Vicar Amelia

hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
5367 15000 Cathedral Ward Gold Pendant
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
113 135 113 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
113 160 55 160
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
999 999 Yes No

Vicar Amelia (教区長エミーリア Kyōku-chō Emīria lit. "Vicar Amelia/Emilia") is a Boss in Bloodborne.


"Remain wary of the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young."
"Were it not for fear, death would go unlamented."
"Seek the old blood."
"Let us pray, let us wish... to partake in communion."
"Let us partake in communion... and feast upon the old blood."
"Our thirst for blood satiates us, soothes our fears."
"Seek the old blood."
"But beware the frailty of men. Their wills are weak, minds young."
"The foul beasts will dangle nectar and lure the meek into the depths."
"Remain wary of the frailty of men..."

Vicar Amelia Information

  • After defeating Vicar Amelia and interacting with the altar, the world state advances and turns to night time. At night, some enemies become stronger, while others fall asleep and won't react until the player approaches them.



  • In Cathedral Ward, past the big circular graveyard, up the stairs, inside the Grand Cathedral.



  • Vicars were the heads of the Healing Church, as is revealed in the item description for the Gold Pendant, which she can be seen clutching in the cutscene, and even in battle after her grotesque transformation. This would make her the last Vicar, who oversaw the Church as Yharnam fell to the beasthood brought upon it by misuse of the Old Blood. As the player finds her, she is seen praying to the altar in the Grand Cathedral which hold a misshapen skull, presumably that of Laurence, the founder of the Healing Church. Here she kneels awaiting her inevitable transformation, praying, clasping her pendant which existed to carry a reminder that had been all but forgotten, and that may have prevented the madness that led Yharnam to ruin before her eyes: Fear the Old Blood.



  • Blood Echoes NG (15,000), NG+ (103,425), NG++ (113,768), NG+3 (129,282), NG+4 (155,138), NG+6 and so on (258,563)
  • Co-op Echoes: NG (7,500)
  • Gold Pendant
  • Gain 1 Insight for finding the boss and 3 Insight for killing it.


Combat Information

  • This fight has 2 phases:
    1. Phase 1: 100% HP - Normal move set
    2. Phase 2: 50% HP - In addition to the normal move set, she receives a healing ability, a few new combos, and becomes more aggressive with attacks.
  • Weak to Fire Damage.
  • Strong against Blunt, Arcane and Bolt damage.
  • Can be staggered and possible to perform a Visceral Attack on her (when her head is down and the "parry" sound plays) during all phases. The main trigger for this appears to be heavily damaging her legs.
  • She has a wide variety of attacks, covering her sides, close range, and long range, so there is no "safe" zone and requires lots of dodging or distance.
  • It is not recommended to stay behind Vicar Amelia, as her tail completely obstructs your view.
  • After each of her attacks, there is an opening for one or two attacks, so it is key to stay close and dodge in to get close to exploit these openings.
  • The Threaded Cane seems to be helpful for this fight in its whip form as the attack path goes higher and ends up hitting her in the head. Its possible to chain attacks on her after multiple head strikes and stuns.
  • Since this boss heals in Phase 2, it is recommended to bring Numbing Mist with you to stop her from healing. The effect only lasts a short while so reapply as needed.
  • Old Hunter Henriet can be summoned for this fight and makes it considerably easier. Although Henriet doesn't do that much damage, Amelia will tend to focus on her instead of you, allowing you to spend more time attacking instead of dodging.


Weak Spots

  • Both legs. Attacking one many times or both moderately will make her drop on her knees, allowing for a Visceral Attack.
  • Left arm. Attacking her left arm will periodically stagger her. When staggered she lowers her head, which can then be hit.
  • Right arm. If the left arm is sufficiently damaged, attacking the right arm can also result in a (shorter) stagger.
  • Head. Her head is her factual weak point. It is the only body part that can be attacked critically (similar to the Cleric Beast). It also takes the most damage, if you're able to hit it (when staggered, mostly). If hit enough times she will cover her head with both hands/claws, leaving her open for quite a while.


