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    • 26 Feb 2017 13:44  

      Does anyone have layer 5 Queen chalice? I'm looking to get the trophy but I don't feel like grinding it out. If you're interested in helping me out send a friend request or message and we'll set up a time to run it. Much appreciated. PSN: jacen_skywalker

      • 04 Jan 2017 04:22  

        I somehow got Micolash to spawn at his 2nd phase location with full health when entering the boss fight, I am still unsure how it happened but am curious if anyone else has seen this happen. (I probably should have started the video from when we entered the fog until getting to the boss but I still think it shows the point).

        I also have some other random glitches on that channel that I have stumbled upon recently if anyone is interested.

        • 29 Dec 2016 22:14  

          Hi im a xbox one player and i was woundering if you put bloodborne on xbox one because dark souls 3 on. xbox one and ps4 and i thought that it would be alsome if you look into your warm hearts to put bloodborne on xbox one to balance the cost of ps4 and xbox players to experience your cool game thx. Many blessings

          • 28 Dec 2016 02:18  

            Hey guys im looking for some new soulsborne friends to add, my psn is solodestroyer666, also thinking of doing a fresh co op playthrough if anyone is keen and in a similar time zone.

            • 21 Dec 2016 09:53  

              Hello all, I am chasing my first platinum for a game. I am working on the Queen trophy for the Chalice Dungeons and it is getting wicked hard. I may need some help on the last part of the dungeon where she is. My PSN is Tajaz11, I would like some new SoulsBorne friends and anyone that could help out.

              Most of my early friends came from shooters and are not interested in these games. Thanks, everyone.

              • 14 Nov 2016 04:41  

                Hello world! i'm actually on the second layer of the pthumerian ihyll chalice and it's really tough to get past all the mini bosses out there, and i'm in need of some help. If anyone is willing, my gamertag is Neliel999. Thanks!

                • The One Reborn05 Sep 2016 22:16  

                  Everyone says its easy but ive lost over 200k and could reallllly use some help. Keep getting kill by its aoe goop attack, cant seem to escape it.

                  • Lvl 72 looking to get boosted higher21 Jul 2016 02:50  

                    My psn is EliteInFame I have gotten the hang of the game just got stuck in one part don't have the echos to get stronger anyone willing to help please message me thanks!

                    • enemy aggression level based?05 Jul 2016 08:43  

                      I've noticed more aggressive behaviour from enemies in certain areas, including different attacks used more frequently. For example the lecture building slime guys using their liquid spray and extremely long knock down arm attacks and the cainhurst gargoyles using repeated sonar attacks. Is this level based? I dont think its based on progress because my other characters havent had this happen. And in doesnt seem to be either.

                      • Need help one logarius plz help05 Jul 2016 08:43  

                        I've been having extreme amounts of trouble with him , he has been bugging out to where my attacks won't hit him and he will spam the same attack without being budged and I cannot stop him

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