Saw Spear


Imprints (Normal)


Imprints (Uncanny)


Imprints (Lost)

physical_atk.jpg blood_atk.jpg arcane_atk.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_atk.jpg
85 -- -- -- --
poison_damage.jpg bleeding_damage.jpg VS_kin.jpg VS_beasts.jpg durability.jpg
-- -- 100 100 200
Requirements & Scaling
strength.jpg skill.jpg bloodtingue.jpg arcane.jpg qs_bullet_use.jpg

The Saw Spear is a Trick Weapon in Bloodborne. There are 3 versions of this weapon: Normal, Uncanny and Lost. The only known differences being the Gem Imprints and the locations in which they are found.

" One of the trick weapons of the workshop, commonly used by those who dedicate themselves to the hunt. This saw, effective at drawing the blood of beasts, transforms into a medium-range spear. The saw, with its set of blood-letting teeth, has become a symbol of the hunt, and only grows in effectiveness the more grotesquely transformed the beast."

Saw Spear Information

  • Transforms between a saw to a spear.
  • Requires Blood Stone Shards and Blood Echoes to fully upgrade.
  • To perform a Transformation Attack, press L1 while performing another attack.
  • The Saw Spear is considered a serrated weapon in both forms, and causes additional damage to enemies susceptible to these weapons





  • Can be bought from the Bath Messengers, after obtaining the Saw Hunter Badge, for 1,000 Blood Echoes.
  • Treasure in Central Yharnam Sewer, on the ledge above the dead end with boats. You also need to cut down the corpse hanging from the rafters high above.






Player Notes

  • R2 attack in spear stance is a thrust attack and a slight diagonal slam when charged.
  • Contrary to what its name might suggest, the spear utilizes slashes rather than thrusts (except in its R2 attacks), functioning much like a sword with extended blade.
  • Both transforming attacks deal significantly more damage than basic attacks but are executed as fast as the latter. Spamming L1 is a viable tactic that allows the hunter to dish out lots of damage in a short period.
  • R1 attack in saw stance is very quick, making it useful for quickly scoring multiple hits in order to regain health.
  • Enemies susceptible to serrated weapons receive around 15%-20% extra damage from both modes of this weapon[1]
  • This weapon (as well as the Saw Cleaver) is an excellent compliment to the Beast Cutter. Saw Spear is ideal against smaller but faster foes (as well as single targets like Hunters), while the Beast Cutter is best used against groups of enemies large or small, especially if they're slow.
  • At 99 Strength, Skill and Arcane the Saw Spear+10 gains 193 physical bonus.



R: Rally/Regain. The amount of HP regained on an R1 attack immediately after taking damage



85 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 35


93 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 37


101 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 39


109 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 41


117 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 43


126 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D D -- D 45


133 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D C -- D 47


141 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D C -- C 49


149 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D C -- C 51


157 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D C -- C 53


170 -- -- -- -- -- -- 100 100 D C -- C 55


Average Physical Attack Increase

Strength Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
8 to 25 2.17 39
26 to 50 1.20 30
50 to 99 0.27 13
Skill Stat
Stat Range Damage per Point Estimated Attack Gained
9 to 25 2.94 50
26 to 50 1.52 38
51 to 99 0.33 16


Move sets & Videos

Regular Move set: Physical Damage
Move Damage Type & Modifier[2] Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg 1.00x, 1.02x, 1.04x, 1.09x 20 Alternating slashes; starting with top right to lower left, then top left to lower right side, horizontal from right to left, then an upward slash from left to right.
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 0.95x (frontstep), 1.00x (sidestep) 25~27 Quickstep forward, back or left results in a quick hop forward and fast horizontal slash from left to right. Stepping right is the same attack, but slashing from right to left
Backstep R1 physical_atk.jpg 0.95 25 The character takes a step forward with the left foot and swings from right to left horizontally while taking a large step forward with the right foot
Dash R1 physical_atk.jpg 1.09x 30 (+run) The weapon is slashed on a downward diagonal from left to right
R2 Attack physical_atk.jpg 1.20x 35 The saw is slashed from right to left horizontally with a brief windup animation. This does not combo, with the character resetting each time and performing the same attack repeatedly.
Charged R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.90x 50 The saw is brought behind the character on the right side and held for a short duration. The right hand twists slightly which cues a rapid slash from overhead right diagonally toward the character's lower left
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.10x 35 Similar footwork to the backstep R1, except the right foot takes a small step with the attack occurring as the left foot takes a big step forward. The blade is raised very quickly in an upward vertical slash from near the character's left foot to overhead above the right shoulder.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.26x 45 (+run) The R2 while running looks very similar to the standard R2, but has a shorter windup animation and has the player crouched lower to the gounrd.
Leap physical_atk.jpg 1.40x 50 As the character leaps forward the saw is raised over the right shoulder and brought down in a vertical slash that strikes the ground to the side of the left foot. Effective for enemies that are low to the ground
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg 1.30x 23 (+x) Similar to the Saw Cleaver in that the player pushes the closed Saw Spear forward and has it extend. The extension of the blade is the actual attack as it snaps forward from unlocking. During dodging transformations, the weapon is brought from right to left, but other actions can lead to the attack animation going from left to right.
Transformed Move set: Physical and Thrust Damage
Move Damage Type & Modifier[3] Stamina Effect
R1 Combo physical_atk.jpg1.09x, 1.11x, 1.09x, 1.11x 25 A three move combo starting with a horizontal slash from right to left, a windmill starting from the left side of the body resulting in a downward vertical slash and ending in a left to right horizontal slash
Quickstep R1 physical_atk.jpg1.09x 33~40 A quickstep left, back or forward results in a quick hop forward and a slash from left to right horizontally. A quickstep to the right slashes from right to left.
Backstep R1 thrust.jpg0.92 40 After the backstep, the character hops forward and thrusts the spear forward for what becomes a decent range poke.
Dash R1 thrust.jpg0.89x 35 (+run) The dashing R1 results in a thrust forward that looks like the backstep R1 attack.
R2 Attack thrust.jpg1.34x 35 A short windup leads to a thrust forward that looks much like the backstep R1 and dash thrusts.
Charged thrust.jpg1.75x, 1.55x 50 The weapon is brought back and held for a short duration before being thrust forward in a stab that hits the ground. Hitting R2 again will result in a slash from the character's lower left to upper right. This has a short delay between attacks but is only possible with this combo.
Backstep R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.19x 35 The Saw Spear is raised overhead and as the character lunges forward onto their right foot, the blade is swept down veritcally into the ground.
Dash R2 physical_atk.jpg 1.19x 45 (+run) The dash R2 is a faster version of the backstep R2 animation. While not identical, they are very similar with the most notable difference being in swing speed.
Leap thrust.jpg1.34x 50 After leaping forward, the blade is thrust forward. This is effectively the same as the regular R2 after a small jump forward.
Transform Attack physical_atk.jpg 1.24x 30 (+x) The extended weapon is brought behind the character where it snaps shut. The now closed weapon is slashed forward. While dodging the animation starts from the right and sweeps left, but this can be reversed based on the previous action (R1 then L1 will have it begin on the left hand side for instance)



