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Watchdog of the Old Lords


Watch Dog of the Old Lords

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
3881 1866 Pthumeru Chalice Central Pthumeru Chalice
28717 67776 Defiled Chalice Cursed and Defiled Root Chalice
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg Special Weakness
110 110/132 110 Serration
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
110 160 9939 160
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 X -

Watchdog of the Old Lords is a Chalice Dungeon boss in Bloodborne.

Watch Dog of the Old Lords Information






Combat Information

  • The Watchdog is highly resistant to fire damage (to the point of near immunity) and as such Arcane builds may have significant difficulties without access to bolt damage.
  • She does a lot of fire attacks, in fact all attacks seems to deal fire damage, but they are all very easily avoidable so fire resistance, while viable, is unnecessary.
  • A weapon with some range can be useful but a slow weapon can put you at a disadvantage so be careful. The saw weapons are fairly effective with their speedy trick attacks.
  • When you enter the room she will likely use her charge attack so be prepared to dodge. She constantly moves toward you slowly so most of her attacks will be her Flame Swipe and Bite Combo. After using her bite combo, she will return to a neutral stance; you can use a vertical overhead attack to damage the crested plates on top of her head. After taking a few hits to the head, the defensive plate protecting her head will become damaged and further attacks to this area will cause additional damage. If she does Flame Swipe instead you can dodge through the flames but if you are close to her she will use the attack again with her other claw. She can transition into a Bite Combo pretty easily from Flame Swipe so it's best to dodge away and reset her and try for a Bite Combo. Because these attacks are very easy to avoid, this strategy is optimal. At 50% health she does her Explosion move which can kill you if get caught in it. She now moves at you much more aggressively and is just as likely to use Snapping Bites and she is Bite Combo--generally it seems she will use Snapping Bites if you are almost directly in front of her so try to stay at her side more to goad out a Bite Combo. Keep trying to bait her into using Bite Combo. and avoid her Explosion. When she uses an attack, you will see her throat swell up like a toad, if you hit it enough times while it's swollen you will stagger her, however, if you don't manage to pull off a stagger, you'll likely get hit with her attack.


Key Attacks

Phase 1 Interrupt Notes
Swipe Bite No A series of wide, horizontal bites triggered when close to her front or side. The reach of this attack is deceptively large and is possible to get hit when in standing in flanks.
Flame Wave Swipe No Left swipe sending a wave of fire outward. Quickstep either to the side or through the wave.
Flame Bark Combo No Barks quick bursts of fire ahead. Back away during its long build-up to avoid this.
Lava Vomit No Vomits lingering pools of lava ahead. Back away during its long build-up to avoid walking into the lava pools.
Flaming Charge No Lights up and charges; quickstep to either side and out of its way. Hitbox is deceptively large and is triggered when entering boss room, cooperators should wait upon entering.
Pounce Attack No Pounces from hind legs with heavy tracking. Dash or quickstep forward past it while it's airborne.
Stomping Combo No Stomps multiple times with its front and hind legs when standing against them. Quickstep backward to avoid.
Phase 2 Interrupt Notes
Double Flame Wave Swipe No Same as the Flame Wave Swipe, but followed by a delayed second hit from the right paw. Quickstep left twice to move out of the second's range.
Phase 3 Interrupt Notes
Explosion No Absorbs heated particles before using a massive explosion. Gain as much distance possible by repeatedly quickstepping backward.


Strategy 1 (Safe Strategy)

Bait out her sideways bite, until her head is hit enough she'll only bite on time. Hit her as her head is recovering from the attack (I used Ludwig's L2, it's best to use higher range weapons with higher damage so you get the most out of that one hit), and sidestep her dash attack immediately afterwards. Repeat this until her head bursts into flames. From here on out, her bite attack becomes a 3 hit combo. Bait out the first bite, walk back in to bait out the second bite. If the second bite goes off, she will always follow up with a third bite, so hit her in the head after the third bite and sidestep her dash attack again. This is an extremely easy and extremely safe strategy, though time consuming.

Strategy 2 (Knowing when to attack)

Don't let her intimidate you, going on the 'defense' is good however you'll have to have a large amount of patience and if you fail the entire thing starts over. Instead memorize her attacks (I'll explain some common one's here) and attack (even if it's one hit). One thing to note: at first you won't do too much damage, however wearing her legs down will eventually stagger her (you can't visceral her though) once she's in this state that leg will receive more damage. Entering the arena she'll immediately charge attack, this is easily evaded with one side step you can then get a few free hits in, when she uses her primary attack (bite) one thing to know is you'll find the left side to be safe as she'll usually attack only once, however when she attacks from the right this is a bait as once close enough she'll do an attack from the left, when you notice this you'll naturally back off however this is risky, instead keep going dodging left to her back leg. When she does flame swipe (depending on your distance) it may be best to dodge through it and attack.