Attack Name Attack Description Counter
Right Claw Claws the ground with her right arm. Dodge right and attack.
Right Swing A close range swing with her right arm. Dodge right and attack.
Right Swing and Claw A close range swing with her right arm then claws the ground once with her right arm. Dodge right and attack.
Right Swing and Backhand A close range swing with her right arm and a backhand swing. Dodge right and attack.
Left Ground Pound Pounds the ground in front of her with her left hand. Dodge left and attack.
Triple Right Ground Pound Slams the ground in front of her three times with her right arm. Dodge to her side and attack.
Bite If the player is close in front, Vicar Amelia will quickly bite the player. Don't stand in front of her.
Grab Raises both arms high in the air for a moment, then grabs, bites, and throws you away. (If she is injured, she will use one arm) Dodge to the side and attack.
Howl The boss will arch her back and howl and glow gold for a moment, restoring her to full capability. Gives you time to attack her once or twice.
Ground Blast She will rise up, bring her hands together, then slam her hands to the ground, causing a linear medium-range AOE. Medium recovery animation. Lock onto Vicar Amelia, and when she reaches peak height, dodge to the upper left/right and attack.
Pounce Usually done when she runs on all fours. She will leap into the air and try to hit you with her right claw. Easily avoided by dodging to your left as she descends, and leaves her open to a hit or two.
Pincer With arms wide open, she sweeps with both arms in front of her. Dodge to the side and attack.
Turning Left Backhand When the player is on her left, she will perform a turning left backhand. Dodge left and attack
Turning Right Backhand When the player is on her right, she will perform a turning right backhand. Dodge right and attack
Retreating Left Backhand She raises her left arm across her body and backhands to her left side as she steps back away. If you are close, dodge to the side and attack.
Wide Right Sweep She sweeps to the left with her right arm. Dodge right and attack.
Wide Right Sweep and Backhand She sweeps to the left with her right arm, pauses, then backhand sweeps to the right. Dodge right and attack
Wide Left Sweep and Double Right Claw Vicar Amelia sweeps with her left arm, then claws the ground twice with her right. Dodge right and attack
Phase II Attack Description Counter
Ultimate Combo Quickly slams the ground four times, wide right sweep, right backhand, then a long range right sweep. If you are close, dodge to her side and attack.
If you are far, move back and don't get hit by the long range sweep.
Heal A channeling heal signaled when she joins both hands on the chest and emits a light. If you are too far, she will actually jump back and use this move. You can interrupt this by attacking her repeatedly. (Varies by weapon)
Wide Left Sweep and Double Right Claw Pound Vicar Amelia sweeps with her left arm, then claws the ground twice with her right and ending with a left ground pound. Dodge right and attack.


Strategy 1 (No Numbing Mist Needed)

You'll need some Bone Marrow Ash, Fire Paper, Molotovs, and as many Quicksilver Bullets. You will be using the Threaded Cane Whip and Repeating Pistol as weapons. The strategy for this is basically to learn her moves first so go through the fight a couple times and know what her tells are and how to time your dodges (you can see what happens when it's off).

  1. You want to save your Bone Marrow Ash for when she is going to heal if you run out that's what the Molotovs will help with.
  2. Use your Fire Paper with the whip and bring her health down and when she starts to heal use your Bone Marrow Ash with the Repeating Pistol to stagger her out of it (if this doesn't work you may need to upgrade the pistol).
  3. If you run out of Bone Marrow Ash use your Molotovs or run in and wail away with the fire whip (a normal whip won't do enough damage).


Strategy 2 (Go for the legs)

Get yourself the Saw Cleaver from the messengers or the Saw Spear from one of the hanging corpses in Central Yharnam. These weapons both have a hidden "serration" damage property that boosts their power against beasts. Bait out one of her swiping attacks, then dodge through it so that you're in place for a shot at her legs. Try to get 2 or 3 fast hits in, or just a single R2, then dodge away before she tries to backhand you. Repeat this process until her legs give out and she's on her knees. This is a signal that you can do a Visceral attack, so quick step yourself in front of her and rip her brains out. Repeat until dead.
If she's not giving you many opportunities to hit her legs, go for one of her arms first in order to stagger her. When she slowly raises one or both fists above her head, get ready to dodge the incoming shock wave. She will be open for a moment after using this attack, so use it to hit her arms for a potential stagger, which will open up her legs for punishment. If she jumps at you, try dodging towards her and to the side to get closer to her legs when she lands.
Fire Paper or Molotov Cocktails combined with Oil Urns can make this fight go by a bit faster.
Also bring Numbing Mist, and wait for the pause in between her attacks to throw it without getting countered. Apply the mist again every half minute or so to preemptively stop her from healing. Even if she is under the effects of the mist, she will still try (and fail) to heal if she has some distance from you, so use that as a cue to get in some more damage.


