy the tombstones, making the above strategy obsolete. On the other hand, he will attack like a madman, giving tons of opportunity for you to stun him with your Firearm and perform a Visceral Attack on him. Keep a moderate distance from him by dashing backward and wait until he performs his multiple swipe attack and shoot him in the face while he is slashing the air, which will net you multiple Visceral Attack opportunities, making him go down very fast.

Strategy 2 (Quick Weapon & Stairs)

Use a weapon quicker than his axe. The Threaded Cane is ideal here, but other weapons will do. As soon as the battle starts, run for the stairs to the right, and conduct the entire fight on the stairs and the landing in front of the cathedral gate. The graveyard is a difficult place to fight due to it's erratic terrain and his arcing attacks. If you need space, drop down from the landing and make the loop back up, healing as needed.

In Phase 1, dodge to your left and away often, if you're not sure what he's about to do. Use the dodge attack whenever you can get away with it, but don't get greedy, even with the Threaded Cane, you can't hit him more than twice in a row before he'll use the Blunderbuss. He has trouble hitting you with the blunderbuss if you're on the stairs, as well.

In Phase 2, his attacks become more linear, with a lot of overhead swings and rolling thrusts, except for the circular swing, which has a long windup so you have time to interrupt or get clear. You can dodge sideways more often, but you still need to be careful.

In his final phase, he's extremely quick, hits hard, and has a lot of reach. Try to save your bullets for this phase. Try to get some distance and have an Oil Urn ready to throw, and then again try to get some ground and hit him with a Molotov Cocktail. Fight defensively, heal freely, and try to just burn him down. 

Strategy 3 (Giant Axe Swing)

The heavy attack on the transformed  Hunter Axe has the potential to keep Father Gascoigne away from the player during his human phase. It is incredibly effective at keeping him from getting too close to the player as long as the player has sufficiently practiced the heavy swing with R2 and learned the timing, recovery time, and speed. The first swing doesn't always stun Father Gascoigne, however the player will typically not react to an attack during the second swing, meaning if Father Gascoigne hits the player before their attack is entirely finished, it will connect regardless. This can be used to recover the health from his attack fairly instantly.

The second swing has the added bonus of sending Father Gascoigne flying backwards. While the player could use this opportunity to get in a free hit, the speed of the double handed axe makes the weapon fairly useless in this scenario. Instead, it is better to simply heal if needed, give yourself ample time to charge the attack when he comes running. He may occasionally fire his blunderbuss shot, so it's recommended to gain some distance yourself or side step when he follows it up with a regular attack, and try for the heavy swing again.

When Father Gascoigne dashes towards the player, it's best to have the attack charging. Because Father Gascoigne is such a fast target, he will almost always step in the range of the attack, and rarely attempts to avoid it at all, instead trying to attack you out of it. Once the second swing connects, he typically will try to close the gap between you two again, allowing for you to follow it up with more of the same.

Be aware that every time you send him flying, you will break tombstones if he connects with them while being propelled back. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but always take into consideration that the path his AI will take to get to you is dependant on the quickest route, and if tombstones are in the way of his movements, he will have to run around them. It is important to remember that the heavy attack will drain all of your stamina in one swing, meaning a quick dodge may be possible after a brief few frames, but an attack won't be as effective due to losing nearly all of your stamina. The heavy swing only requires that you have stamina (regardless of how little) to perform the heavy swing, and you will always have a chance to use it if you manage to connect the second swing of the heavy swing with Father Gascoigne, as he will never get up quick enough to stop you before you can. As such, pay close attention to yourself relative to your environment.

It is best to stay in an open area during the fight, as it is possible to have your axe attack interrupted by the environment, resulting in the player getting stunned from their own attack, and possibly opening themselves up to a free hit from Father Gascoigne.

