General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
6404 21000 Nightmare Frontier Ailing Loran Chalice
22049 72790 Defiled Chalice Great Pthumeru Ihyll Chalice
23832   FRC Isz and Loran Cursed Nourishing Abyssal 21.5%; Nourishing 20.7%
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
128 153 128 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
128 70 70 70
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 No No

Amygdala is an optional Great One Boss in Bloodborne. It's similar to the large enemies who attempt to grab the Hunter with portals, but lighter in color, and lacks the tentacles on its head.

Amygdala Information








Combat Information

  • Weak to Arcane, Fire and Bolt Damage. Resistant to Blunt Damage.
  • The tricky parts of this boss fight are its weak points are dangling in the air and may not always be reachable. Even when only using its arms, this boss has a wide variety of attacks. The fact that it has so many arms makes things worse, as it may occasionally unleash longer-lasting or farther-reaching versions of its typical attack patterns.
  • Amygdala has relatively low health for a boss, but only its head and front limbs are vulnerable to physical attacks. Attacking the lower half of the body will do much less damage, unless elemental damage is used. However there seems to be a sweet-spot in its crotch that can be hit with a high swinging weapon such as transformed Ludwig's L2 or Burial Blade, will deal standard damage.
  • Projectile weapons aimed at the head can deal damage to Amygdala quite reliably. The Executioner's Gloves is a great way to do this.
  • Watch out for its stomp attacks and jumping attacks. Its 3rd phase (about 30% HP) is very aggressive, and is the hardest part of this fight. During this stage, it will rip off two of its arms and swing them as weapons.
  • Visceral Attacks can be performed by doing damage to Amygdala's head.
  • There are 2 opportunities for Visceral Attacks (which signal the phase changes), the last one can be done once Amygdala's health gets below 10%. Don't miss it as it will end the fight if you get it. (If you know you are close to that mark, start shooting your gun at its head and get ready to run in)
  • If you attack its arms, they will visibly bleed out. Any attack on that arm will do increased damage until it heals it, so it's more effective to focus on one, if possible. This tactic also works on its legs, though the damage before bleeding is significantly reduced.
  • One can use the greatsword form of Ludwig's Holy Blade to hit its head at almost any time during the fight, via the L2 attack.
  • For NG+ and onwards, the Burial Blade's secondary form (the long scythe form) can hit the head even more easily than Ludwig's.
  • An upgraded Cannon with Bone Marrow Ash is also very effective, as is the Tonitrus, and the Threaded Cane in either form. All of these are safe, simple, and fun strategies to use.
  • If you're having trouble with Amygdala's third stage, get behind it and attack. It should jump, but it will jump away from you, and it should be still facing away when it lands. When this happens, dash for it and use a dashing attack on its legs or tail. It'll do small damage, but it'll be safe. Keep pursuing it and hurting it. Eventually you will tenderize its legs or tail and you can do more damage to it. It'll take a while, but it's safer than trying to attack its head and arms now--especially in the Defiled Chalice. Occasionally, it may still try to stomp, so be ready to dodge it.
  • If you're using the Kos Parasite a good method is to use hunters tools on his head (such as Accursed Brew or Executioner's Gloves) and run at him with a running R2 when he dips his head down after an attack since he's pretty weak to arcane damage. After enough hits to his head for a visceral, perform the visceral and then once the animation finishes for the both the visceral and Amygdala's recovery from it, while you're still near or under his head, hit L2 to perform the Paraasite's AOE which will do a substantial amount of damage on him before he's ready for his next attack and then dodge away before his next hit.
  • Attacking the arm closest to the boss's legs will more often than not trigger its stomp attack, making its first two stages much easier. However this is not always the case and may flail its arms instead, in which case dodging outward or between its legs is the safest method.
  • Extremely weak to A Call Beyond
  • Amygdala's vomit deals Fire damage.


Strategy 1 (Fast, easy, reliable and safe)

The key to this strategy is that when the boss jumps, it won't hit you as long as you stay still. So: using a Hunter Axe in transformed form (L1), run behind it. Stay behind the tail (you may need to stay a bit behind to keep out of range of its backward swipe) and wait for it to jump. When it jumps, 1) STAND STILL and 2) hold R2 to queue up the axe's spin attack. When it lands on top of you (missing you entirely), release R2, making sure to aim your attack at the head (you'll eventually figure out where the head's going to be). When your attack finishes, IMMEDIATELY run/roll back to the tail or you'll get pounded. Rinse and repeat the above until it rips its arms off (at around 30% health).

