Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

General Info
hp.jpg blood_echoes.jpg Location Drops
5250 48400 Nightmare of Mensis Mensis Cage
physical_DEF.jpg VS_blunt.jpg VS_thrust.jpg --
169 134 125 --
blood_DEF.jpg arcane_DEF.jpg fire_atk.jpg bolt_DEF.jpg
179 232 124 125
slow_poison_RES.jpg rapid_poison_RES.jpg VS_beasts.jpg VS_kin.jpg
144 132 No No

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (悪夢の主ミコラーシュ Akumu no shu Mikorāshu lit. "Micolash, Lord of the Nightmare") is a Boss in Bloodborne.

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare Information

"Ahhh Kos... or some say Kosm.  Do you hear our prayers?" 


  • In Nightmare of Mensis, taking a left from the lantern, follow the path to the castle and progress through until you reach a long bridge and two rising Ethereal Walkers, after which you will find the boss room.
  • After defeating this boss, the long bridge will rise and the Mergo's Loft Middle lantern will spawn.



  • Blood Echoes: NG (48400), NG+ (242000), NG++(266200), NG+3 (302500), NG+6 (484,000), NG+8 (605,000)
  • Mensis Cage
  • You gain 2 Insight for finding the boss, and 2 Insight for beating him.


Combat Information

  • You will be fighting him in a library with steps going up and down. There is tons of mist on the ground making enemies harder to see. Overall he is not aggressive boss, but has one dangerous AoE spell, tentacle arms, and Ethereal Walkers  who help him during the first part of the fight.
  • Initially you need to find and follow him to a dead end room where you can beat on him until he is half health.
  • He will teleport away after half health. Head up the stairs, past a few of the crossbow Mannequins. You will arrive in another area that looks just like the first area. He will be there, but will soon run into a dead end room, dropping a gate that prevents you from entering. Head up the stairs here and you will find a drop down where you can drop into that dead end room.
  • When you engage the boss for the second time he will be much more aggressive, using Augur of Ebrietas, fists (very weak), and A Call Beyond, that is very difficult to dodge and might one shot you. The secret here is to never let him cast A Call Beyond, because if he does then you are really only counting on luck to survive it. If you stand really close to him (literally touching him), he will never use that spell, resorting instead to his fists and tentacles, which allows you to simply stun him to death, while occasionally strafing to dodge his tentacles. If you get too far away and he does manage to start the spell, shoot him immediately, if you catch him early enough in the animation it will stagger him out of the casting
  • Backstabs (charged R2 to the back) can be performed when he does the tentacle attack if you have a fast enough weapon. This is a reliable way to deal considerable damage (and even heal yourself if you have the right runes), particularly during the first half of the fight.
  • Depending on your Insight count, Micolash may teleport through different mirrors after teleporting at half health. After hitting Micolash several times along the chase from mirror to mirror, he will eventually run into the dead end room as usual.
  • In his second location, Micolash gains the ability to use A Call Beyond to summon numerous arcane missiles and unleash them upon the hunter (also used by hostile hunter in Bergynwerth). If it hits multiple times it will kill anyone from full health (it has no trouble 1 shotting a hunter with 50 vitality and equipped with full choir set). He will sometimes spam this ability, using it again as soon as he completes channeling the first attack. Using the Old Hunter Bone will help somewhat, but other than that there is no real counter when he does this, since unlike the Augur of Ebrietas, this attack cannot be interrupted and the missiles will fire even if Micolash is staggered in the middle of this channel animation.
  • If you have a high enough Arcane to use Beast Roar, hit him with as many attacks as you can. Then, once your Stamina bar is almost empty, cast Beast Roar. It will knock him down and give you time to either heal or get your stamina back to repeat the process. This will ensure that he will never get a chance to cast his AoE again.


Attack Name

Attack Description & Counter

Augur of Ebrietas Summons mid-range tentacle strike from palm. Can avoid just by walking. Long recovery time means this attack can consistently be punished with a back-stab. In the first phase, this will be the only attack Micolash uses.
Punch Micolash punches 2 or 3 times in succession, dealing low damage.
A Call Beyond Summons numerous arcane missiles to attack the hunter. Very dangerous, capable of one-shotting hunters from full health. Evade straight at Micolash to avoid this attack consistently. Dodging from side to side is risky.
Note that this is unlike the barrage attack that Ebrietas uses; the missiles will fire simultaneously rather than in three waves, and will carpet the entire area with only some missiles homing toward their target.


