Red Jeweled Brooch is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.

Red_Jeweled_Brooch.jpg"A woman's bright-red brooch, engraved with the name Viola.
Perhaps the jewel is a gift from a hunter. Use to change into a droplet blood gem that fortifies any weapon.
With the proper workshop tool, various weapons can be fortified."

Red Jeweled Brooch Usage

  • By consuming this item it turns into a precious Droplet Blood Gem.
  • Possible Gems it can produce:
  • Quest: Bring it back to Viola's daughter, the Window NPC who gave you the Tiny Music Box
    • This will make the girl cry because both her parents are dead.
    • She will leave her house.
    • if you return later and kill the large pig in the sewers, it will drop Red Messenger Ribbon which belonged to the girl.
    • if you return to the girl's house after killing Rom, her sister will be there when you talk to the window, you can give her the red ribbon, in turn she will give you the White Messenger Ribbon.



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