Once it rips its arms off you can just stay toward the left rear (near the hands but in front of the left foot) and it'll generally jump, but now it will always jump away from you. Run up to its left side and take a swat at the middle or rear hand. Stay toward the left rear and it'll keep either jumping away from you or doing a stomp attack with the left foot (which won't hit you as long as you're not right next to the foot); in either case just take a whack at its hand. Rinse and repeat until it's dead.

Using this strategy, the Defiled Amygdala can be killed in 2-3 minutes while the player takes almost no damage.

Strategy 2 (Hit and Run)

My strategy is to simply lock onto its head and wait for it to do an attack where it ends up with its head on the ground and simply run in and hit it once (or twice if you are fast enough). A long range weapon is mandatory for technique, and any weapon that has an overhead vertical running attack will guarantee more hits if you are slightly late to react. I find it is best to continuously circle around it until I see an opportunity (there are only 2 attacks it does that I run in to attack). You will recognize these after 1 or 2 attempts. I find the last phase is easier to circle right (whenever possible), as one of the attacks it does that you are waiting for hits at longer ranges with the its right arm then left. This makes it easier to dodge and then run in for the attack.

Strategy 3

The key to this strategy is to stay mobile. Staying still is a guaranteed way to end up killed in this fight. When you walk through the boss fog you want to get on the move immediately, Amygdala will either leap at you, smash down with both arms (get caught by that and you'll likely die) or charge forward and use its laser attack.

In the first phase, you want to circle around it, letting the boss attack the ground and generally make it's bad temper known. As you circle around get in and score some hits on it's middle set of arms. You want to focus on one or two arms throughout this fight as when you break them you can score 1.5x the damage with each hit. A ranged weapon is ideal for dealing with it (the Saw Spear while extended or the Greatsword version of Ludwig's Blade) and if possible make sure you've got an elemental blood gem fitted for extra damage. Plug away at the boss gradually until you get it into the second phase.

For the second phase, it's time to get a touch more aggressive. Its attacks change up somewhat here. The dual arm slam now has small arcane AOE blasts on each smash down, the laser attack is now less predictable but most importantly, the boss bows it's head more and does the six arm flails less. This is the perfect opportunity to get some major damage in. Wait until it does a two arm smash and it bows its head, get in and attack the head with a combo. Your instinct when it gets up is to back off, but wait. Power forward and get underneath the boss as it will do wide swings in front which you can't roll through. Wait until it's stopped thrashing then get out from underneath it and resume the tactics from stage one. At some point in this stage if you keep attacking the head you'll hear the sound for a V.ATK. Don't miss this opportunity as you can take off nearly 800 hp. This is one of two opportunities for a V.ATK so don't waste it.

For the third phase you need to keep on your toes as Amydala gets incredibly aggressive. It tears off its two middle arms and uses them to attack you with increased range. When it swipes side to side with the extended arms you can roll through the attack but the timing is very difficult, so the best bet is to get up close and get underneath. The slam attacks now come in a frenzied combo with lots of arcane blasts from each hand.

Strategy 4 (A Call Beyond)

This boss fight can be made almost trivial by using A Call Beyond. It will take out massive chunks of its health, granted you have the QS bullets to spare (24 is recommended). At the start of the fight, get a few hits in with your weapon of choice to lower it's health a bit. Then get some distance between the two of you, aim at its head, and send off two A Call Beyond bursts. The first will stun him, allowing the second to do even more damage. When it gets back up again, dodge its attack and send off one more A Call Beyond to its head. This will either kill it or leave it with a very small amount of health. If it survives your last attack, make sure to run in and kill it quickly as it will go straight into its final (and extremely dangerous) phase.

Strategy 5 (Cheesing the final phase)

Whereas the first two phases of Amygdala consist of baiting it into attacking, dodging far back, and then attacking its limbs and head while the boss recovers, Amygdala's final phase (where it rips off two of its arms) can be very difficult due to its increased aggression and massive reach. A very easy way to defeat it at this point is to get behind it and attack its tail; the boss only two attacks at this point are a stomp and a jump, and after ripping off its arms it can only jump forward, losing it's ability to turn around. Therefore, this simply becomes a point of slowly whittling its health down and catching up to it when it harmlessly jumps away. (This cheese has been patched and the boss is now able to turn around while jumping in the final phase. This actually makes cheesing even easier. When you are behind the boss and it jumps, turn around where you stand, do not move and charge an R2-attack. When it lands and misses you but you might just get a fully charged R2 swing on its head if you are lucky.)