Strategy 1 (Co Op)

The Chase: Before he runs into the first room, have someone stand in front of the door (preventing him from entering). The other person is free to chase and hit him without him retaliating. After he disappears and goes into the next area, have someone stand in between the next dead end room and the middle of the room where he spawns after hitting him (This prevents him again from leading you into the final room to which there is no exit until you beat him. Allowing the other person to chase and hit him without him trying hit back). The person blocking the way is also able to get a hit in now and then; I'd suggest the Cannon because of its range and damage, plus buffed by the Bone Marrow Ash makes it work very well.

Strategy 2 (Killing him in Phase 1)

You can skip his second phase by killing him before he reaches the second room. For that, get him down to 50% in the first room. He will disappear. Go up the stairs and find him. Chase him till he jumps down from a ledge. DON'T follow him. Instead go down the stairs and attack him. Instead of going to a dead end he will run down the stairs. Follow him and get a few hits - he will disappear. Now go back to the place where he jumps down. He will wait along the way. When he sees you, he will run to the ledge. You can go back to the room where he lands. Now you're standing in the room to which he jumps - he is standing on the balcony. Run underneath him - he will jump; when he lands, get a few strikes. He will disappear and spawn on the way to the 2nd floor. Make him jump from the ledge again. With each jump you'll be able to land 1-2 hits and eventually you'll kill him without dealing with the second phase.

Strategy 3 (Cannon)

Do the first phase of the fight normally. Then, when he teleports, follow him until you reach the top of the room where he drops. Don't drop after him. Instead, switch to your cannon, press up to get +5 QS bullets and fire at him. Repeat until you're completely out of bullets. Don't forget to heal at some point. He should now be pretty low on health and you should be able to get him with a plunge attack. Alternatively, you can use any other kind of ranged attack, like Poison Knives, or you can increase the effectiveness of your firearms with Bone Marrow Ash.

Strategy 4 (Poison Knife)

For the first half of the fight deal with the skeletons quickly and then circle around Micolash hitting him with L2 attacks using Ludwig's in greatsword mode. If you just continuously walk around him while locked on and just out of sword reach, he will miss. When he runs away up to the point where you have to jump down through a square hole to fight him again - as for Strategy 3, any ranged strategy will probably work. Poison Knives are very effective. Two in quick succession will poison him. You won't see any damage counter but he will start running back and forth and his life bar will decrease until it wears off, at which point he will stand still again. It takes about 3 or 4 rounds of poison to kill him.

Strategy 5 (Melee)

Follow Micolash around for the first half of the fight right up until he enters the room where you will fight him. There are several paths from here, when you enter there will be two floating enemies dispatch them from a distance and aways keep an eye on Micolash because he uses a tentacle attack (Augur of Ebrietas) or you can lure Micolash out into the small corridor before the room, here he won't often attack so you can safely finish this stage. For the most part the first stage is easy because he only has the tentacle attack, but once he gets to around 50% health he relocates to a different part of library; follow him again until he has locked himself in the room. From this point on things will get a lot harder. First of all look around the maze for the drop in location. When you drop, start the fight with a plunging attack (I fought him with a +8 Ludwig's Holy Blade while using the highest arcane resistance gear I had, along with Fire Paper and Bolt Paper ). If you fail this he will usually use A Call Beyond which can one shot you, so be careful. For the rest of this fight you want to be super offensive. His melee attacks deal little damage and his tentacle attack is easy to dodge; there is no consistent way to dodge A Call Beyond, but he can easily be staggered while using this attack.

Strategy 6 (Aggressive Melee)

If you happen to be using weapons that don't stagger enemies (such as the Tonitrus) then the second half of this fight is nominally more difficult as you cannot stop Micolash from casting A Call Beyond if he gets into it.

Before you head to the boss room, head to the Hunter's Dream and make sure to equip the highest level Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis run you happen to have. This will grant a higher maximum stamina which will be invaluable in this fight. Head to the fight and do the first half as directed above. In the second half, get him into his final room, then prepare yourself. Before you drop into the room, make sure you're at full health, then use a Bone Marrow Ash to buff your gun and a Beast Blood Pellet to increase your damage output. Peer over the ledge and lock onto him, then fall into the room and do a roll as you land. Not only will this minimise the amount of damage you take from the fall but it means you'll be ready to fight immediately.

Chances are Micolash will land a couple of punches on you, don't worry about this, instead get aggressive and combo him as much as possible. When you've got a small sliver of stamina left, dodge to the side and let him use the tentacle attack. Before he turns back to you, fire off a couple of shots from your gun. You won't do too much damage to him but you'll keep him from moving away to cast A Call Beyond. He should step back, so catch up to him, rinse and repeat. If you can get him pressed up against a wall, even better. The whole trick to surviving the second portion of the fight is to make sure that he doesn't cast A Call Beyond, so stay close to him, use regain to keep yourself alive (even if he hits you with the tentacle attack) and he'll go down quickly.

