Blood Echoes are a currency Item in Bloodborne.
"The Bloody memories of those cursed by the plague of the Beast"


  • Blood Echoes are used to level up your Stats.
  • Blood Echoes are used to trade with Messengers. You can buy and sell items.
  • Blood Echoes are also used to repair the durability and upgrade Weapons.
  • Blood Echoes are necessary to perform a Chalice Ritual.

Acquired by

  • Killing enemies will yield blood echoes, number gained depends on level and type of the enemy.
  • You can acquire Blood Echoes by consuming Coldblood, found throughout the worlds.
  • You can acquire Blood Echoes by selling items to the Bath Messenger in the Hunter's Dream.


  • When you die, the Blood Echoes that you are carrying will be left on the ground. If an enemy is nearby, there's a chance he will absorb them and thus be in possession of your valuable echoes and you will have to defeat them to recover your "Blood Transfusion". If an enemy absorbs the Blood Echoes his eyes will start to glow in a light purple color.
    • Some strong enemies have a chance to leave the echo on the ground available for pick up.
    • Bosses, including their summons, never absorb echoes.
    • The absorption does not only happen during loading screens. If one is (un)lucky enough, they are able to witness an enemy absorb their echoes. There is no animation when they do so, however.
    • If you quit the game without using the "exit game" option from the menu, your lost echo will disappear.
  • If you die again before you are able to recollect you lost Blood Echoes, they will be lost forever.
  • If you die and reload your save, you can retrieve your Blood Echoes at the Lecture Building (First floor outside the lamp room).

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