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Notes & Trivia

  • The hitbox during the charge attack is a little large
  • Drops 67776 Blood Echoes and a Cursed And Defiled Root Chalice when defeated in Cursed Pthumerian Defilement Layer Two Heart.


    • 06 May 2017 18:09  

      I'm having so many problems getting past this boss in the Defiled Chalice dungeon. If anyone can help me out then let me know (PSN 'DuffDuncs'). I'll happily return the favour!

      • 21 Feb 2017 00:06  

        Used Simon's bow blade in bow mode, dodged backwards and shot. Dodged the charge attacks. Felt like a cheesy effective strategy. Bow blade +10, bloodhinge at 25.

        • 20 Feb 2017 18:55  

          Some tips I learned after besting the dog. For starters, serrated weapons such as the Saw Spear and the untransformed Saw Cleaver deal bonus damage as well as arcane and bolt buffs. I also heard Blacksky Eye is good too (though didn't try it myself).

          Moving on. Your primary focus should be the back left leg and the left side in general (for dashing, dodging and what have you). Whenever he pours lava from his mouth and both legs are intact, either focus on the larger rear leg or focus on the smaller front leg as they can be taken down quicker. This will damage and stagger the boss long enough to get some more damage on the larger rear leg. Once either are taken out, the dog will take considerably more damage from it's wounds. Another benefit of both being taken out is if you have a weapon with a large horizontal swing you may even deal extra damage to both legs. Stay aggressive (but be extra careful for his large AOE in third phase and ground stomp in general), perfect your dash timings and you should be golden! Best of luck!

          • 16 Dec 2016 20:07  

            Does this boss consistently drop radial fire damage gems? I don't want to go through the root dungeon all over again unless I 100% know for sure I'll get another fire gem from this thing.

            • 22 Nov 2016 22:22  

              Black Sky Eye can drop the boss to its knees (the same way hitting the back of his legs works heavy weapons) if you land enough head shots with it. This is really easy to do and makes the boss simple for arcane users. If you just stand in front (not far away or it will use its leap/charge attacks) and bait its attacks you can land head shots. Flame bark, the end of its swipe bite chain (where he lunges forward with his head), and the end of his explosion were easiest i found to land headshots. After a couple head shots he will use his charge attack though so you have to watch out for that. This could probably work with bloodtinge builds as well with certain guns

              • Loch Sheild03 Oct 2016 18:10  

                If you use the Sheild during her charge attack you can survive the one hit death provided your vitality is high enough. I also use fire resistant armor (bone ash armor)

                • sob12 Aug 2016 15:57  

                  So i finaly got his health to about 2% with 8 blood vials left after dying about 10 times and suddenly BAM!! a blackout..<br/>i found myself shaking with my heart pounding and my mouth wide open in a dark room

                  • sob12 Aug 2016 15:57  

                    So i finaly got his health to about 2% with 8 blood vials left after dying about 10 times and suddenly BAM!! a blackout..<br/>i found myself shaking with my heart pounding and my mouth wide open in a dark room

                    • Tips05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                      The glowing joints on her legs (forelegs for sure, don't know about hind) can be broken with enough damage. This will cause her to fall over for a moment, usually long enough to get an extra charge attack in. <br/> <br/>You can also parry her charge attack.

                      • Explosion05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                        It seems that her AOE attack comes in two flavors: one that has a long charge up and another that comes out much more quickly. Can anyone confirm this?

                        • Easy Strategy with Scythe (or similar weapons)05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                          just beat her pretty easy, defiled chalice. got a burial blade +9. you have to bait her "quick bites", then when she finished her animation and is recovering from it, charge (R2) an attack and with the insane reach of burial blade (or any other long range weapon) you should hit her and at least I did with every charge attack like 1400 dmg. dunno why, but at the last 30% of her life my dmg droped to 400-500 with charged attacks. then the last hit on her did again 1400 dmg. takes a bit of time (maybe 10 min) but it is easy, and she never uses her leap move. dont forget that she gets more agressive and longer quick bite combos, when her life bar reaches certain points (she lights her self on fire). Hope I helped someone. Another way would be with blade of mercy. You have to force her to puke lava and at this time you should have enough time to get a combo with this sweet blades. Could do about 3000-4000 DMG in defiled chalice. Problem is, when you play this close to her, she often uses her leap move, which will/may one hit you because of the 50% Life curse. Hope I could help

                          • Need help05 Jul 2016 08:34  

                            Hey, guys. I have made it to NG++ and have done fine playing solo up until now. I'm now level 175 and I'm sad to admit it, but I think I have found a boss I truly cannot beat. If someone responds to this and helps me beat this boss, I will help you with whatever you need. Give you PSN if you respond.

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