Pthumerian Descendant

Descendant frontal 3.png
General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
3437 4147 Central Pthumeru Chalice Lower Pthumeru Chalice, Cold blood gem (3)
16824 100474 Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6), Cursed Cold (5)
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
114 110 110 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
110 52 60 154
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
250 180 No No

Pthumerian Descendant (トゥメル人の末裔 Toumeru hito no matsuei lit. "Pthumerian Descendant") is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Pthumerian Descendant Information

The Descendant is a fast and relentless attacker that can be very difficult at high lvl depths. They may appear in any chalice dungeon and are a good source of Cold Blood Gems.



Combat Information

  • Weakest to Arcane; weak to Fire Damage
  • Defeat Pthumerian Descendant through chain staggering. Simply lock onto him and back-peddle away. Eventually he will quick step towards you to close the distance; blast him with your blunderbuss at this point, this will stagger him and you'll be able to easily dispatch him with Visceral Attacks. The timing seems to be fairly loose, but if you fail the timing the blast will still cause him to recoil and let you backstep away to bait him into following once more. Once he hits phase two he'll pull out a second Shotel and become more aggressive, including running towards you. Just backstep to keep enough distance to bait him into quickstepping towards you and follow the same strategy.
  • Once staggered, he dodges away from you. To prevent this, keep him against the walls and he will have nowhere to retreat.
  • The Combination of Lead Elixir (anti-stagger) and Beast Roar (will knock him to the ground if out of stamina or at low hp) ensuring an easy win.
  • When in 50% health he roars and begins to separate his one blade into two. Get behind him, charge R2 attack and get a chance to backstab him. It can also cancel his separation attempt and he will try it again, giving you another opportunity to backstab him.
  • If you have a fast and powerful weapon, with high damage per second, you can try to get him standing near a wall to stop his retreat and spam R1 when he is in 60% health. That way you can damage him to 50% so he begins the blade separation while under your heavy slashing. A good way to do high damage fast.
  • For an Arcane build, use gloves to stagger while getting close to deal damage. Repeat until dead.
  • Transformed Axe L2 (sweep attack) is very effective just after dodging behind him.




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One bladed moveset

Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Rushing attack Often the first attack he does. If you are far away he quicksteps near you and swings his sword 1-4 times. The first attack is hard to parry and it depends on your distance but try firing your pistol immediately when you see him lifting his hand while rushing towards you. Mostly dodging towards him and endind up behind him is the best strategy.
Charge attack Charges a heavy slash by lifting his left hand slowly up, then yanking it fastly behind his head and then immediately slashing hard and continues with 1-2 fast and powerfull following slashes. First slash is easy to parry.
To counter shot fire pistol just before the charge is finished and the first slash starts, precisely when the fast yank happens. Fire blunderbuss little sooner, more precisely when the arm is lifted up but the yank has not started yet.
Blade toss Throws his blade at you and it boomerangs back to him. Blade can go through obstacles and walls. Mostly dodge left or right. Shooting him staggers him cancelling the attack and makes the flying blade teleport back to his hands safely not hurting you.
Left to right swing +combo Starts from lifting his left hand up and slashing to his low right, then lifts his hand to his upper right and slashes to upper left. If you are close he follows with 1-2 fast slashes. He can stop after first slash if you are far away. To get a chance to hit back walk far enough to avoid the first slash and dodge step the second to his left side (your right) to get behind him. This way he stops slashing and you get a very good opening for attacks. To get a parry fire your pistol after the first slash.
Right to left + combo Starts from lifting his left hand up to his right side and slashing to his upper left, and then slashes 1-3 times. Harder to parry since the first strike is faster than in "left to right" move so there is less time to react to the following swing. Often dodging back, away from him, is the best strategy.
Recovering slash After getting visceral attacked Descendant gets slowly up from the floor and takes a fast slash towards you instead of quickstepping away. Chances of a slash is high if you are close to him or he is near walls and can't quickstep away. This is actually a safe opportunity to try to parry him. After visceral attact get only a little closer to him so that the slash can't reach you and keep an eye on his right hand while he is getting up. Hand makes a U-turn like movement during getting up animation. Fire your pistol just before the U-turn is finished. Timing is difficult but if you are far enough there is no downside in failure since he either quicksteps away or the slash can't reach you.
Blade separation When in 50% health he quicksteps away from you, holds his blade high and splits it to two blades with a long shout starting the second phase of the fight. Keep an eye on his health bar. After you damage him under 50% health stay near him. When he quicksteps away run towards him (he won't attack) and get behind him with a quick weapon while he roars. Hold R2 for a charge attack and get a backstab chance. If done fast enough you can interrupt the separation and he has to do it again after visceral attack.

