Heir is one of the Caryll Rune in Bloodborne. It can be slotted in one of the 3 Caryll rune slots in the character screen.
Heir Tier 3.png "A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.

The "Heir" sees sentimentality in the warmth of blood,
acknowledging this as one of the darker hunter techniques.

More Blood Echoes gained from visceral attacks.

Perhaps the "Heir" is a hunter who bears the echoing will of those before him. "

Heir Effects

  • More Blood Echoes are gained from visceral attacks.
  • Other Versions: There are 3 versions of this rune:
  • Tier 1: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 30% increased Blood Echoes
  • Tier 2: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 40% increased Blood Echoes
  • Tier 3: Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant 50% increased Blood Echoes



  • The effects of these runes stack with each other multiplicatively. This means that using Tier 1 (30%) and Tier 2 (40%) together will net an 82% gain to echoes, not 70%.
  • This rune appears to apply a short duration buff that modifies your echoes gained, rather than directly increasing the echoes from the monster you visceralled. A monster that survives your visceral but dies shortly after (within 3-5 seconds) will still grant you the extra echoes. Some monsters can be quickly visceralled twice in a row from behind, and the bonus will apply twice multiplicatively. (e.g. using 40% and 50% heir runes, monster grants 2.1 times as many echoes visceralled once, 4.41 times as many echoes visceralled twice rapidly)
  • Visceralling a chime maiden appears to also buff the echoes recieved from her summons dying. (confirmation needed)
  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: df235ysm ( Treasure room between Chamber of the Seal lantern and Layer One lantern)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: fp3kttda (First layer, first side room after Seal lamp)
  • Heir Tier 3 - Glyph: zziz2qbx (Side area after Layer 3 lamp)


  • You can still receive the bonus blood effect from the runes if the target is (technically) already dead and you did not get a visceral attack off before-hand. But, the killing blow must put them in visceral state (charged R2 from behind or timed shot)

    • 06 Mar 2017 12:45  

      I generated a F/R/C Pthumeru Ihyll, glyph upe5fkqt . Contains: tier 3 Clockwise Metamorphosis rune in Layer 1 pre-lamp side area, tier 3 Heir rune in Layer 2 pre-lamp side area, a Great One Coldblood in Layer 2 main area. Also a good amount of Ritual Blood (5) scattered throughout the dungeon. The first two bosses are among the easier ones.

      • Stacking Runes05 Jul 2016 08:36  

        Does anyone know if the Heir runes (Increases Blood Echoes gain from slain enemies by XX%) stacks with the Moon Runes (Enemies killed with visceral attacks grant XX% increased Blood Echoes) ???

        • Correction to information05 Jul 2016 08:36  

          I believe the Tier 1 Heir rune actually gives a 30% bonus, not 20%. I tested on the giants outside of Mergo's loft. No Heir runes equipped would yield 14577 echoes, while killing them with Tier 1 Heir gave 18950 echoes. This comes out to a 30% bonus. The Tier 2 does give a 40% bonus (20407 echoes total) so that information is correct. Not sure how to edit the wiki so I'll just leave this comment and hope someone more adept at wikis sees it.

          • Heir Tier 3 - Chalice Glyph: df235ysm (Layer 1)05 Jul 2016 08:36  

            Hi, i try to enter in this Glyph but i can't the message i receive is this "does not meet the requirements to participate" <br/>Someone can get an idea why?? <br/>I try also this 3 Glyph all in the Pthumeru Ihyll Root Chalice: <br/>Lost Blade of Mercy Glyph: sz73v83s, yuwuijne I can get Lost Burial Blade Glyph: 5543imxn, yuwuijne I can't get Lost Chikage Glyph: wic63yn8 I can get <br/>Some idea???

            • I don't understand how this rune works05 Jul 2016 08:36  

              Do you normally get echoes from v atks? Does the v atk have to kill the enemy in order to receive said echoes? Or does this rune grant you the ability to collect echoes from any v atks? Or just increase the amount you get when you kill an enemy with a v atk? Its just confuses me because it says "more" which implies you were already getting some, I'm pretty sure my v atks don't just grant, maybe if it kills them? But I never noticed. They sure as ***** weren't gonna tell me lol

              • Heir Tier 3 - Chalice Glyph: df235ysm (Layer 1)05 Jul 2016 08:36  

                This rune is placed in the side door before the second lamp that you will encounter. <br/>When you walked through the door, head straight through the hole until you enter the bag hole. Head to your left until you see a ladder that is placed in a pool of poison, which is near another hole. Climb the ladder and walk into the room, there will be a hole in the middle (If you happen to fall down, just head back (behind you) and climb the ladder again). In the next room you will see stairs, above it there's one with a gun and a quick dude. Kill them. Now you will see a coffin. Open it and acquire the rune! :D

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