Endurance is a stat in Bloodborne that governs how many Stamina points you have. Stamina is depleted by attacking and dodging, and as such an integral part of combat. This is an important stat to level up.

endurance.jpg " The Endurance stat governs your stamina."



  • Endurance cap is 40 (leveling past 40 does not add significant gains) *there is NO equipment burden in Bloodborne
  • A point in endurance from 20->21 will give 2 Stamina, 2 in Physical DEF, 3 in slow Poison RES, 3 in Rapid Poison RES. I'm guessing it will go on like this till you get 29 or 30.
11-13 +2 Stamina +3 Physical DEF +6 Slow Poison RES +4 Rapid Poison RES
13-14 +1 Stamina same same same


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