Lead Elixir

A heavy, syrupy liquid medicine.
Temporarily shifts weight to make deflection of attacks easier, but must be used with care, as it also slows movement with no change to defense.

Its recipe for this mysterious concoction is unknown, but some postulate that it materializes only within the most desperate nightmares.

Lead Elixir is a consumable Item in Bloodborne.


Lead Elixir Usage

  • Provides resistance to hit stun allowing you to attack through enemy attacks for 30 seconds.
  • Drastically reduces movement speed.
  • Dodges are unaffected.
  • Can not be used while other personal buffs are active.





  • Despite of what the description indicates it reduces physical and critical damage by half. [1]
  • Reduces by half elemental damage caused by infused melee weapons.
  • Spells and firearms bypass the damage reduction.
  • Parries and visceral attacks are not affected.
  • When landing a hit with Chikage's 2 handed mode the hit won't bounce and it wont get interrupted. Chikages damage is reduced by half.



  • Similar to Iron Flesh from Dark Souls


  1. ^

    • Anonymous

      24 Nov 2017 13:04  

      This Item is incredibly OP. Iron Flesh in DS is awful. This is amazing. Makes any fight with NPC Hunters trivial. Also great against swarms and swarm bosses like the Celestial Emissary. Your attacks can't be interrupted. Soaks up physical damage. Move speed debuff doesn't affect rolls.

      • Anonymous

        Piercing weapons are effective05 Jul 2016 14:56  

        Not only do you not get staggered when you happen to use like the R2 of the untransformed cane on someone with a lead elixier active but it stills deals the same damage for some reason

        • Anonymous

          PvP05 Jul 2016 14:56  

          This is a good tool for PvP! enemies can't stagger you and you can just keep slicing away at close range, hopefully keeping them in a stunlock, and there isn't much they can do.

          • Anonymous

            Best Used When:05 Jul 2016 14:56  

            a) You are a Heavy Arms player who needs to swing their fatass weapons through high DPS. b) You need to kill a Heavy Arms player and need to DPS through their fatass attacks.

            • Anonymous

              does using this item protect you from visceral and backstabs??05 Jul 2016 14:56  

              I have a video where a guy just cannot visceral me it's ridiculous, and people in groups are now calling me a hacker. Please help clear this up thanks.

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