Chime Maiden

Enemy Type
Not Beast nor Kin
211 ~ 518
Quicksilver Bullets, 114 or 901 Blood Echoes
Shaman Bone Blade
All locations, as long as conditions are met (see video below)

Chime Maidens are an enemy in Bloodborne.

They carry bells and daggers. They appear in a Hunter's world and may summon hostile players by ringing their bells. This enemy can appear in any location where a player has called for help via a Beckoning Bell or attempted to invade with a Sinister Resonant Bell. In two locations, Nightmare Frontier and Nightmare of Mensis, they will spawn in Online Mode regardless of whether the player has used a bell (They will not appear for players lower than level 30), therefore players wishing to avoid potentially forced PvP may want to play the game in Offline Mode after exiting the Lecture Building.

The maiden will only spawn when either multiplayer bell is used, apart from a few special cases, and finding and killing one before she completes the summon will stop any invader from entering the player's world. Alternatively, keeping them alive in certain open areas will allow for easier PvP matchmaking.

"The bell-ringing woman appears to be a mad Pthumerian."
- Sinister Chalice description
Chalice Dungeons have Chime Maidens who summon normal mobs, like spiders for instance, who will keep re-spawning until the maiden is killed. Kill the maiden and they will vanish.


  • This enemy is fairly simple to dispatch, as they don't have much in terms of defense or attack.
  • In Chalice Dungeons, they will keep summoning enemies who have a distinctive red glow.
  • Killing a maiden in a dungeon will mean all summoned enemies will die off, while in Yahar'gul, her summoned enemies will simply stagger.
  • For all the exact locations of this enemy, watch the video below.
  • Using Shaman Bone Blade onto a maiden causes her summons to attack her.


Attack Name
Attack Description
Front + Reverse Stabs/Slashes
Either of these attacks, or both in combination.
Fast Combo
A fast stab and slash combo which can hurt the player multiple times.
The bell will resonate purple coloured ring-shaped waves, and do damage within near to medium range.

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Chime Maiden

(x3) 30%, (2x) 70%
Yahar'gul (in One Reborn Fight)
(x3) 3%, (2x) 7%
Chalice Dungeons
(x3) 30%, (2x) 70%

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    • It seems like they MOSTLY appear when using a bell05 Jul 2016 08:37  

      But they can apparently appear if you're soloing. I'm over halfway through the game and never seen it, but they can apparently.

      • They appear even if you are alone.05 Jul 2016 08:37  

        I can confirm it, since I was invaded when exploring solo. Video of invasion shortly after message appeared that maiden started the summon:

        • PvP Chime Maiden in Unseen Village05 Jul 2016 08:37  

          Halfway up the shortcut, there's a place to roll out onto a roof. Ignoring the inspect bath thing inside the building, she's located next to some big undead lycan thing.

          • Short guide on how to deal with Bell Ringers05 Jul 2016 08:37  

            Hey BB community. I uploaded a short guide on how to deal with the Bell Ringers in the Chalice Dungeons. Hope you guys find it useful.

            • Make Chime Maidens summon.05 Jul 2016 08:37  

              Sometimes the bell woman does not appear when I use the sinister bell, any way to ever make her aways show up? <br/>I aready kill the bosses, and i'n on NG+2 <br/>the Chime Maidens should appear when you ring the sinister bell, right? What should it be?

              • Quite buggy in Chalice Dungeons05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                So I'm not entirely sure whether this is an intended feature or not (I can only assume it's not because if so - good lord) but during particularly large Chalice Dungeons, Bell Maidens will begin summoning mobs regardless of whether you're near them or not and these mobs will immediately begin closing in on your location regardless of where you are in the dungeon (I've even had them follow me down floors before and gather outside <br/>boss fogs). Ordinarily I'd consider this some sort of stress mechanic but it leads to some ridiculously game-breaking flaws. <br/>It seems Maidens can summon up to 6 of their spider mobs at a time. This can often mean six fast spiders chasing you through <br/>a dungeon which utterly destroys the game's framerate. To make matters worse, the pathing on these spiders causes them to <br/>become stuck behind doors, above/below ladders or on certain corners. Not only does this mean you walk into a certain death <br/>you had no way of predicting, but it also causes the game's framerate to absolutely ***** itself. In one dungeon, I had two <br/>bell maidens summon a total of 12 spiders which then got caught behind a door and caused the game to lag nearly to death.

                • Kill them as soon as you spot them05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                  Focus on killing this rather annoying foe first, otherwise you will end up with having to deal with constantly respawning and buffed enemies.

                  • Conversation at From05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                    "Lawls hey guys, I have this great idea. We're gonna made an enemy that spawns buffed enemies that chase extra aggressive with extra damage. Let's also make the respawn times for summoned units 3 seconds. Even better, let's make it so that it's completely unrewarding to kill them, like place ***** items like bullets and bone marrow in the room their in, but here's the kicker: they give mediocre echoes and get this...they drop bullets. LOL BULLETS, AND LETS MAKE THE ENEMIES THEY SUMMON SPIDERS, WHICH DGAF ABOUT BULLETS." - From enemy AI dev team

                    • Cheap Enemy05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                      This is such an awful enemy in the Chalice Dubgeon. It's literally so poorly designed. They are literally the opposite of what makes FromSoft games difficult and challenging. Summoning 5 buffed enemies each time that are just as fast as you isn't challenging like Gerhnam, Mergo or The Blood Starved Beast where you learn their attack patterns... It's just a cheap way to make you angry and frustrated until you get bored.

                      • Chime Maiden doesn't appear in Nightmare Frontier if your level is under 30?05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                        I entered Nightmare Frontier at level 12 and the Maiden was not present. At first I suspected some internet connectivity issues, but then I thought that my character's level had something to do with it, so I tested it by using backup save. Turns out that the Maiden will only appear if your level is at least 30. I don't know if the Maiden will appear if you level up to 30 after killing Amygdala, however. <br/>I suspect that the same applies to Nightmare of Mensis as well.

                        • Guide info about them05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                          Bell Ringers will appear to a host of level 30 and above with atleast one summoned ally. A bell Ringer can summon only one infiltrator at a time and will cease summoning until the current infiltrator has returned to their world.

                          • Nightmare Frontier Chime Maiden05 Jul 2016 08:37  

                            It is advised to keep her alive since Frontier is actually a quite convenient PvP location thanks to the open area right after the lamp. She can be a great help in case of matchmaking.

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