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Amelia Header


Notes & Trivia

  • Her healing ability can be cancelled and blocked by Numbing Mist. This item can be found early in the game by climbing the ladder behind the gate where the Wooden Shield is found, or by sending the Lonely Old Woman to Iosefka's Clinic, then speaking with Iosefka.
  • Her fight arena can be reached without using the Hunter Chief Emblem. This is done by killing the Blood-Starved Beast, which triggers the unlocking of the door in Oedon Chapel that leads to the Healing Church Workshop. This area can be traversed to get behind the gate that would normally be opened by the emblem.
  • After defeating her and interacting with the altar, it will be night time.
  • Her dialogues can be heard before triggering the fight if the player stands at the top of the stairs and listens closely.
  • Vicar Amelia shares her boss theme with the Cleric Beast, presumably because both Amelia and the Cleric Beast were once members of clergy and got turned into beasts.
  • Fog gate glitch: If host engages cutscene without both players(summons) in the world, it wont allow the last player through.
  • Intrestingly enough, Vicar Amelia also makes a re-appearance in the Old Hunter's DLC as a Church Hunter.  She is wearing the white garbed Church hunter by the Surgery Alter after you defeat Ludwig the Accursed, while also chanting the same chant when you first encounter her in the Grand Cathedral.  Becareful when you approach her, as another Church Hunter is hiding and waiting to ambush.


    • 13 Jan 2018 18:26  

      This strategy worked very well in my case: throw one Oil Urn and hit her with transformed Threaded Cane buffed with Fire Paper; when she's half HP and starts praying for healing, throw one Numbing Mist to prevent it and finish her with your burning Cane.

      • Anonymous

        15 Dec 2017 22:28  

        About her in the old hunters DLC I think the second hunter might be the cleric beast (the one that ambushes you)

        • Anonymous

          10 Sep 2017 07:32  

          Something, something, Stake Driver.

          Seriously, though. If you can manage to pull off the fully charged, Fire-Papered, Loaded R2, it pretty much always opens her up for a visceral. It's tricky to do, because it takes so long, but it's so much fun.

          • Anonymous

            24 Aug 2017 04:59  

            It's worth noting that if you summon somebody and enter the boss fight, that summon can walk away and close the shortcut gates. so make sure any summons you have actually come inside with you

            • Anonymous

              29 Jun 2017 23:33  

              My first playthrough, I didn't realize I could take on the Witch of Hemwick or the Bloodstarved Beast before fighting her, and got my ass kicked about 20 times because of how severely underleveled I was. NG+ and onward, she's remained a cakewalk ever since, lol.


              I think "Cleric Beast" is really more of an umbrella term, referring to the high ministers of the Healing Church who fell to bloodlust. Vicar Amelia was a cleric, and one who becomes a beast, which, uh, seems to be the spitting definition of "Cleric Beast." Not to mention Brador wears the hide of "a cleric beast," not THE Cleric Beast, and Laurence takes the exact same form as the first Cleric Beast, except OH***** HE'S ON FIRE. There's also the Loran Cleric, another beastie with antlers/horns, and I'm certain that Ludwig can be considered another form of cleric beast, though his transformation is a unique case.

              The individual appearances of the cleric beasts says plenty about their individual characters. Most of them sport massive antlers and lack visible eyes, which I feel represents a sort of "brain death," and subjugation to the archaic dogma of the Healing Church. On the "standard" Cleric Beast, these horns glow red from within--as if the blood has gone straight to its head. Vicar Amelia's antlers are smaller, and somewhat more symmetric, and the Loran Cleric's horns hang heavily in front of the creature's eyes, evidently blinding them, judging by the way they keep their arm outstretched in front of them as they stumble forward. Ludwig, unlike the other Cleric Beasts, lacks any sort of horns, separating him entirely from the other clerics.

              Whereas they became beasts through bloodlust, Ludwig's lack of self-will and status as an eminent crusader spawned his beastly appearance, though the parasitic, eye-filled growth on his neck seems to also represent his boundless spiritual fortitude. He appears to be the only cleric that still feels fear, a key component in retaining humanity, as suggested by Amelia's prayer, which is probably what allows him to partially recover his sanity post-combat.

              There's also the puzzle of color--most of the cleric beasts are black-furred, but Amelia's fur, like the garb she wears (BTW I'M STILL PISSED YOU CAN'T WEAR HER SHAWL), is a blood-stained white. Looking back on some of the item descriptions, the significance becomes very clear in both of the Church Hunter attire sets. According to the White Church set, these individuals are the superiors to the Hunters donning the Black Church set. Those wearing black are preventative clinicians, employed to stamp out the beastly plague wherever suspected, whereas the white-clad doctors are the primary researchers seeking to find a cure for the scourge, in the belief that subjecting oneself to an illness offers insight into its function. It's no surprise that Amelia, being a Vicar and the current master of the Healing Church, would be colored white. Most likely, the Cleric Beast encountered on the Great Bridge of Yharnam is a powerful protector of the Healing Church, defending it from the impurity of the city, not realizing its own futility. (The Cleric Beast OST refers to the creatures as "protectors" of the "sanctuaries of blood." The Church is highly partial regarding who is deserving of blood treatment, as further evidenced by some dialogue spoken by Alfred. Esotericism is a major antagonistic motive in Bloodborne, after all.)

