Defiled Chalice, also known as the Cursed and Defiled Chalice, is a Chalice in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon never changes Bosses, design or loot.

A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.defiled chalice.png

Only, this defiled chalice is cursed.

Curses are caused by inciting the anger of the Great Ones, and used to hex others. Special materials are required to complete the ritual.

To try one's hand at curses, first seek the Bastard of Loran.


Defiled Chalice Information



  • Lower Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon (drops from Layer 4's boss)
  • For higher chances of co-op with the Fextralife community, create your Cursed Pthumerian Defilement dungeon to unlock it, then join Fextra Defiled dungeon via this Glyph: b4bi2s3n








  • Permanently lowers players hit points by 50% while inside the dungeon
  • The amounts of physical damage received and heal will be decreased along with the decreased max health, but elemental damage will do normal damage (making keeper of the old lords in layer 1 surprisingly tough, being able to 1 shot players).
  • Contains enemies belonging to both Pthumeru and Hintertomb.
  • Drops very good radial blood gems, which increases physical damage by an enormous amount (20%+) at the cost of decreased durability.
  • Sometimes this chalice would be glitch and wont drop by BLB in lower P, simply search for the fix shared defile.



  • Be careful when exiting the Layer 1 lamp room - there is an oil puddle directly in front of the exit, along with a Labyrinth Ritekeeper hiding to the right, so charging out recklessly could result in getting one-shotted.
  • Called the "Cursed and Defiled Chalice" in EU game.
  • Drops the "Defiled Root Chalice" in EU game, even though it is called "Cursed and Defiled Chalice".


    • 21 Mar 2017 15:55  

      Today was great day I am a pure skill build n this dungeon literally almost broke my spirits . It is by far hella fun but yet very challenging. The watch dog was thought took three try's but today Amy *****ing gala took 15 tries n I threw my Controller in anger so I took a step back threaded cane with both and fire paper work really well . Jus stay back wait for the arms to drop rise n reapeat and there u go

      • 09 Mar 2017 14:13  

        Tip for Amygdala for Bloodtinge/Skill builds, do it only with bullets. (Evelyn +10). With the distance you're really safe and it staggers it after a bit.

        • 30 Dec 2016 22:29  

          ~LegionatorMax: I can't stand the final fight. I've gotten Amygdala to near death more times than I can count. No boss, not a single one, in this entire game, has ever given me this much trouble. I one shot the ORPHAN for God's sake! The most tries I've ever taken on a boss was probably the Abhorrent Beast in Loran, and even that wasn't more than the amount of Insight I had on me (always less than 15 for my first playthrough). But this? At LEAST 20 tries, if not more. I've tried everything, even upgrading other weapons to try and exploit his weaknesses... I'm SICK of this fight. I want to move on!

          • Watchdog14 Sep 2016 00:59  

            Hi all,<br/>Stuck on watchdog, would love it if someone CO OPd with me. PSN ID: Yawnny<br/><br/>Let me know if you're down and we can get this ***** done!

            • Watchdog can suck a huge d***08 Sep 2016 13:26  

              Excuse the profanity but I've just about had it. F*** this cancerous, stupendous dog and this whole dungeon. I need Ihyll chalice...

              • Anyone Feel Like Helping?28 Aug 2016 21:42  

                I really want to Platinum this game but I'm having a lot of trouble in this Chalice Dungeon<br/>My PSN<br/>Kimu_Omou<br/>So if anyone can help please do!<br/>I'm willing to help out in turn<br/>(though I don't claim to be an expert player<br/>I'm not awful either!)

                • Feeling cheated02 Aug 2016 09:01  

                  Really love this game. But having a lot of problems with this dungeon. First time I feel cheated with being one shotted with the bosses.

                  • Help with this chalice dungeon25 Jul 2016 06:56  

                    I'm stuck on layer 2 boss of this chalice if anyone could help me It would be highly appreciated. My psn is LordQuake and I am level 135<br/>

                    • Glitch: Stuck in boss area NEED HELP05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                      After helping a friend in his chalice dungeon I went after the Watchdog, but after dying I got stuck in his boss arena and I can't get out. Bold Hunters Mark doesn't change anything and the boss won't die.

                      • Tip for Amygdala05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                        Best strat I've found for Amygdala on layer 3 is to use Ludwig's Holy Blade, keep you distance and watch for the combos that end with it's head near the ground and as one of them is about to end run straight in and use the R2 running overhead, after the attack connects quickly roll a few times until you are clear of him and repeat. After 4-5 hits to the head you'll get a visceral. (I managed to get two during the fight.) <br/> <br/>Just make sure you only move in when his combo is close to the end and it's only during ones that leave his head to the ground, slow and steadily you should be able to whittle him down. Just always stay moving and keep your distance as often as you can, his long range attacks are easy to dodge just watch out for when he jumps. Frankly I think it's easier than his normal battle since you can rotate around him nearly all the time instead of having him constantly pressed against a wall...

                        • This chalice makes things slightly difficult05 Jul 2016 08:53  

                          I noticed when entering this chalice dungeon that it lowers your total health by I whole lot. I'm not sure if it's when you enter the dungeon or if you loose health and you don't attempt to regain it

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