A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.
Several runes relate to "blood", including "Communion",
which raises the maximum number of blood vials one may carry.

This rune represents the Healing Church and its ministers.
Blood ministration is, of course, the pursuit of communion.

Communion is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.


Communion Effects

  • Higher Blood Vial Maximum
  • Versions: +1 / +2 / +3 / +4 / +5




Communion Variations

communion1.jpg communion2.jpg communion3.jpg communion4.jpg Communion Tier 3.png



  • To memorize this rune, you must have the Rune Workshop Tool
  • One of only two runes to have five different versions (the other being Formless Oedon)
  • Chalice Glyph: rg56w9w8 (Layer 1 pre-area doorway) Rotted and Foetid Ihyll Chalice. Coffin is guarded by a Merciless Watcher.



  • ???


    • 18 Jan 2017 09:56  

      Glyph pmiqq34b
      Includes Communion +5 in Layer 1 Side Room (before Boss iirc).
      Also includes Formless Odeon +5 (Quicksilver Bullets)! The Formless Odeon is found at the very end of the Chalice - Layer 3 -after unlocking the door - Pre-Boss Side Room.
      The Chalice is depth 5 FRC cursedPthumeru Ilyh. Very interesting layout. Layer 1 and 3 are exceptionally challenging with Layer 3 being very large.
      Fair bosses all human-like:
      Keeper of the Old Lords.
      Beast Possessed Soul.
      Pthumurian Elder.
      Great Chunk potential and lots of powerful Cursed gems from regular enemy mob and bosses. Bring Eye Runes.
      Lots of Sinister Bell ringers watch out!!!

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