Strategy 6 (Bow and Arrow)                                                                                           


The DLC introduces an easy boss tactic. Use a maxed out Simon's Bowblade to stay just out of harms way while dealing massive damage. Aim for the head during times Amygdala will not be dodging your arrows. Always save a bit of Stamina for an emergency dodge. Simply stay far enough away to avoid getting hit while using your Blood Vials to replenish your Blood Bullets.

Attack Name Attack Description & Counter
Stomp Tries to step on the player for heavy damage. Best avoided by rolling away from its legs.
Exploding Laser Fires a single blue laser beam in front of it, inflicting no damage. Immediately after this, powerful explosions follow the laser's path. When you see its fire, dodge horizontally away from the attack, and close in on it. A variation of this attack has it shooting the laser in quick, successive bursts. While powerful, the explosions this attack causes have small blast radii.
Acid Discharge Flails its head and spits a pool of damaging vomit on the ground in front of it. Simply move under or away from it to avoid it. The area covered by this attack increases in Phase 2.
Low Arm Swing (+ Combo) Sweeps the ground in front of it with one of its front-most arms. If the player is close enough, Amygdala will follow up with a 2nd sweep from the same direction, followed by a palm smash.
Flailing Combo Smashes and claws wildly at the ground beneath it. Difficult to avoid due to the range and duration of this attack. Can also hit players standing behind the boss' legs.
Forward Palm Thrust Lurches upwards, then does a right palm thrust followed by a left, with both attacks reaching close to the ground. Followed by a multi-arm smash targeting the perimeter of Amygdala's "underbelly". The recovery from this attack leaves the head wide open. Phase 2 introduces magic spheres at the end of this attack.
Arm Smash Lifts four arms above its head before smashing them down flat in front of itself. Move under it, to its sides or to its rear to avoid this attack. The head is easy to reach with any weapon after this attack.
Jump Jumps high into the air before coming crashing down, damaging anyone it lands on. Try to roll directly away from the starting point of the jump when it hits the ground, so that you end up between the boss' head and legs.
Downward Pincer Swipe Raises all of its arms up with hands pointed downwards, then brings one pair of arms down to attack the space beneath it from opposite directions. May repeat this attack in quick succession.



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Notes & Trivia

  • Amygdala (plural: Amygdalae) means "Almond" in Latin and "Almond" or "Almond Tree" in Greek (ἀμυγδάλη).
  • Amygdala is a bilateral neural structure set deep within the limbic system of the brain. It is thought to be responsible for learning and organizing fear responses. Amygdalectomy - surgical removal of this structure - is associated with reduced capacity to learn memories related to fear and behaving fearfully.
  • The shape of Amygdala's head (and the heads of the other beings of similar appearance) roughly corresponds with the shape of this region in the brain
  • The Lesser Amgydala which it shares appearance with are invisible, but are partially visible once the Hunter is grabbed by their portal. They also become fully visible while the Hunter's Insight stat is 40 or more, and are permanently visible after the defeat of Rom, the Vacuous Spider.
  • Unlike its portal-using counterparts, it has no grab attack, and does not inflict Frenzy damage.
  • In the Defiled Chalice fight it is possible for it to get stuck in the ceiling when jumping. It is a rare bug but it is game over if it happens since you can't reach its and it can laser you. If a are in low levels and beating it takes a while and you are afraid this bug might happen then try to keep it in the center of the arena where the ceiling is higher than in the edges.
  • In some medieval philosophy the amygdala was regarded as the seat of the soul but also a medium for "animal spirits". Within the amygdala a balance is struck between the rational desires of the soul and the fleshy, animalistic wants of the body.

    • 24 Mar 2017 04:24  

      To get to the Lecture Building, and then to Nightmare Frontier, I hadto go to the right (when going up steps to Grand Cathedral, and down to a large room with an altar plate or something in the center and go up to the big door to get captured by the portal and transferred by Amygdala, I think, where the description in this page sounds a bit short and not specific enough about the location of Amygdala there. It's that or the portal Amygdala uses to capture/kill (depending on having the tonsil stone or not) is at the steps inside Grand Cathedral under one of the statues that looks almost exactly like Amygdala. I've also been in Oedon Chapel main floor, and heard a portal opening but haven't located it. Does anyone know about that or experienced / observed that?