Strategy 7 (Blacksky Eye)

If you have enough arcane to use the Blacksky Eye, and enough insight to cause Micolash to jump through the mirrors, you can kill the boss before he gets to any of the "fighting rooms".

When you first cross the nightmare fog, Micolash will always be standing in the same place to start out with (up the stairs to the right, then down the hallway to the left). Normally, he will start to run when you get close enough to him, but with the Blacksky eye, you can stand far enough away from him to hit him with the spell, but not so close that he starts to run away. When nearing the 50% health threshhold, Micolash may attempt to run for his first fight room, but can easily be interrupted and cut down, as you would be standing between him and his room.

For his second phase, you will need to chase Micolash until he starts jumping through mirrors, then go to where you would normally drop down on him, only to have him run into his second fight room and close the door behind him. Instead of dropping down, simply stand on the ledge and continue to use the Blacksky Eye to whittle his health away. Each hit with the eye will cause him to vanish, then reappear in the mirror behind him.

This method is very reliable and easy to utilize, mostly because you don't have to worry about his use of A Call Beyond.

Strategy 8 (Bowblade)

If you have the Bowblade and plenty of ammo/blood vials, you can cheese this fight.

Progress the fight as usual and after you've gotten his health down to 50%, and he disappears, head upwards and pursue him until he runs into the first mirror. Now head to the right onto the balcony, and into the small room with a hole in the floor. Drop through but take a second to look around. You should see two skeleton puppets/mannequins yet to wake, and down the corridor Micolash is waiting in front of another mirror.

Walk forward slowly and kill the two mannequins that will wake. Be careful not to move too far down the corridor and trigger Micolash's running away.

Once the mannequins are dead, get your bowblade out, and walk slowly down the corridor until you can just lock onto Micolash. Once you can, use R2 to fire a powered shot at him. Micolash will be knocked backwards into the mirror, and come rolling forward out of it once again, only to stand still in the same spot.

Repeatedly damage him using R2, using blood bullets if you need to, and re-killing the mannequins as they wake up (still being careful not to trigger Micolash running), and he'll be dead in no time.


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  • "Ahh, Kos, or some say Kosm... Do you hear our prayers?"
  • "No, we shall not abandon the dream."
  • "No one can catch us! No one can stop us now! [cackling]."
  • "Ah hah hah ha! Ooh! Majestic! A hunter is a hunter, even in a dream. But, alas, not too fast! The nightmare swirls and churns unending!"
  • "As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes. Plant eyes on our brains, to cleanse our beastly idiocy."
  • "The grand lake of mud, hidden now, from sight."
  • "The cosmos, of course!"
  • "Let us sit about, and speak feverishly. Chatting into the wee hours of..."
  • "New ideas, of the higher plane!"
  • "Now I'm waking up, I'll forget everything..."


Notes & Trivia

  • The body found after defeating The One Reborn (Advent Plaza at end of Yahar'gul) wears a Mensis Cage just like that of Micolash.  It is also the portal by which the Hunter enters the Lecture Hall 2nd Floor which leads to Nightmare of Mensis.  Given that Micolash is the "Host of the Nightmare", it is likely that this corpse is his actual body in the waking world.
  • Micolash is likely an innuendo in honor of the movie "The Wicker Man" about a commune of bee worshipping people. The movie involves "Nicolas Cage" being forced to wear a wicker cage, which people fill with bees.


    • Anonymous

      23 Nov 2017 05:07  

      In my game, he dodges and spams A Call Beyond. I didn't know he uses Augur of Ebrietas until I read the wiki. Still haven't seen him use it during his 2nd phase.

      • Anonymous

        08 Nov 2017 05:46  

        I recently defeated this boss and made it ridiculously easy for myself, after defeating his first stage I weneed to fight him in his second stage after chasing him for a while he dropped down a hole and waited for me to follow I could still see him so I threw poison knives at him, the DOT damage locked him in his teleworking animation so he would stumble teleport back stumble teleport back and so on, which meant I could simply wait in perfect safety in the room above laconicacally pressing square every 40 seconds (didn't take many knives at all to kill him)

        • Anonymous

          29 Oct 2017 13:45  

          I feel like Micolash is supposed to be a sort of H.P. Lovecraft figure--as if we're fighting Lovecraft himself, lol. He's clearly a shut-in, obsessed with higher knowledge, and is probably a*****ty person in general.