Once the second phase actives, performing the heavy attack is still effective, but far more difficult, as Father Gascoigne will rarely be far from his opponent. Hitting him during his aerial attack is nearly impossible and will result in you simply being smashed underfoot. Your options at this point are:

  • Continously gain distance from Father Gascoigne and prep yourself for a heavy attack. This may result in the battle going on longer, but still has the added bonus of sending him flying when struck
  • If you gained the Saw Hunter Badge, purchase a faster weapon, such as the Threaded Cane, and use that weapon in conjunction with your firearm of choice

Should you decide to continue using the axe, try running up the stairs, falling back into the graveyard, and preparing for when he comes close. Depending on how far he was from you, he may either have chased you down the building, or ran back down the stairs (which would be the best scenario). Be aware of the sheer difficulty that predicting his movements so far in advance can make using the axe in this phase incredibly difficult, so come prepared with items or a backup weapon.

The benefit of this strategy may allow a player with insufficient levels to take on human Father Gascoigne without having to grind so heavily for blood echoes, however the second phase may still require it, thus, it may be necessary to upgrade your axe at the workshop, increase your strength and endurance, or build your character according to your play style and use that for his second phase.

Strategy 5 (Tiny Music Box)

If you fully clear Central Yarhnam 2-3 times depending on starting class, you should be able to get enough blood echoes to get either strength or skill to 30. Once there go into the boss fight and immediately head to your left into the open area. Keep Gascoigne away from the walls and gravestones and then use the Tiny Music Box and rush him with a fully charged R2 to his back, followed by a Visceral Attack. Doing this four times will almost, if not completely, kill him, making the entire fight take as little as 45 seconds to a minute.




Notes & Trivia

  • Nothing stops you from picking up the Red Jeweled Brooch during the boss fight. This does not change the quest in any way.
  • In beast form, he becomes stronger, faster and more aggressive, at the cost of his sanity. However, later in the game multiple details come to light that some beasts, perhaps even all, still have a conscience, meaning their humanity isn't completely gone.
  • It's possible to use the Tiny Music Box to stun Gascoigne, but mind that can't interrupt his combos this way, and on the third stun he will assume Beast Form regardless of health. In Beast Form, you will be able to stun him one last time before this strategy stops working altogether.
  • His equipment set  reveals that his clothing had a "pungent beastly smell," indicating that his transformation had been slow and ate away at his humanity over time.
  • Even though his equipment set is actually above-average when dealing with fire damage, Father Gascoigne is still weak against fire damage.
  • This is an indicator of just how far the beast plague has taken its toll on Father Gascoigne; he's become more beast-like over time.
  • In the Alpha version, he muttered "Umbasa" upon killing the player, a reference to one of From Software's games, "Demon's Souls".
  • If you summon Father Gascoigne for the Cleric Beast boss fight and you happen to have the Tiny Music Box, using it will make Father Gascoigne give you an unimpressed grunt or a small chuckle.
  • Gascoigne's surname is based off from Irish origin. His dialogue, "beasts all over the shop" is also based off from an Irish colloquialism.
  • As his attire description reveals, the title "Father" is actually a reference to his literal paternal status: he has 2 daughters, both of which still hope for his return after the hunt. 
  • However, it could also point to Gascoigne's Irish connections, as priests in Ireland are colloquially refered to as "Father", think calling someone "Sir".
  • There is a very rare glitch where Gascoigne duplicates himself upon transforming, leaving his human form standing inert where he transformed and his beast form acting as normal. Hitting either will damage his health bar, meaning one player can distract the beast form while another hits the defenceless human form.
  • Oddly enough, Father Gascoigne actually carries the Hunter Pistol, although it behaves like a Hunter Blunderbuss.
  • Also, Gascoigne can use his firearm even while his axe is transformed.
  • Normally players cannot use firearms when the Hunter Axe is transformed, giving Gascoigne a unique characteristic amongst many Hunters and Old Hunters.
  • When transformed he only has 4 toes.
  • In his transformed state it is possible to lure him into clipping through the stairs and falling to his death. Stand halfway up the stairs and have him charge at you from the foot of the stairs, and on rare occasions he will miss the stairs hitbox and fall straight to, leading to an instant victory after he hits the bottom of the world.






    • Anonymous

      17 Oct 2017 22:33  

      It's odd that this strategy is missing - if you don't use the music box AT ALL until he's a beast, it works the full three times.

