Blood Rapture is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.

Blood Rapture Tier 3.png "Blood Rapture" rune.
A Caryll rune that transcribes inhuman sounds. "Blood Rapture" is the raw euphoria of the warmth of blood.
Restores HP with visceral attacks, one of the darker hunter techniques.

This rune resonates with servants of the Queen, carrier of the Child of Blood, who yearn for their Queen's blood with little hope of requitement.

For them, they find solace in "Blood Rapture", that serves as a surrogate for their desires."


Name Effects

  • Visceral attacks restore health. 
  • Versions: +200 / +250/ +300





  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool.
  • This rune is very effective when paired with the Oedon Writhe rune.
  • Blood Rapture + 250 - Chalice Glyph: 3zcvutw8, Layer 1, bonus area before boss room
  • Blood Rapture + 250 - Chalice Glyph: qs3z8hqa (Layer 3)
  • Blood Rapture +300 Chalice Glyph: bdexxpeg (Optional Area at the beginning of layer 2)(edit: this glyph only gave me a +250 rune. Someone confirm?) or dropped by The Bloody Crow


  • ???


    • Serious Bug10 Oct 2016 22:44  

      "(+200) is dropped by the Shadow of Yharnam boss." Confirmed video:<br/><br/>I'm on New Game+ 4 and it's still hasn't been dropped by them. I started in Losefka Clinic on New Game+ 4 before getting 1.09 patch since I didn't have internet before then.<br/><br/>If the bug is supposed to be fixed and it because my save file already did New Game 1 then all my perfect file play through is ruined. I don't want to start all over again even though I love this game. Surely there must be something they can do to fix it. :c

      • Shadow of Yharnam05 Jul 2016 08:48  

        I beat the boss but this rune wasn't drop. All I get is some blood echoes. Some said it's a glitch but some said it got fixed but mine sure wasn't fixed. Anyone know what's trigger this?

        • Finally got around to looking05 Jul 2016 08:48  

          I finally got around to looking at the dungeon glyph that was on this page and that the guy/girly below said was wrong. I can confirm that the rune is in this dungeon. I found it in the main dungeon on layer 3. For anyone looking for the +250 rune I will post the glyph below. Anyone that knows how to edit the wiki (sorry I am new) can you please add the code back, as it is correct not wrong, the guy/girl below just didn't search everywhere. <br/>Dungeon Glyph: qs3z8hqa

          • for anyone who wants to collect all the runes05 Jul 2016 08:48  

            These are some codes that you might be looking for <br/> <br/>2xe8g93y FR lower hintertomb Deep Sea+100 pre-boss layer 1 <br/>3zcvutw8 FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Blood Rapture+250 pre-boss layer 1 <br/>vxnwjixk FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Lake+5% pre-boss layer 1 <br/>279c3aqs R lower loran Beast+100 pre-lamp layer 1 <br/>2r8ghidm S lower hintertomb Great Deep Sea+50 pre-boss layer 2 <br/>p3anuwen lower pthumerian Formless Oedon+2 pre-lamp layer 2 <br/> <br/>PS. Thank you for people who have created all these dungeons

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