Noble Scion is a Class or Origin in Bloodborne.

  • Overall points: 60
  • "Scion to a respectable line with faith in your pedigree."
  • Has the highest Blood Echoes and Bloodtinge.
    • The cost is having the lowest Vitality and Endurance among all classes, both of which are very important to invest in for the first run of NG. Therefore it is not recommended to start with this class if you are new to Bloodborne.
  • This class is designed for Firearm oriented builds as well as the trick weapon Chikage.
  • It can also be tweaked into a hybrid Bloodtinge plus Arcane build. Be advised however that any split damage weapons will slowly lose effectiveness as you progress into higher NG cycles.




    • Underrated05 Jul 2016 08:36  

      Since this page was made before the DLC, I assume the effectiveness of this build is a bit undermined. <br/> <br/>Yes, catching your health and endurance up is an annoying process, but what you get out of it is literally an impossible to beat build at higher levels. <br/> <br/>If you have a bit of patience with it, you could make a solid character quite easily. <br/> <br/>Every build is just as viable as the next.

      • Thoughts:05 Jul 2016 08:36  

        Noble Scion seems built for Skill/Firearms. I'd suggest picking up the Threaded Cane and a Pistol. I'd imagine it would be tough to get through the beginning area with this build, the 7 in health can be deadly.

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