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The ladies of Bloodborne

by TomatoDragon


by Findtees
"...Beasts all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later..."
Bloody Beast 18x24.png Dark Beast 18x24.png Lady of Dreams 18x24.png

Fextralife Cover

Fextralife Wiki Hub
by John Devlin

Undone by the Blood
by Eric Zermeno
external image FatherGascoigne_Characterfile72dpiez.jpg

Some Bloodborne sketches!
external image Ylx7gbK.jpg
external image rRmnGsL.jpg

Bloodborne FanArt

BukiKun on Behance
by BukiKun

external image mtPNY7T.jpg

Embolden your Sickly spirit

ElysiumTan's Tumblr
by ElysiumTan

external image ZrNwBzm.png

Bloodborne Art

Aluraine on Reddit
by Aluraine
external image wdAhnQg.jpg

Bloodborne Sketches

Harrison2142 on Tumblr
by Harrison2142

Bloodborne Cosplay

by Ryusei Kan
external image WzlxoYS.jpg

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