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    • 20 May 2017 18:42  

      The following BL 90 Arcane PVE build allowed me to beat all of non-DLC Bloodborne (including all the optional bosses + Moon Presence, but excluding the Chalice Dungeons) in NG comfortably without dying once. Whenever I died to an enemy or from fall/frenzy damage, I would delete my character and restart from scratch. FYI - to get the Tonitrus early - I do not count the first Snatcher reducing your character's HP to 0 as a kill. It's a "kidnapping" dropping you off at the Hypogean Goal, see... Anyway, the build! Origin: Cruel Fate. Stats: VIT 44, END 23 (= 6 R1 attacks with Tonitrus), STR 12, SKL 9, BLT 5, ARC 47. Weapons: Tonitrus (with +18% DMG gems) + Flamethrower as main, Hunter Axe + Hunter Pistol on switch. Flavour with Arcane items (Augur of Ebrietas, Old Hunter Bone, Tiny Tonitrus, A call Beyond, etc) as you see fit. Strategy: with the Tonitrus, tap L1, close in on the enemy, then tap R1 a couple of times until it keels over. Repeat several times for bosses. The better your know your enemies' attack patterns, the easier this will be. Tonitrus at risk? Switch to Hunter Axe and work your way to a lantern for repairs. Have fun! As for me, I am currently in the process of doing a new no death run, this time including the DLC areas and bosses. For that, I am going to get my character to BL 100, either pumping VIT and ARC some more or get STR/SKL to 16/12 for the Holy Moonlight Sword...

      • Level 100 - Skill/Arcane05 Jul 2016 14:56  

        Couldnt add to the tables so here's what I got, been fun so far for both PvE and PvP: <br/>Blood level - 100 <br/>Vitality - 30 <br/>Endurance - 20 <br/>Strength - 15 <br/>Skill - 40 <br/>Bloodtinge - 10 <br/>Arcane - 30 <br/> <br/>Been mostly running with the Blades of Mercy primarily but also keep burial blade on hand for when I need some range. <br/>If I keep leveling at all might add about 5 points to Arcane or Vitality or both for a lvl 105 or lvl 110 build. <br/>What's anyone think? This my only character on Bloodborne so far

        • Quality build05 Jul 2016 14:56  

          My first build is quality. Because in the first playtrough you need to try al the weapons and choose some for the future specialized builds. <br/>Here it is: <br/>HP 47 <br/>END 20 <br/>STR 30 <br/>SKill 30 <br/>BLD 18 <br/>ARC 15

          • Black Mage05 Jul 2016 14:56  

            Blood level 120 <br/>Origin:Waste of skin <br/>VIT 40 <br/>END 20-40 (Not as important, if you want to put it into an other stat than go ahead) <br/>STR 16 <br/>SKL 12 <br/>BLD 7 <br/>ARC 40 <br/>Bone ash armor set (with Yahar'gul black garb body if you feel fasion soulsy.) <br/>Tonitrus +10 <br/>Ludwig's holy blade +10 with enchantment (arcane or fire) <br/>Pistol <br/>Hunters torch <br/> <br/>Main spells=augur of ebrietas, a call beyond, and old hunters bone <br/> <br/>The burial blade and blade of mercy apparently scale with arcane but im not sure yet. For the first three bosses just stick with a kirkhammer or whatever else you prefer until you're able to make a suicide run for the Tonitrus

            • Greatsword Build05 Jul 2016 14:56  

              Bloodlevel 110 <br/>VIT 50 <br/>END 35 <br/>STR 30 <br/>SK 23 <br/>BLD 7 <br/>ARC 15 <br/> <br/>2 Clockwise Metamorphosis Runes (+5% and +10% more health) the Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis Rune (+15% stamina) and the Radiance Oath Rune (because I missed getting the hunter of the hunter rune) <br/> <br/>I use Ludwig's Holy Blade and Burial Blade and two hand them as good as always. <br/>I personally really like the moveset of Ludwig's Holy Blade the charged up R2 followed by another R2 where you slam the sword straight downwards does a huge amount of damage. Depanding on the enemy that combo does around 1.5k to 2k damage. <br/> <br/>Holy Blade: Nourishing Damp Blood Gem, 2x Tempering Blood Gemstone <br/>Burial Blade: 2xTempering Damp Bloodstone , Arcande Damp Blood Gem (while considering if I should exchange it with a cursed temoering damp bloodstone) <br/> <br/>I think that Build is pretty okay. Any Tips? <br/>Btw. Does anyone know if the inofficial PvP Lvl will be around 110 or am I able to lvl up a little further more?

