The Oedon Chapel is a small area in Bloodborne found after defeating Father Gasgoine and progressing past the Tomb of Oedon lantern, A short cutscene will play upon entering. It is an key area that NPCs will inhabit if sent there by the player character, speaking to the Chapel Dweller will unlock the dialogue option "Send to Oedon Chapel". Oedon Chapel also acts as a crossroad for The Cathedral Ward and The Orphanage (via The Healing Church), Old Yharnam being a few stone (pebble) throws away.


  • Arianna
  • Skeptical Man
  • Oedon Chapel Dweller
  • Eileen the Crow (Just outside the furthest door on the left)
  • Lonely Old Woman
  • Adella, The Nun
  • Suspicious Beggar


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