Blood of Adella is a Consumable Item in Bloodborne.

blood_of_adella.jpg"Blood taken from Adella, nun of the Healing Church.
Restores an amount of HP, then continues to gradually
restore HP for a short time.

The Healing Church nuns are chosen for their merit
as vessels for blood, and groomed as Blood Saints.
The mere chance of being treated with their blood
lends legitimacy to the Healing Church and communion."


Blood of Adella Usage

  • Restores a small amount of HP, then continues to gradually restore HP for 20 seconds.



  • Gift from Adella the Nun if you send her to the Oedon Chapel in Cathedral Ward.
  • Can only carry 1 at a time, but she will refresh your supply after spending it.



  • If you already have the Blood of Arianna it will also prevent you from receiving Adella's blood.
  • The amount of HP Blood of Adella restores is very small and shouldn't be used in emergencies, however the gradual HP restoration is more than strong enough to be useful.
  • Due to the buff to health recovery, it is impossible to use this item while a Beast Blood Pellet is active and vice versa.




    • The "real" pros and cons of this item:05 Jul 2016 08:49  

      Pros: It's free and it does heal alot of health. Very useful for extended combat.<br /><br/><br /><br/>Cons: This particular blood vial comes from a yandere who turns psychotic when you take blood from &quot;that ***** sitting in the chair.&quot; Adella also really enjoys the thought of her blood flowing through your veins.

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