          • Anonymous

            19 Oct 2017 22:23  

            You can equip the loch shield and block the call beyond quite easily, since the loch shield has high arcane defense you can just tank it and lose only 7/8th or less of your health

            • Anonymous

              04 Oct 2017 03:24  

              So I found a new strategy that I liked myself. I played the first phase normally, and when it got to the part where he goes through the mirror, I shot him and ran to hall just before the gate that falls and locks you in there with him. But he couldn't leave the room before the hall. So I stood in front of the doorway and used Auger of Enrietas every time he went back in place, and I eventually killed him.

              • Anonymous

                09 Aug 2017 22:32  

                Easiest fight ever as he was running to the very rop part near the bridge he glitched. and ran of the edge... ye i felt so proude

                • Anonymous

                  05 Aug 2017 00:20  

                  There is a way to cheese him actually I learned this from a YouTube comment after getting him to go to his second phase when he locks the gate go to were you drop down but instead of dropping in the cage just lock on to him shoot him then run back to the entrance of the cage he should be trying to run twords you just use a weapon with a long reach and you can kill him without going in the room be sure to kill the mannequins tho

                  • Anonymous

                    25 Jul 2017 18:05  

                    So would the "grand lake of mud, hidden now from sight" be the coast of the Fishing Hamlet? The same ship masts are somewhat visible beneath the Nightmare Frontier, implying there's a body of water down there, but it's been obscured by a dense fog...

                    • Anonymous

                      24 Jul 2017 15:30  

                      Well, I just went upstairs and saw him in front of mirror ,so i just shot him with my rifle and he easily got killed even before he got to phase 2, still this boss is one of the hardest in game.

                      • Anonymous

                        18 Jul 2017 06:51  

                        I love and hate this boss fight. It's cool because it's almost like a mirror version of your fight with Gascoigne, where instead of running from a blood-crazed Hunter, you become the predator and must actively pursue a much weaker prey. On the other hand, I hate this fight because it's so easy for Micolash to 1-shot you in the second phase, and dying there means spending another 2-3 minutes chasing this dumbass through the same damn corridors over and over until you sort of just get lucky. At least his death pangs serve as a well-deserved comedic relief, though lmao.

                        • Anonymous

                          17 Jul 2017 17:04  

                          This hardest Boss in game!
                          Important tactics is to lower voice volume his screaming is very distracting .
                          Got lost in labyrinth had to afk and look where to go .
                          Had a break of one hour in Boss area.
                          Then killed him with one combo spam.

                          • Anonymous

                            30 May 2017 23:07  

                            I was able to beat him in second stage from the other side of the gate. When the gate closed, I had LHB and hit the gate a few times and he came over. Auger still passes thru bars but the Call will not

                            • Anonymous

                              23 May 2017 05:25  

                              Strategy 9: Beast Roar
                              You use Beast Roar to push him. He will fall, then you spam R1 on him. When he stands up, use Beast Roar again to make him fall, then spam R1 on him. Keep repeating it until he dies.

                              • Anonymous

                                19 May 2017 17:56  

                                Found this boss very annoying but discovered a nice easy way to kill him, similar to the Simons Bowblade way. After the first fight with him and you find him waiting to run into the room where the gate drops, don't approach and make him run into room closing gate. Go up and round and drop into the room where he would run into, then I was able to just shoot him with a pistol and attack from inside the room and he never ran past me to close the gate and force a close up melee fight/Call from beyond spam.

                                • Anonymous

                                  05 May 2017 03:17  

                                  My favorite part of the boss fight was when he spammed a call beyond 8 times in a row until i finally got caught by it and died instantly. Top notch boss mechanics.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    02 May 2017 01:47  

                                    Funny thing with the help of invaders it is entirely possible to avoid having to fight Miccolash alll if your invader (getting a friend to invade whilst you have a password set up works best) has already defeated miccolash and activates their invading bell from the top levels of Mensis then when they invade they will appear as an invader in the top levels so they can activate the lift at the top which takes you from the area outside the Miccolash boss fight entrance to the top level

                                    • Anonymous

                                      23 Apr 2017 17:30  

                                      If anyone's having trouble with the fight and doesn't want to cheese it, the Choir set has great Arcane Resistance, and can bring down the damage he deals quite significantly, and an additional 22% Arcane resist can be acquired with a full compliment of Arcane Lake Runes (the 5% and 7% are both found in areas before the Nightmare of Mensis, so even a 12% reduction is possible without entering the Isz Root Chalice dungeon). It helped me in NG+ where he always seemed to get 1 A Call Beyond off on me, and it allowed me to survive when it happened.

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