      The More You Know

      • Anonymous

        17 Oct 2017 02:17  

        In the intro to the fight, I got my first look at his face and the hat, hair, and bandaged eyes looks VERY familiar. Isn't he the one who talks to the player in the very beginning of the game and gives you a blood transfusion?

        • Anonymous

          08 Oct 2017 03:39  

          The amount of echoes specified here does not seem to be correct... I am 100% sure I'm on NG+6, and I just received 152,856 souls for defeating Gascoigne. I checked on youtube and others claiming to be on NG+7 also received 152,856, which makes sense given that NG+6 and NG+7 is supposed to be the same.

          • Anonymous

            03 Oct 2017 17:21  

            A semi-effective strategy that I've been using (nearly succeeding until his beast form) is dodging and then using the Saw Cleaver's dodge attack twice. Jump back and heal if you need. When he goes super swanky long axe mode it makes it semi easier to parry him with the Hunter's Pistol. It's when he goes into literal Beast Mode that I get killed easily.

            • Anonymous

              20 Aug 2017 05:08  

              It should be added that if you use the tiny music box all the 3 times in human form and once in beast form he will say in his death "forgive me" with his beast voice, is not dialogue is sound effect tho

              • Anonymous

                25 Jul 2017 18:36  

                I like to pretend that Gascoigne was the most recent Hunter, but you, the player, are recruited to dispatch and replace him. The fact that his family carries a music box that plays Mergo's Lullaby really sets him apart from all other characters, and I feel like he must have taken part in the cyclical intervention of the Mensis ritual, just like you must do in order to end Night of the Hunt. Perhaps the Lullaby reminded him of his original purpose, but simultaneously filled him with the dread that the Hunt would never end, no matter how many times he prevented the ritual, which is what shatters his psyche and reduces him to a panicked beast, even driving him to murder his own wife.

                • 01 Jul 2017 22:57  

                  If you summon him you can actually see that he one-hands the axe even when it is transformed. Maybe it is due to him size and strenght but i dunno.

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jun 2017 12:23  

                    Apparently, the Huntsmen call out for the death of the minister while you have Gascoigne's set. Minister is pretty much a priest in Christianity. Someone who is authorized to teach the religion, perform, weddings, baptisms and funerals.

                    If they are referring to the minister as Gascoigne, wouldn't it mean that the Father is actually a title and not just a reference to the fact that he has two kids?

                    Ministers can be called pastors, and pastors can marry.

                    I noticed that the Healing Church has some Christian concepts in it, so wouldn't it possible that Gascoigne himself brought someone of that with him from outside Yharman?

                    Just a wild guess, I guess.

                    • Anonymous

                      29 Apr 2017 21:17  

                      As a player who died at least 30 times on the cleric beast i'm really proud i almost beat this guy on my first go :D

                      • Anonymous

                        27 Apr 2017 05:00  

                        This fight is incredibly easy if you just parry him constantly. Then, while he's transforming, run up ad spam attacks on him, and back off after it knocks you back. Then, shoot him while he's mid-jumping and parry him, get a few more hits in and get them blood echoes.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Mar 2017 13:03  

                          I making some research on his name and apparently it's a South French surname of Basque (Northern Spain) origin. Does anyone have any information on the Irish origin of his name?

                          • Anonymous

                            23 Mar 2017 09:24  

                            i really like him his is to power full becuse i can't kill him i start this game just for now
                            i have a way to kill we can us song box

                            • Anonymous

                              04 Mar 2017 06:42  

                              Anyone notice that Gascoigne is the only unique summon? Like his move sets are different from other npcs. Yeah, tall dad good job being the only different summon

                              • Anonymous

                                03 Jan 2017 00:46  

                                In the patched version you can use the music box a maximum of three times while he is in the human form. After he will transform into his beast form no matter what, we tried it and he transformed into his beast form at around 70% HP which also was before he transformed his weapon. After he transforms you can only use the tiny music box once, which is independent on whether you've used it in his human form. So to conclude, you can use the tiny music box 3 times in human form + 1 in beast form.

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