external image h89x6.gif Classes in Bloodborne are a thing of the past, at least in terms of "Bandit, Wanderer, Knight, etc", like we know them from the earlier games. The character creator does on the other hand have an 'Origin' section, where you choose an origin with a short back-story and starting stats, and some loose change to go with it.

Classes Comparison Chart

Courtesy of Huxley82

The available origins are:


  • Milquetoast

    Overall points: 60
    "Ordinary, happy upbringing. All attributes average."


  • Lone Survivor

    Overall points: 60
    "Lone survivor of a lost hamlet. High life essence and vigor."
  • The "Lone Survivor" origin is meant as an outline for tank-ish characters capable of taking hits in combat. It is very similar to the "Knight" class in Dark Souls.


  • Troubled Childhood

    Overall points: 60
    "Suffered misfortune in youth. Highly resilient as a result."
  • The "Troubled Childhood" origin is meant as an outline for characters capable of long strings of attacks without running low on endurance.



  • Violent Past

    Overall points: 60
    "Terribly violent past. Rash, but stronger for it."
  • The "Violent past" origin is meant as an outline for characters who wield large powerful weapons. It is very similar to the "Bandit" class in Dark souls.


  • Professional

    Overall points: 60
    "Born specialist, fit for sleuthing or academia."
  • The "Professional" origin is meant as an outline for characters who wield smaller swift weapons. It is very similar to the "Wanderer" class in Dark souls.


  • Military Veteran

    Overall points: 60
    "Experienced in war. A soldier with strength and skill."


  • Noble Scion

    Overall points: 60
    "Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree."
  • The "Noble Scion" origin is meant as an outline for characters with an advantage in swift weapons and blood based damage.


  • Cruel Fate

    Overall points: 60
    "Faced terrible hardships, but now confident in your purpose."
  • The "Cruel Fate" origin is meant as an outline for characters capable of taking full advantage of elemental damage.


  • Waste of Skin

    Overall points: 54
    "You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn't have been born."
  • "Waste of skin" is an origin meant as a blank slate with low stats for the player to form into whatever they way wish. it is very similar to the "deprived" class for Dark souls.


Bloodborne Alpha Classes

In the Bloodborne Alpha, characters had different starting setups for the player, each with their own unique weapon and apparel. The following image is from the Alpha and shows the 4 premade weapon combinations a player could choose from during it:




    • Anonymous

      05 Apr 2017 12:21  

      waste of skin math is wrong and it also starts with 10 skill, total points are 64 giving it 10 more points overall at level 10 making it the most viable starter choice

      • Anonymous

        At how many wasted levels should I just reroll?07 Aug 2016 02:33  

        I've been rocking a skl/arc build and just finished NG, currently level 108, but I had put 5 points into str (raising it to 15) so I could use the tonitrus (and I like round numbers, which is why it isn't 12). I'm starting to really miss my threaded cane, though, and was thinking about going back to it, but with threaded cane and BoM, those level in str do pretty much nothing, and was wondering if that was glaring enough that I should reroll. Or should I just level to 125 instead of 120?

        • Anonymous

          Alpha Classes?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

          were the alpha classes removed in a patch or did i just miss something during character creation?

          • Anonymous

            Character creation bugged?05 Jul 2016 14:53  

            I created a Michael Jackson character but I don't see any option to make him white? I'm halfway through the game so I assume I just haven't found the correct item yet, but this seems to be a major oversight in the games' design.

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