Two Blade moveset

Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Rushing attack About the same attack as one bladed rush attack. Don't try to parry. It is possible but extremely risky.
Blade toss Tosses his blades more often than in first phase and distance to trigger the toss is shorter. Throws one or both blades. Safest direction to dodge is your left or if you are far enough straight away from him.
Jumping attack If you are far away from him he can jump towards you and make an X -shaped slash with his swords when he lands. Just dodge away or behind him when you think he is about to land.
Two bladed golf swing
to smash and X -slash
Lowers his both blades fast to his right side and then swings them up and left side of him and continues with slowly starting heavy two blade smash and heavy X -shaped two blade slash.
When you see his both hands high in his left side while he charges the smash attack fire pistol to get the counter shot of the following slash. Works when his both hands go up together and not slightly in turns which is another type of attack.
Faster golf swing and smash If you are close to him he can do slightly faster golf swing with slightly sooner starting smash and no X -slash. Parry timing is shorter and very difficult so dodging away or staying little farther away from him to not to trigger this move helps.
One-two + one-two combo Swings his swords side to side in turns 1-4 times. First blade goes up and second one goes horizontally left or right and then he repeats.
2 swings and an X -slash Swings both of his blades up to his right, then to his left and then finishes with the X -shaped slash. Fire pistol when he is charging the X -slash. Rather easy parry if you identify the combo soon enough.


Strategy 1 (Quick Attacks)

During the fight have a quick weapon (Blade of Mercy, Saw Cleaver, etc.) now dodge his attacks by going to his right side and attack him once or twice, he should then back off giving you breathing room however there is a uncommon chance he will simply turn towards you and attack you, so its important after you attack him to back-step away. His second stage is tricky, only attack when you know for sure he won't go into a combo attack, keep your distance and shoot him to get a visceral attack. Continue this until victory.

Strategy 2 (Parry Master)

In the first phase keep the distance between you so short that the first attack of a combo won't hit you but the secound would. Concentrate only on two of his attacks: charge attack and left to right + combo. Those are the easiest to parry (timings in the attack description above). Dodge rest. If the distance between you are too long he quicksteps towards you before starting to attack. When so always dodge away and don't try to countershot. Try to parry only when he begins an attack from walking animation.

In the second phase keep a sligthly longer distance to avoid faster version of golfswing but not too much since he tosses his blades now more often than before. Concentrate to parry only his slower smash after golfswing and the X -shaped slash after 2 swing combo. Also one-two combo is punishable if you manage to stay close enough to trigger him to continue after first one-two. Important: stay close! If you let him get far away his wider variety of long range attacks is much more dangerous than in phase one. Also getting countershots now is also more difficult.

Strategy 3 (Executioner's Gloves Stunlock)

This strategy is for builds with 20 arc, and can be used to effectively keep Descendant on the defensive for the entire fight. Slash your wrists for blood bullets, then vial up. Be cautious in your timing, as Descendant likes to use his throwing attack before you can heal. Wait until he dodges, then as his animation ends, cast the Executioner's Gloves. Immediately sprint toward him and perform a sprinting R2, followed by R1. The sprinting R2 will stagger Descendant, guaranteeing the R1 to connect on a quick weapon (if he dodges backward instead of to the side, your followup will connect on any weapon). Back away and be prepared to dodge in case he counters, but most often he will dodge away. If he dodges, immediately repeat the assault, then get some distance and refill your blood bullets. If Descendant successfully hits you while you are casting, don't panic: he will still be stunlocked when the skulls connect. Take advantage of this to regain by attacking, then get some distance and heal. This strategy can be mixed with Strategy 2 with a Blood Rapture or Oerdon Writhe rune.


Notes & Trivia

  • Is something called "Elder" but uses the descendant weapons. "Elder" has 16511 HP in FRC Ihyll/Loran/Isz
  • This Boss can also be a regular enemy in chalice dungeons.(possibly as a result of using a fetid or rotted offering)




Descendant Bird of Prey

Descendant No Face Descendant Walk Descendant Splatter Descendant Spin

    • Anonymous

      06 Nov 2017 00:03  

      It says to bait out the quickstep, but all the ***** does is spam his pussy ass boomerang and edgewalk at me.

      • 03 Oct 2017 18:40  

        Why the hell would this page suggest parrying his swing when his jumping attack is the best attack to parry during the second phase???

