Skeptical Man

General Info
Location Drops
Cathedral Ward 118 Blood Echoes
3x Pungent Blood Cocktail

Narrow-Minded Man or Skeptical Man is an NPC in Bloodborne.

" A skeptical man situated in the building directly across from Arianna's home, is incredibly distrustful of hunters."

Narrow-Minded Man Information

  • After Arianna has asked for somewhere safe to go and is sent to the location provided the Skeptical Man will ask the Hunter what their deal is and what location they should go to. The Skeptical Man will go to the location OPPOSITE of what he is told. For example if the Hunter tells him to go to the Oedon Chapel  he will go to Iosefka's Clinic.
  • If you wish for him to survive safely with the other NPC's tell him to go to Iosefka's Clinic and he will arrive at the Oedon Chapel instead.
  • Drops 118 Blood Echoes and 3x Pungent Blood Cocktail if killed.
  • Drops 3x Pungent Blood Cocktail when changed into a Passive Celestial Emissary in Iosefka Clinic.


Narrow-Minded Man Location

Cathedral Ward directly across from Arianna's window.


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Other Notes:

  1. Is incredibly distrustful of hunters and when asking where to go for safety will go to the opposite location of what he is told.
  2. Believes the Hunter is tricking the local civilians of Yharnam.
  3. His attire can be found on the streets below the Healing Church workshop tower. He also wears Gehrman's Hunter Trousers.
  4. Will periodically provide the Hunter with tidbits of advice. In each case, the exact opposite of his advice is true.


    • I killed Iosefka before talking to him05 Jul 2016 08:45  

      So I didn't know he could be rescued and I killed Iosefka before talking to him now when he ask me where to go the only option I have is Oedon chapel which if I tell him to go there he will go to the clinic, is there any way to avoid it? Even though he won't die since I killed Iosefka (I think)

      • well05 Jul 2016 08:45  

        I didn't unlock the ability to send survivors to Iosefka's clinic, can I still get him to go to the church? I'm guessing I can't just by withholding information?

        • not opposite05 Jul 2016 08:45  

          i sended the ho to oeden, and then i sended this fella to oeden, and he is sitting there ever since. (still in ng, just going through all npc's i may have missed) so not to the clinic as this information said

          • Least Favourite Character in Bloodborne05 Jul 2016 08:45  

            Out of all the characters in the game he's my least favourite. He never develops, has no interesting storyline and constantly calls you a liar. You have to lie to him because he's such a halfwit just to keep him alive and he remains ungrateful like that old hag but at least she gets nicer ... kind of. Actually she scares me more so when she's kinder.

            • new voice05 Jul 2016 08:45  

              te ago <br/>Had something weird happen. i already had everyone at the Chapel (dweller Even Said so) and continued playing. <br/>After killing wet nurse i came back and the dweller told me about a new arrival. i wondered if she ment the hookers baby, but still looked for anyone new. the skeptical man now has a different voice that Sounds much more Kind and friendly. he still says the Same sentence though (he just dropped a some 'no's)

              • Rejected all my choices05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                After sending the prostitute to chapel, his dialog starts by saying he overheard our convo, so I suggested the clinic and he rejected it; then suggested the chapel and he rejected it. Finally, with held the info option and he calls me a lier lol. i walked away, came back and tried to switch things around and still the same reaction, but when i traveled to the Hunter's Dream and back to the chapel, this dbag appears where I want him to be with the other suvivors. Bug?

                • pretty random05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                  If you tell him to go to the chapel, he will still go to iosefka's clinic even if you have never talked with iosefka and she hasn't asked you to bring in survivors. How would he even know about the clinic?

                  • He was killed in NG+05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                    So as i was playing in NG+ i sended him to clinic meaning he went to to the chapel. Old woman was there already and was starting to lose it. After i sent the prostitute and nun in, he stated how prostitute hates the nun and after i sent the beggar into the chapel, i went there and the skeptical man was nowhere to be found only 3 Pungent Blood Cocktails were in his place and blood splatters. Old woman weren't freaking out anymore and was actually nice and gave 6 Sedatives total when you poured your griefs to her. When i gave back from Hunter's Dream, old woman was gone and chair had a note stating that she'll be back.

                    • This guy suddenly dies in my game05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                      At some point i went to the chapel and he was dead. There was blood spilled in the floor. I really don't remember if i cause any harm... What just happened??

                      • His face is eeriely deformed05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                        anyone notice that? his face is pretty weird with the left side frowning and right side just neutral or maybe even half smiling.

                        • Skeptical indeed05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                          Since he's skeptical he'll always go to the place you didn't mention. If you want him to go somewhere, talk about the other place and you'll have him where you want.

                          • Why don't you trust me :(05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                            On my firstplaythrough I sent some people to the clinic and iosefka sounded nasty so I tried to get this guy killed by sending him there as well, but he totally saw through me there I guess some skepticism is justified lo

                            • I never could help him05 Jul 2016 08:45  

                              I tried like a million times to talk to him. I first helped Arianna and his dialogue changed, but everything he always told me was something like "Aahhh... help me!" or "I don't wanna die". And that was all! He never gave me the option to tell him where to go, and I tried and tried and tried and tried but nothing. I kept coming back later, but it was the same. Eventually, I think it was after I killed Rom, the game just said "No response"... wth I did wrong?

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