Lower Pthumeru Chalice is a Chalice Item in Bloodborne. You can create this chalice dungeon by combining the materials listed below at one of the Tomb Altars in Hunter's Dream. This dungeon never changes Bosses, design, or loot.

lower_pthumeru_chalice.jpg "A chalice that breaks a labyrinth seal.

But only a Root Chalice changes the shape of the old labyrinth when used in a ritual.

The old labyrinth was carved out by the Pthumerians, superhuman beings that are said to have unlocked the wisdom of the eldritch Truth."


Lower Pthumeru Chalice Information





Merciless Watcher (Layer 1)

Undead Giant, Club/Chain/Sickle version (Layer 2)

Rom, the Vacuous Spider (Layer 3)

Bloodletting Beast (Layer 4)



  • This is the first of the Pthumeru Chalices to have a fourth level.
  • Each level has a hidden wall but their locations varies.
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 1's first off-shoot leading to a chest with a Sage's Wrist. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 2 that leads to a treasure room. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 3 that leads to a treasure room. - neomerdien neomerdien-
  • There is a hidden wall in Layer 4 (which leads to a Bath Messenger vendor that sells the Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root Chalice as well as uncanny and lost versions of some weapons you have). This wall is through the door left of the lamp, up the ladder and in the room with the tree, hounds, spiders and Keeper of the old Lords (just behind it on the right wall). It will look different than the rest of the room. If messengers not found on Layer 4, then its on either Layer 1, 2 or 3 behind a hidden wall. - neomerdien neomerdien- NOTE: you will find every DLC weapon you have as uncanny and lost in this bath messangers
  • If the player dies to Rom at the same time that Rom is killed Layer 4 will be unavailable to the player. (confirmed) *possibly patched? Just happened to me, and I was able to continue to Layer 4 with no problem.
  • After completing this dungeon Ritual Blood (2) and Tomb Mold (2) can be bought from the Messengers in Hunter's Dream



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    • 28 Dec 2016 05:41  

      I managed to defeat Rom in the Lower Pthumeru Chalice with a combination of Lake runes for arcane defense, some blood gems for fire damage, and a combination of oil urn, flamethrower and molotovs

      • Drop rate05 Jul 2016 14:37  

        Is this not a guaranteed drop from the Pthumerian Descendant in the Central Pthumeru Chalice dungeon? I had to fight this guy multiple times before the thing dropped.

        • No Messenger?05 Jul 2016 14:37  

          I went through the hidden wall in layer 4 but only found a chest instead of messenger's. Is there a requirement to make them appear or something? or is this a bug?

          • THX From05 Jul 2016 14:37  

            If the player dies to Rom at the same time that Rom is killed Layer 4 will be unavailable to the player. <br/>Oh thx From now i can do the *****ty dungeon again.

            • for anyone have trouble with the giant on layer two check out my video.05 Jul 2016 14:37  

              vidoe guide i was level 77 when i killed the giant. My tips are given in the description. My main one is to avoid the spot on his back as it actually makes him attack more agressive.

              • Layer 1 illusionary wall05 Jul 2016 14:37  

                To get to the layer 1 wall start from the very first lamp in the chamber of the seal and walk down the hallway until you find a door on your right and go up the ladder and kill the spider. Then go down the ladder in the next room and kill the kidnapper and you should be in a room with a chandelier and two guys with fire weapons above you. The wall straight ahead should be the fake wall. The fake walls don't have any vines or rune signs on them and so far are wide so you don't have to worry about the smaller walls.

                • Mini Blood-Starved Beast?05 Jul 2016 14:37  

                  I ran into a strange enemy in layer 2. It looked just like blood starved beast and it came from the room with the unlock lever. Just wondering if this is something that always happens, or a glitch or what? I only ask because he came out of a room that was all clear of enemies a minute earlier, and also because I can't find any mention of it on here anywhere.

                  • Defiled Chalice05 Jul 2016 14:37  

                    I've killed the Bloodletting beast 10-20 times and still haven't received the Defiled Chalice drop. Is this a bug or is it just a random drop? Anyone else experiencing the problem?

                    • Weapons05 Jul 2016 14:37  

                      I'm trying to get to the blades of mercy and the burial blade in the pthumeru ihyll root chalice, and I'm only level 50. I haven't even beaten Vicar Amelea yet with this character. Would anyone mind taking me as far as possible? I'm in layer three of lower pthumeru trying to fight Rhom right now, and the glyph is bcyfkp4m

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