        When he is about to land on you parry him. You might get hit but don't worry the visceral will get you back all the HP you've lost. His swings are far harder to time and parry than his jump.

        • Anonymous

          19 Aug 2017 03:49  

          he comboed me to death before i could deliver the final blow, talk about cheap tactics...i can't parry for the life of me... this boss is a piece of*****

          • Anonymous

            24 Jul 2017 02:58  

            the guy who made this boss is a cancerous little***** that deserves to suffer a million deaths ( also i need help for this *****er in the cursed great isz chalice

            • Anonymous

              15 Jun 2017 01:11  

              Idk what it is but this boss used to KICK my ass. I beat Orphan of Kos on NG+ first try, and by no means was he easy, but this guy killed me 5 times in a chalice dungeon before I beat him in the same NG+ cycle. My best advice for those of you having trouble, use your Holy moonlight swords transformed phase, arcane hurts him bad and it actually has a surprising amount of hyper armor to help you go through his attacks. Visceral work too, if you're good at them. After I started using HMS this boss doesn't wreck me anymore.

              • Anonymous

                21 May 2017 20:28  

                the trick is to let a stonepile between you and him an charge r2 attacks "around the pile" while he rages against the wall.

                • Anonymous

                  16 Dec 2016 14:27  

                  Gotta love the way your character shoots straight through this guy to hit the roof above if you fire too close.

                  • Anonymous

                    Getting tired of these types of bosses05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                    They arent interesting or have any mechanic to speak of , its just aggressive overly fast attacks with combos that can be 1-4+ hits and start the same so you dont know when to attack. Considering the damage he does its just statistically not functional to expect me to pull out that many clutch dodges. And if backpeddling/ parry fishing is the only method then just.. sigh.

                    • Anonymous

                      these types of bosses05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                      They just aren't fun, they have the same basic attacks and once you get hit and it chains a combo it's nearly instant death. The same thing with the undead giant. They're not interesting or fun and make the game feel more like a chore then a game.

                      • Anonymous

                        Level 110 - Help Please05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                        I am trying to beat him in the Fextra Great Pthumeru Ihyll dungeon. Right before the boss. Please help! PSN: Shqype

                        • Anonymous

                          Last 50% of Health05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                          When this boss splits his blades when his health is below 50%, you have a few precious seconds to smack him during the transition. Use this opportunity to get him to about 25% of his HP. This way you only need a handful of more hits to take him down in this tough part of the battle.

                          • Anonymous

                            Easy Strategy05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                            Level 153, can assist anyone in that range. Unable to add my video to the page so I'll link in here. The strategy is simple... parry and gut him for the first half, then wait for his 3-hit combo, dodge the first swing....wait for the other 2 to finish, then smack him a few times. If you can catch him against a wall with a quick weapon you can unload many shots until you lose stamina. Rinse and repeat.

                            • Anonymous

                              Only Viceral attacks05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                              Prob one the best fights i managed to do. Mess up once in the beginning but after that it went smooth :)

                              • Anonymous

                                dodge and timing05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                I tried the stagger and had minor success. I had better luck just learning his attack combos and range and switched between a baited jump thrust and charge attacks with a ludwigs

                                • Anonymous

                                  Full Visceral Strategy05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                  Not sure if it's already posted down here, but this is what I do to get past these guys. I'm usually always carrying both visceral damage+ (10% & 20%) along with hp15% and hunter of hunters for caryll runes, and it helps with this strategy. Also your fastest charge attack weapon, I use Chikage since I never really thought about charge speed before now. For the first 50% of his hp, just backpedal or backdash if nervous. When you see him 'charge'up his left hand attack, shoot him then visceral. Once you know the timing it's like a bike. When you're on you're last visceral hit to knock him below 50%, get your quick charge weapon ready. He may on occaision try to attack you, but will almost always dodge ONCE (for me) and then try to split his blades. Get behind him and charge attack quickly. Best case you will stun him before the blades split, allowing you the backstab visceral and forcing him to repeat his method to split his blades. Worst case you will hit him after they split, but still net one visceral. If he splits, just backdash and try to party his second or third swing once you learn the timing. Standing your ground and parrying first hit is possible, but not reliable for players that struggle to party obviously. If he's looking at you but not moving, throw a cautious sidestep in as he might throw his blades.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Also Looking got help05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                    Im looking for help. on the first boss, cant kill him after he splits blades. Add me and ill help you after PSN: clarksterz

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Video05 Jul 2016 14:44  

                                      It seems like you have the memory leak? He's doing the same combo throughout the entire video, he uses more attacks than that.

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