Suspicious Beggar

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Forbidden Woods beast rune

"Certain Church hunters obfuscate their identities and slip into the nooks and crannies of the city. These hunters are keen to early signs of the scourge, serving as a first line of defense against its outbreak. Or perhaps, when the time is ripe, they find signs of the scourge where there are none. It just goes to show, the corner beggar is not always who he seems."

Transformed Man or The Suspicious Beggar is an NPC in Bloodborne. He can be sent to Iosefka's Clinic or Oedon Chapel.

The Suspicious Beggar is first discovered, breathless, standing above several mauled bodies and eating one of them. He asks the Hunter if they were responsible for killing the Wolf Beast below the balcony, then thanks them and asks if they know of any safe places. He'll give you two Pungent Blood Cocktails upon answering with a yes. The Suspicious Beggar is a massive Abhorrent Beast in disguise, and when attacked he will transform into his true form.


The Suspicious Beggar can be found in the Forbidden Woods. After riding down the elevator in the building by the lamp, drop down on the path ahead and turn left, then enter the building across the small bridge and go up the ramp to the right. Go out the window, follow the path up the ladder to the left and you will find him after traversing the gears above where you can find the Cannon.

Note: If you wait for the red moon to appear before meeting him, he will disappear for the rest of the playthrough.


  • If sent to the Oedon Chapel:
    • He will slowly murder each of the NPCs that the Hunter sends there, although if you talk to him afterward, he'll give you Beast Blood Pellets.
    • On arrival, he will kill the first NPC. Afterwards, for every boss you defeat (Chalice bosses included), he will kill another NPC. With each NPC he kills, he will reward you with Beast Blood Pellets when spoken to. The NPCs killed will also drop the items they would have dropped if you had killed them yourself. After killing the last NPC, and talking to him to receive your rewards/gifts, he will vanish when you reload the area. (have not been able to find him after he left)



  • If sent to Iosefka's Clinic:
    • When the player gains entry to the clinic they will find a passive Celestial Mob, hunched over in a corner by a bench, which will drop the beast rune when killed.


  • If you withold information:
    • No effect.



  • Beast Rune (+50)
  • 6811 Blood Echoes




Forbidden Woods Encounter:

"Blimey! Don't scare me like that. On a night like this... I took you for a monster."

"Oh, thank the stars, you're fairly normal... Was it you put down that awful beast?"

"Oh, that thing had me be trembling, frozen in me boots. And then you came along."

"Well... if you're a hunter... then..."

"Would you know of any safe havens?"

If sent to Oedon Chapel or Iosefka's Clinic:

"Well... I will be! Thank you!"

"It's about time I made a move. I can't very well stay out on me own..."

"Oh you've given me hope... Terribly kind of you."

"Take this. It's all I can offer as thanks." (gives Pungent Blood Cocktail)

"Thank you. It's about time I made a move."

"I can't very well stay out on me own...""

If withheld locations:

"Oh yeah, of course not... I should've known."

"This whole place's falling apart, once again..."

"It's the curse of Yharnam..."

Oedon Chapel Encounter:

"Ah, hello again."

"I owe this to you. It's a wonderful place."

"They even let beggars like myself in!"

"What's better, we keep our distance, don't step on anyone's toes, right?"

"The way proper Yharnamites ought to live!"

"Oh, let me share something with you."

"My secret stash. Really prime stuff..."

"Ah, hello again."

"I really do owe you a terrible lot."

"Finding me such a nice place to live."

"This is a smashing place."

"it's everything Yharnam ever had, and more!"

After the transformation:

"Oh, you are a sick puppy! You drink the blood of half the town, and now this! And you talk of beasts? You hunters are the real killers!"

"Have you got a screw loose? Or is it your... animal intuition"

"You hunters have got more blood on your hands."

"Die! Die, die! Hunters are killers, nothing less! You call ME a beast? A Beast!? What would you know? I didn't ask for this!"

"Rancid beasts, every last one of us..."


  1. Fight him in the Forbidden Woods. Attack him a few times and he will transform, health replenished.
    1. It is advised to fight him on the balcony as the player can exploit the small doorway connecting it to the building and attack with impunity. Just watch out for his attack that causes the ground to throw you up against the ceiling.
    2. When transformed, he is extremely weak to poison. Three Poison Knives will poison him and remove about a third of his health. You can find some right next to him near the balcony edge. Once he transforms retreat to the doorway and throw a knife, wait for the poison to wear off and throw another, just make sure to retreat back to stay out of range of his ground pound attack.
    3. Alternatively, you can roll off the balcony, which should make him stand on the edge. He should be within shooting or throwing distance, but be unable to attack.
    4. If the Suspicious Beggar is outside of Oedon Chapel, you can attack him until he transforms. Like other enemies, he will not be able to enter the cathedral. You can safely attack him from inside, preferably with ranged attacks. Killing him successfully, he will drop the Beast Rune. Alternatively, use Shaman Bone Blade onto the Kidnapper and bait him to attack the Beggar.
    5. He will be transformed into one of the Celestial Beings and drop the beast rune. Note, you will not get the large number of echoes from killing him this way like you can with the other two ways.