  • Carried by Charred Hunter in Old Yharnam.


  1. ^ Tested on wolves in Central Yharnam
  2. ^ Tested in PvP with naked, BL 120 characters using maxed weapons
  3. ^ Tested in PvP with naked, BL 120 characters using maxed weapons

    • Nothing, just Madman's Knowledge08 Jul 2016 00:54  

      Could somebody explain me why do I keep getting Madman's Knowledge? I've tried with three different glyphs and there's no result. Why?

      • Don't need to defeat Priest Gascoigne05 Jul 2016 08:35  

        I've unlocked this weapon in the shop, and I have not yet killed Priest Gascoigne. Perhaps there is something in the room that unlocks it when picked up, like the brooch, or perhaps simply seeing the boss at all will unlock it. If it's the latter, then perhaps it was meant to be purchased to help kill his beast form; I think this because of the line "...grows in effectiveness the more grotesquely transformed the beast."

        • Weapon Lore05 Jul 2016 08:35  

          This weapon also appears to be used by the gattling gun hunter in the cave byt river of blood. That hunter also wears charred hunter set. Not entirely sure but I think this saw spear is preferred by hunters that are somehow related to Djura or powder kegs.

          • Uncanny Saw Spear and Threaded Cane05 Jul 2016 08:35  

            I created a Central Pthumeru Root Chalice dungeon with Fetid Offering. First one I ever made. Layer one pre-area bonus room had an Uncanny Saw Spear in a coffin. Layer three I found an Uncanny Threaded Cane in the same dungeon. Glyph code is 7r564exx if anyone is interested.

            • Lost Saw Spear Glyph05 Jul 2016 08:35  

              Dungeon is Sinister Lower Pthumeru Root, and the glyph is: 3ukjayjk <br/> <br/>The Lost Saw Spear is in Layer 3 of this glyph's dungeon. <br/>There is also an Uncanny Rifle Spear in the side room before the first boss, Layer 1. <br/> <br/>Happy hunting!

              • need active lost saw spear glyph05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                Can someone provide a glyph for the lost version that is actually still active? I keep getting expiration messages at the ritual altars.

                • Every weapon gets a bonus at max stat?05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                  "At 99 Strength, Skill and Arcane the Saw Spear+10 gains 193 physical bonus" does this actually happen on every weapon?

                  • Uncanny Saw Spear05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                    Was looking for an Uncanny Saw Spear, but couldn't get the glyph here to work. But, as luck would have it, I found one in the one I made myself just to have access. Central Pthumerian Root, no extra offerings, in a coffin in the very first bonus area in level 1 (really, really easy access, 2 minutes tops). Glyph gwbeqrhd.

                    • Please Credit the Source05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                      If all of this info is from the guide, could someone add that to the pages? It would be nice to know the source of the information.

                      • Any good in "meta" pvp?05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                        Was wondering if this thing is actually any good in "meta" level pvp (80-110, whatever it turns out to be)? I know the saw cleaver can melt people and I was wondering if this was the same since they both have the same scaling this one just being skill based with 10 less ar for a better transformed move set in my opinion.

                        • Another Location05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                          I found these in the sewers after the dogs in Central Yharnam, I cut these people down from ropes which made them fall down into this area with rats and I killed the rats and searched one of the bodies and he had this

                          • Effectiveness with Arcane Build?05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                            I'm curious to try this with an Arcane build, considering it scales evenly with arcane as it does with skill. The reach is very nice, and I could utilize scaling electrical runes for added stagger when L1 spamming. If making it scale with arcane is not suggested, how's about utilizing the empty phantasm shell for such a build?

                            • Another Lost Saw Spear Lower Ptumerian layer one before the layer one lamp05 Jul 2016 08:35  

                              Layer 2 treasure room is broken/glitched but layer three has Great One Coldblood as well. <br/>Both offerings <br/>Glyph: hebgudby

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