              Lastly, I'm fairly certain the white-clad Huntress you fight at the Research Hall elevator isn't Vicar Amelia. Yeah, she's reciting the same chant, but her voice is completely different, and I don't imagine she's been the Vicar of the Healing Church for what appears to have been centuries--especially since Laurence, the First Vicar is still alive in this period of Yharnam's history. My guess is that she's just another cleric, prior to losing her humanity. I think the chant she's muttering is just "Laurence's adage," a bastardized version of Willem's decree, as hinted at by the note to the left of the staircase leading to Vicar Amelia's arena--"Purveyor to the ritual of ministration, place your hand upon the sacred covering, and inscribe Master Laurence's adage upon your flesh." Whereas Willem instructed his students to "Fear the Old Blood," Laurence's adage offers the soothing promise of communion by the way of the Old Blood. This chant has likely been passed down through the countless years by the high priests until its words lost all meaning, and was simply recited without any attempt to understand its context. Like Bible thumpers.

              • Anonymous

                22 Jun 2017 23:13  

                This has actually always been one of the easier bosses for me, and my #1 choice to get coop for the The League done. Just use some fire paper (if you're not playing Arcane) on a preferably serrated weapon and use Numbing Mist to prevent her from healing - cakewalk. :)

                • Anonymous

                  08 Jun 2017 23:58  

                  Surprisingly, contrary to what this one says, staying behind works like a charm. She has only one attack that swipes behind, and you can just wail on her legs from there with no real problems, albeit stamina. Beat her just now on my ~6-7 try, and Harriet. Had lvl 4 Axe and was level 35

                  • Anonymous

                    03 May 2017 06:43  

                    I kicked her ass on the first go using Ludwig's Holy Blade in two-handed mode, I was level 42 I think, the blade was +6, I went straight for her, kept charging R2 and she barely even touched me. She spent the whole fight staggered, moaning, getting viscerally attacked etc :D

                    • Anonymous

                      01 May 2017 00:02  

                      Dont fight her right away, explore old yharnam, hemwick charnel lane and the area to the right of her boss door. Then obtain a +6 weapon and a couple of decent bloodgems and its a cakewalk, i beat her at level 40 with a +6 saw cleaver in about 3 minutes

                      • Anonymous

                        05 Mar 2017 08:31  

                        I was having major trouble with VA on NG+ and I found a good strategy: bring a cooperator (even Henriett will do), a fast weapon (I used the saw cleaver), and beast blood pellets. Use the beast blood pellet and just start wailing on her legs from her side. If the cooperator does the same, it might keep her from attacking for a while. The beasthood allows you to get much more damage on her legs, making viscerals much easier.

                        • Anonymous

                          27 Feb 2017 03:11  

                          So I had this plan to apply the flaming whip once she started healing in the second phase, and i was struggling with trying to decicpher her attack patterns. Then once i got her to half just now, I applied the fire paper, and once i started wailing away, it almost seemed to stunlock her. I took out the last half of her health in under 15 seconds, and she couldn't heal once.

                          • Anonymous

                            07 Feb 2017 10:06  

                            Her heal seems random. On one of my attempts, she didn't use it at all, regardless of the distance I was at. On another attempt, she used it 8 times, sometimes even when I was right up in her face.

                            • Anonymous

                              03 Feb 2017 21:26  

                              Beat her with the help of Old Hunter Henriett using the Kirkhammer, with enough R2s you can mainly stunlock her to death.

                              • Anonymous

                                24 Jan 2017 18:38  

                                Found the trick.
                                Any weapon will do, but I recommend the Threaded Cane for stamina efficiency. Use Fire Paper to do even more damage per swing, obviously. Glue yourself to her - stay with her stomach if possible; very few of her attacks will reach you there - and just WAIL on her. Swung enough times to do about 3300 damage before getting my combo interrupted.

                                • Anonymous

                                  09 Jan 2017 16:13  

                                  After many failed attempts, I finally beat her with the combination of bone marrow ash+fire sprayer in phase 1, and made sure to burst for +5 blood bullets, fire paper and finally molotovs in phase 2. I'm doing an arcane+strength build and the kirkhammer+4 wasn't doing enough damage for me (18 STR, 18 ARC). Only had to use a few blood vials and she went down before she could heal.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    22 Dec 2016 13:13  

                                    Honestly, I just went to scout her damage output before going in with Henriet, and ended up doing a no hit run against her with a Ludwig's Holy Blade +4 in Greatsword mode.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      11 Dec 2016 00:09  

                                      To beven honest I was scared to face her as there was so much hype and stuff saying that she was really hard, but I beat her first try and it really wasn't hard to dodge her. It could be different for NG+. But this is also my first souls/ bloodborne game. Now the bsb, is hard af.

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