              • Dagger/Spear Build05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                Blade of Mercy/Saw Spear <br/>HP 30 <br/>END 30 <br/>STR 40 <br/>SKill 45 <br/>BLD 10 <br/>ARC 10 <br/>Personaly i like to play witha dagger and spear.... In CO-Op with dagger u can deal Really nice dps if the other party member get "aggro" from the boss with just R1 u can deal insane amount of dmg in short time,, with Swa pear u can play "semi range" attack if u cant get closet to boss mobs k etc <br/>For Blood Gem il play with :(Blade of Mercy)-Tempering Damp Blood Gem - Red Blood Gem - Tempering Damp Blood Gem <br/> :(Swa Spear)- Tempering Damp Blood Gem - Nourishing Blood Gemstone - Bolt Damp Blood Gem <br/> Caryll Runes :-Hunter - Moon - Eye (thos is prery much personal) DAt its :)

                • A Note on Stats and optimising05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                  So after completing my first playthrough I when back to Oroboro's video and thanks to mighty Excel here are my findings; (all of these assume you've soft-caped Vitality & Endurance <br/> <br/>Cruel Fate and Troubled Childhood are tied for Dex/Arcane Builds with Cruel Fate having a bit more room for Points in Strength <br/> <br/>Professional is Best for Dex/Blood build assuming no extra points in Strength, <br/>once you get to 12 Lone Survivor is best with Professional, Strength Military Veteran & Milquetoast ties one skill point behind, <br/>at 16 Military Veteran is best. <br/> <br/>Cruel Fate is best for Str/Arcane builds <br/> <br/>Violent Past is Best for Str/Blood builds

                  • wierd arcane build im doing pvp05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                    blood level 100 starting class cruel fate <br/>V:30 <br/>E:30 <br/>ST:11 <br/>sk:24 <br/>b:5 <br/>A:50 <br/>your weapon choices for right hand burial blade,blades of mercy, <br/>for left hand: hunters pistol(for parries), hunters torch, flamespitter, Rosmarinus <br/>then you have all the arcane items to use they will do a ship ton of damage and are really good at surprising people <br/>anyways sorry i didnt post this as an actual build the calculator wouldnt let me mess with stuff so i typed this up real quick to see if we can see some more varience in pvp instead of me fighting almost exclusivly people using the sword/greatsword

                    • Foolish to focus more than two stats?05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                      Hey I noticed that most people seem to be creating builds focusing on two main stats (i.e Strength/bloodtinge or Skill/Arcane) I was wondering why that is and if focusing more is not advised. Odd question I know but I tend to focus three or more stats for a build, depending on inspiration or what I want the end result to be. <br/>my current build focuses on Skill/Bloodtinge/Arcane and I try to keep those stats close (with skill being higher) the idea behind this being that I was originally going to create a Skill/Arcane type character but wanted more variety (And Chikage XD) <br/>So Is it bad to spread out like that? Or is it ok? <br/>So far this style works for me (In PvE at least lol) <br/>Just looking for oppinions.

                      • Arcane Build?05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                        I rarely see a complete arcane build and people complain arcane build is so useless compare to quality (or skill) builds. However I met a lot of powerful arcane players in Japanese community. The key difference I found is that it seems like western players are not aware of ways to acquire powerful elemental gems (but those are listed on the google sheet). Most arcane players I met use low-level or in-game gems (such as the +18% arcane gem from memsis). Just curious why? I have an arcane build character and its seriously OP in most PVP situations as people are usually unprepared for elemental damage :P

                        • seriously people can't read?05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                          "Please add builds directly to each page, not as comments! You can also create your own page following the instructions given"

                          • is there an easy mode05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                            alright here comes the comment everyone pretty much makes whys is there not an easy mode this game is beautiful and it is nothing short of perfect but its so hard it makes me want to quit but once it starts you wont stop so my question is what is the easiest way to play plain and simple

                            • [Level 99] NG PvE/Chalice Dungeon Build05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                              Vitality: 40 <br/>Endurance: 30 <br/>Strength: 10 <br/>Skill: 30 <br/>Bloodtinge: 30 <br/>Arcane: 9 <br/> <br/>Weapons: <br/>Chikage +10 <br/>Burial Blade +9 <br/>Evelyn +9 <br/>Hunter Blunderbuss +9 <br/>(You could use a +1 Blunderbuss, it's only for better parry) <br/> <br/>Armor: FashionBorne <br/>Cainhurst Helmet <br/>Charred Hunter Garb <br/>Cainhurst Gauntlets <br/>Cainhurst Leggins <br/> <br/>If you want to max. all stats, you end up level 159 (Like 50 Skill, 50 Bloodtinge, 50 Vitality and 40 Endurance.

                              • Can we get an ETA on the Calculator so it can be actually used?05 Jul 2016 14:56  

                                What is the ETA on this build calculator being actually functional. It is missing so many things. <br/> <br/>Use this one <br/>Atleast it WORKS

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