Beast is a Caryll Rune in Bloodborne.

Beast Tier 3.png"Beast" rune.
"A secret symbol left by Caryll, runesmith of Byrgenwerth.

A transcription of the roar of a labyrinth beast,
the bearer of the "Beast" rune has accentuated transformation effects.

"Beast" is one of the early Caryll Runes. as well as one of the first to be deemed forbidden."

"The discovery of blood entailed the discovery of undesirable beasts."

Beast Effects

  • Boosts effect from transformation. Temporary boost to transform +20 / +50 / +100
  • This Rune increases your Beasthood stat.
  • This Rune also decreases fall damage. Each rune has a fixed reduction in percentage, and are not directly tied to beasthood.
    • (+20) = 50%, (+50) = 75%, and (+100) = 100% damage reduction. (+20) and (+50) can also be stacked for 87,5% damage reduction.


  • (+20) is dropped by a creature (a weaker variety of Beast-possessed Soul) at the bottom of the Healing Church Workshop tower.
    • Starting from the lamp at Cathedral Ward: Enter the door to the right that is unlocked after beating the Blood-Starved Beast, take the elevator up and cross the bridge over to the Healing Church Workshop. Run around a walkway outside the tower and drop down where the ledge is broken to get inside. Descend to the bottom by carefully traversing the wooden platforms inside. At the bottom there is a beast (name unknown) that drops the rune. Can easily be killed with molotov cocktails.

  • (+50) is dropped by the Suspicious Beggar on top of the windmill in Forbidden Woods, who you can also send to the Oedon Chapel or Iosefka's Clinic.
    • If you engage him initially, you will have to fight him on the rooftop. You can then make him fall to death with the axe charge attack. Luring him to the door you came from also works as he is too big to fit through the door. Allowing you to hit him with longer-range weapons.
    • If you invite him back to Oedon Chapel he will start to kill the NPCs there. He is found outside the front entrance, and attacking him here will cause him to transform into a lightning-charged beast (similar to Abhorrent Beast). He drops the rune on death.
    • When invited to Iosefka's clinic, a celestial mob will spawn in the clinic who drops the rune. This essentially gives you the rune without having to fight him.

Notes & Trivia

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    • Beast 305 Jul 2016 08:43  

      I also have one, just in case this one goes down. Sinister Lower Loran pv4zbmft. I haven't explored it all the way yet, so there could be more things. Beast rune will be right the before first boss in the bonus room.

      • for anyone who wants to collect all the runes05 Jul 2016 08:43  

        These are some codes that you might be looking for <br/> <br/>2xe8g93y FR lower hintertomb Deep Sea+100 pre-boss layer 1 <br/>3zcvutw8 FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Blood Rapture+250 pre-boss layer 1 <br/>vxnwjixk FRC cursed pthumerian defilement Lake+5% pre-boss layer 1 <br/>279c3aqs R lower loran Beast+100 pre-lamp layer 1 <br/>2r8ghidm S lower hintertomb Great Deep Sea+50 pre-boss layer 2 <br/>p3anuwen lower pthumerian Formless Oedon+2 pre-lamp layer 2 <br/> <br/>PS. Thank you for people who have created all these dungeons

        • Duplicate05 Jul 2016 08:43  

          You can get 2 of the +50 runes in ng something can cause the rune to be on the ground and one will be automatically picked up after killing the suspicious beggar. Not sure why it happened

          • Rotted Lower Loran Root Chalice 2ufsqve205 Jul 2016 08:43  

            This code is still active and I want to add that the starting bonus area has Fading Lake Fire DMG Reduction +10% rune, Immediately after you open the next door to start your journey you will come into a large opening room, careful there are 2 hunters. After you have cleared to the actual boss door, the bonus room before the door will have the +100 beast rune.

            • Fall damage05 Jul 2016 08:43  

              The Beast rune does not reduce fall damage by 100%, as there is a certain height threshold that makes you take your max health in damage and die.

              • Beast Mode05 Jul 2016 08:43  

                Cheers sir as you have helped me make one of the most op builds in the game. The defense is lacking but the offensive trade-off is more than worth it

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