      • 17 Feb 2017 18:39  

        I played it today and finally did it! However, in my attempts, whenever it reached the third stage, it wouldn't jump away from me but instead jump as it did before. It did it every time it jumped in the third stage, so, whilst it made it quicker, it also made it a lot more dangerous. Does anyone else have similar experiences? Is it possible that From patched it like that to stop the cheese?

        • 03 Feb 2017 19:51  

          Imagine how much more interesting this boss would be if it was invisible when under 40 insight. I'm actually surprised that they made it fully visible regardless of insight.

          • 3rd phase stay in front13 Sep 2016 14:43  

            I tried the stay behind it and whack the tail/legs strategy only to be stomped at the last moments. I tried the stand in place while it jumps strategy and get landed on. After dying more times in the 3rd phase than I care to say I said let me try attacking it head on. I played keep a way from it and then waiting for the right time to to run in, blasted it 2 or 3 times in the head with a level 10 Hunter Axe and down it went! Good riddance MF'er!

            • Brutal24 Aug 2016 20:05  

              This fight is savage and fast. When I'd dealt the killing blow, I noticed that I had been holding my breath for most of the battle. <br/><br/>Easily my favourite boss in any Souls game to date. So intense.

              • FORGET THE TAIL STRATEGY!!07 Aug 2016 20:46  

                I've played this game a lot for more than a year. Every time I'm summoned into this fight, if the host tries the tail strategy at any time during the fight, I watch Amy squash them. I have high Arcane and can take Amy out with several A Call From Beyonds, but when the host attacks the tail Amy jumps high in the air making most of my orbs miss. When you have co-ops, it's best to stay to the side of Amy's head, parallel with her front arms and attack with a beastcutter or whatever works best for you. When she rips her off arms off, shoot or cast from a distance.<br/><br/>If you MUST use the tail strategy, them please git gud at it. I've watched far too many die because of it, and as far as I'm concerned, whoever authored it doesn't know what they are talking about and are giving terrible advice.

                • Strange Drop22 Jul 2016 16:22  

                  So i vreated a new character and fought the boss but instead of dropping the ailing loran chalice it sropped the lower loran chalice<br/>P.S yes im serious and this is NG not ng+

                  • boss is bs20 Jul 2016 19:49  

                    Only hitting the boss for 4's and 6's with a +7 saw spear. What gives?<br/>This game is almost on the same level of autism as the dark souls series.

                    • Is my game bugged?20 Jul 2016 01:35  

                      In the ripped arms stage, she doesn't jump away from me when she does her jumping attack. She jumps ON TOP of me. It's unpredictable, and she doesn't land in the same place every time like in the other two stages. If I stand still, sometimes she'll land like in stage 1 and 2, sometimes her foot lands on me, killing me instantly. (Yes I'm standing still.) I'm in Defiled layer 3, is this happening to anyone else?

                      • Is my game bugged?05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                        After I died to Amygdala a few times, she stopped using a bunch of her moves. Once she rips her arms off, she seems to become unkillable, because she only lasers and vomits. Neither of these put her arms or head in range. Am I missing something?

                        • new technique05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                          I added this, it worked great for me and didn't drag out to much at all. <br/>"Using heavy attacks with the Hunters Axe is quite efficient and can deal up to 300 attack when it's in LV.9 (depending on stats too of course I got 27 in streangth) (flesh this out someone but that's what I did, stay really really close behind or straight under her for the first 2 phases and stay behind her for the third phase when she rip of her arms and become incredibly easy using this technique. if you still think she's hard let her attack and then to a quick R2 attack to be safe)"

                          • Defiled Chalice Amygdala05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                            For the Defiled Chalice version of this boss bait out her attacks and hit her in the head in the first phase. Then, when she rips her limbs out in the second phase, run behind her and hit her in the tail and leg. She will jump, but she will jump away from you. As long as you get to the second phase, it is a slow but easy kill.

                            • Finally able to beat Amydala and I did it solo.05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                              Granted, I may be way OP at this point (~level 68) and with a +7 Ludwig's Holy Blade, but I could not take her down with a Cooperator. Spammed the hell out of L2 and perhaps some luck was involved, but it was the one and only time I tried to solo and it worked. Perhaps it was easier to gauge her move sets since I knew she was targeting only me. /shrugs <br/> <br/>Regardless, glad to have her behind me until I finder her in the dungeon again.

                              • Use your cannon05 Jul 2016 08:46  

                                I used my cannon+6 with bone ash, three shots in the head and she is dead (I have a strength build and my bloodtinge is only 9). Easiest boss in the whole game.

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