  • His dialogues suggest that beasts are sentient beings. Despite his murderous nature, he considers the hunters as more bloodthirsty and merciless than the beasts, while the beasts preying on the others for daily need and hunger are far more normal than those who hunt beasts just because they're beast.
  • The Harrowed Hood suggested the Begger was once a Church Hunter who obfuscated his identity and served as the first line of defense against the Beast Outbreak, he instead became a sentient beast himself. It could also be the side effect of the Beast's Embrace rune.
  • It is also a known fact the beasts were once humans, as suggested by Djura.
  • His act of murdering other NPCs is similar to the behavior of Yurt the Silent Chief from Demon's Souls.
  • He wears the Madman Leggings and Harrowed Hood. As of The Old Hunters DLC it can be obtained as a part of the Harrowed set. (Only if you own the DLC)
  • He is voiced by the same man as the Blood Minister.


    • 02 Mar 2017 22:32  

      So I tried to kill him in the forbidden woods. It freaked me out to see him transform into this giant boss of a beast! So he kicks my ass and I'm like "Okay, I'll just leave him alone until I'm stronger." I went ahead and beat Rom and decided to come back for round 2. Much to my disappointment, attacking him without killing basically equates to withholding information, so he just peaces out once the blood moon triggers. :/

      • 22 Dec 2016 23:30  

        This guy scared the living snot out of me. I wish i had been more suprised tho. All the lessages kind of gave the suprise away. Its only my 1st play through also, which sucks. But ive made it this far atleast!

        • 01 Dec 2016 22:16  

          If you cant figure out that he is a beast while he is eating fresh corpses in the forest than you've either been blinded by Eye Collectors gouging your eyes out, or were a victim of repeated Brainsucker Attacks until you had 70 or lower IQ left...

          • 25 Nov 2016 18:44  

            I just killed him the very first time I met him. I figured anybody eating corpses cannot be anything else but a beast. Granted I was surprised when he turned but I managed to beat him without too much trouble nonetheless.

            • if you fight the suspicious beggar05 Jul 2016 08:49  

              he turns in to a giant werewolf that kinda resembles the Cleric Beast. he's really tough but you can run back in to the entryway and if you have the vials and bullets for it you can burn him with the flamethrower while taking some hits

              • iosefka05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                I told him about iosefka's clinic, and then killed hi and got the rune. went to iosefka and she still acts as if i had sent her somebody. btw hes the first one i ascend to reassure u.

                • Left beggar alone came back..05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                  When I first met him I had nowhere to send him so I just left him, after finding out he was evil I went back there to kill him and found 3 bodies there and he is now gone. Did he go elsewhere? I've never sent anyone anywhere so I'm confused

                  • Attacked Begger05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                    So in my game I attacked him, not knowing he was an npc, and then ran away pissing my pants when he transformed. When I came back he was gone, but he still murdered the old lady. I don't know where he went just thought someone might find it helpful.

                    • Sent him to Iosefka's Clinic05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                      I sent im to Iosefka's Clinic but the old lady still died, so I am wondering if it is supposed to happen or if it was a bug.

                      • THIS JACK OFF05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                        I was unaware that he was the one killing my NPC's! I lost the old lady and the nun my first play thru. I had no idea he could turn into the beast until that grave-robber monster that steals you away came up to me and tried to attack me and accidentally hit this guy too. he then proceeds to transform into said beast as I stumble backwards in a daze after that first hit.

                        • Reference05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                          Could this be a reference to Little Red Riding Hood ? <br/>I mean : we have a beast that is almost a Wolf, an Old lady killed by it, a woman in red that offers something, a hunter who kills the beast... <br/>This could be an interesting theory but mostly not connected to the Lores.

                          • Terribly obvious...05 Jul 2016 08:49  

                            I invited him to stay at the chapel in the off chance he was actually a friendly NPC, but the fact that he stays outside the chapel to avoid the incense was a red flag. <br/>But hey, I don't trust the Oeden Chapel guy at first either. He's still the creepiest of any of the NPCs.

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